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  • iPhone photo recovery?

    I deleted pictures on my iPhone7. They are not in the recently deleted section in albums. Is there a easy way of finding them and not having to pay for one if these recovery companies you find on the internet. Not sure I trust them. Thanks

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  • North Carolina Divorce and property question?

    My wife and I are separated in NC. We have no official property agreement in place because my lawyer is not concerned with that yet because we have other lawsuits going on. A little background. My wife has been having an affair and has moved in with the couple. We own a vehicle together with a $1100 Payment. My wife does not drive the Suburban and has not driven it since being there for 2 months. She drives his Maserati. The Coiuple she lives with drives the Suburban. She is not making the payments or insurance payments. I am because I don't want to ruin my credit. She has her kids part time there and the couple has 3 kids. She is stating she needs it because all the kids. The couples kids should not be my concern. What do I need to do to get the SUV back. My attorney said it could cost $4000 in legal fees. I find that to be high and might have to have another attorney help me with this. Is there a motion I can file and how successful could I be if I show the courts she is not paying nor driving it. I don't want to just go take it because that will show me having aggressive issues if and when it goes to court. Serious answers only please!

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  • NC Alienation of Affection / Criminal Conversation question?

    I have an attorney who said I have a VERY strong case for AoA and Criminal Conversation. Wife left me June 8th. Ordered Version transcripts and have found that the husband and wife has been talking her into moving in with them. They have been engaging in sexual activity. They do have money or appear to have money. Big house, Maserati etc... Not that means anything. This could cost me up to $10000 in legal fees over the next 6 months.

    Is this worth it? Does the Jury/Judge usually award more (I know in judgments etc...) I know the standard answer is to listen to my attorney but this is there job to get paid. Thanks...

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  • Another divorce and attorney question in NC.?

    Of course it's the weekend and I can't get up with my attorney. My wife (separated) and currently going through the negotiations of being separated. She was sexting at work and was showing her employees pics of nude guys texting her. All my attorney said in the email is we can civil sue the doctors office for her actions. That's all he told me in the email. On what grounds? Not that we will get compensated but it might bring the soon to be ex through hell.

    1 AnswerMarriage & Divorce3 years ago
  • Need a divorce question asked asap. NC.?

    My wife left the home on June 8th. We still can't settle on anything. We are not legally separated in NC yet. She has separated from me but not legally. She came to the house to get some things today and I happen to pick up her phone and saw the text from the couple that she is living with. Apparently they been having threesomes and she has been having sex with the man. Where do I stand? Will she have to give all her rights to the house? I'm so hurt and confused.

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  • Another NC Divorce question.?

    Wife asked me for a divorce on June 8th. Starting on June 9th she has been staying with friends. She has asked me to move out and I won't. On June 12th she came back for a week while her parents where here and I was traveling for work. I returned on June 21st and she has not been home. She stays at her friends. She has all her clothes here. She comes here everyday to get a change of clothes. I have an attorney but he really hasn't helped until she serves me with papers. Is this considered abandoment on her end?

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  • My wife asked for divorce after 5 months of marriage.?

    She has asked me for a divorce after 5 months and is asking for spousal support. My income is higher than ours. We bought a house together when we where engaged. She wants me to move out and pay. I see this to be unfair. I have hired a lawyer and have copies of all her text. She did apologize for "using" me. That is wasn't her intentions. Any thoughts or advise. I don't want to move out. I want the house and she can't afford it on her own.

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  • North Carolina Divorce question.?

    I have been married for only 6 months and my wife asked for a divorce. There had not been any infidelity that I m aware of. She said we rushed into this. I have been in a deep depression for a week now. I love her so much. In NC before I sign a separation agreement can I ask the courts for court ordered marriage counseling. I want this to work so bad. She went from being my best friend everyday to treating me like I have the plague.

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  • Auto insurance diminished value after a accident.?

    For starters I'm not looking to rip anyone off. I bought a new Subaru Outback Saturday. I drive it 4 miles and someone rear ended me. It only did a $1000 of damage and it was to the Thule Bike rack I bought from the dealership and the OEM hitch I had installed. The issue now is I'm going to have minor damage reported on a carfax or auto check report if I ever go to sell or trade. I've been in the car business and I know we would give less value if a report like this came up. I live in NC. Any help or suggestions. Thanks.

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  • Spying on my child's cell phone?

    I pay for my child's cell phone on my account. I do not have access to his phone. He has been in trouble and hangs with the wrong crowd. Is there a legal app that I can use that I do not need his phone to download anything on.

    He has a android galaxy.

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  • Bankruptcy and mortgage question?

    I filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and paid it off. I had mortgage with Wells Fargo that was never reaffirmed. It was foreclosed on in 2015. I just got a tax document from Wells Fargo. Of course I cant get my attorney to call me back.

    If I never reaffirmed on the loan am I still responsible for the tax debt?

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  • Department of Veterans Affairs disability question?

    I have a service connected rating for injuries to my back. I have secondary disability for service connected from psoratic arthritis from the back problems. I had a QTC appointment this morning because of continuing issues and the Dr. Told me that I now have nerve damage on the right side of my body caused from the psoratic arthritis. Does the VA look at this as a new issue or will they rate it as secondary to the back issue. How much percentage is usually allowed for this type of nerve damage?

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics5 years ago
  • Department of Veterans Affairs disability question?

    I am receiving disability for several service connected issues. I have back issues from the military and been diagnosed with psoratic arthritis and now the doctor today at the QTC appointment said I now have nerve damage caused from the psoratic arthritis. How does the VA look at this? Will they increase my rating? I have the nerve damage going up right side of my back and down the right side into my buttocks. The psoratic arthritis was secondary to the back issue.

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  • please rate my poem to my ex gf.?

    True love

    True love is bearing my heart to you.

    True love is daring to be ourselves.

    True love is having you to laugh with and you laugh back with me.

    True love is letting down the walls that cover my guarded heart.

    True love is knowing you so well that. When You hurt I hurt, I smile when you smile, I cry when you cry.

    True love is being able to sit in silence with you and never have a word to say.

    True love is full of respect, admiration and complete joy with you.

    True love is daring to let us into our special worlds.

    True love is feeling a part of me missing when you're not with me.

    True love is discovering myself, and connecting with you.

    True love is sharing memories, sharing your life, sharing Ava.

    True love is wanting you to be the last person I ever see when I take my last breath.

    True love is what I have discovered with you Emily.

    I love you Em!

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  • special occasion in disney world?

    I wrote this beautiful poem for my ex gf that I'm going to disney with. Out daughters ate going with us as well. I am going to have it written on a scroll to make it look old. Any suggestions on how I should give this to her? Maybe have it presented to her and read over dinner. I want it to be perfect.

  • veteran disability pay and social security question.?

    I am 50% Service connected vereran, if I choose to retire ar 62 and collext Social Security retirement will I still get the VA compensation?

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  • What does ÷ mean at the end of a text?

    Someone texted me and ended with , night!÷

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