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  • *urgent** How can you tell which hydrogen is more acidic?

    See attached image.

    I know it has something to do with bond strength, electronegativity, s-character, resonance stabilization (pi bonds), inductive stabilization (sigma bonds) and nuclear stabilization.... I'm just having trouble applying these concepts to actual questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • What is the Lewis structure and hybridization of NHCH2?

    a) Draw a Lewis structure for NHCH2, including formal charges and lone pairs (if required).

    b) Use valence shell electron pair repulsion theory to state the overall shape of the molecule, including approximate bond angles.

    c) State the hybridization of the central atom (both N and C).

    I think the Lewis structure is:

    . .

    N = C - H

    | |

    H H

    These would give it a "see-saw" trigonal bi-pyramidal shape, based on the 4 bonding domains and one lone pair, but the shape doesnt seem right for the lewis structure.

    I'm lost!

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