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Hello, my name is Alejandro and currently I'm living in Los Cabos, in Baja. I am a Computer Engineer by schooling but I consider myself a Restaurateur. Nothing makes my day like sitting on my roof and looking up to a perfectly dark stary sky. I am fascinated by Astronomy, quantum mechanics, mathematical theory and physics . . . that said I love great food and never turn down a good drink. Finicky and peculiar borderline annoying (so I’ve been told) I’m happily divorced and loving my second shot at bachelorhood. I tackle a book a week at least. I think life is to be enjoyed so I do that, I don’t go looking for crazy stuff, been there done that! I know what I want and I know how I want it, so I just get it that way. I adore my friends; I love a friend that either has a point of view or sees things in many different ways to get a point of view. A friend that calls you on your bull and expects the same from you, the kind that don't always agree (almost never) and makes you think.

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