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I am knowledgeable in many areas, medical questions(including female/male anatomy questions), scientific questions, airsoft/paintball gun/marker questions, and many other areas. Feel free to email me if you need help with life problems or would like to ask for help with anything. I recieve at least 20 emails a day though so if I don't reply ever/soon don't feel offended.

  • What was going on with the water?

    So me and my buddy were fishing for carp (10-20lbers) on the Ship and Sanitary canal near Chicago, IL today and around 8pm we were waitin for some bites when my friend pointed out some weird waves on the water that was heading along the shoreline (instead of towards the shore like a wave usually would). It kinda regenerated near the same area for a good minute or two until it dissipated, No boat had passed by recently and nothing else above the water seemed to create it so what was that? It was really spooky looking. Also the canal is about 200ft wide and 30ft deep if that makes any difference at all and it is used as a canal for wastewater and huge barges as well as recreational watercraft(jet skis, boats) but none of these had passed by for at least 20 minutes. .

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  • Choosing new laptop help.?

    Hello, I'm looking into getting a new Toshiba satellite laptop withthe following specifications:

    - Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor

    -750gb HDD, doesn't tell me what rpm, probably 5400

    -8gb memory

    -15.6in led screen

    -Windows 8 although I do prefer win 7 but I do know how to use win 8

    -cost is about $700

    So what I'm asking is, is there a laptop for around $600-850 I could get that would perform better than the Toshiba satellite I described above? I do know quite a bit about computers but laptops aren't my strong suit, I've helped build and design $5,000-10,000 desktops that work like a dream but I just need a laptop that can perform my school work and do some moderate to heavier gaming, I'm not talking battlefield on highest graphics but I want something that I could casually game on. I won't be gaming while unplugged so the battery just needs to be strong enough for schoolwork sustained by the battery.Thanks in advance.

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  • How did Joseph Stalin justify support of the anti fascist forces?

    How did Joseph Stalin justify support of the anti fascist/ republican forces in the Spanish civil war? Did the world do anything to stop this or intervene in his involvement and if the world did, what did they do? Thanks in advance

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  • Tattoo suggestions please?

    Hey, just turned 18 today and i know i want a tattoo on my upper right arm,i have no idea what i want though, in really into thrash metal and death metal so if you could give me ideas based on that, that'd be great.i don't want any band logos because I'm afraid i won't like the band later in life and can't be too satanic because of two reasons: don't worship Satan (I'm atheist) and i am going to become a licensed paramedic and don't want anything that will hurt my chances with religious teachers and fire chiefs. Any pictures and anything else you want to add I'll greatly appreciate.

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  • HDD wipe question/help please?

    Now before I start I do know a lot about computers but I've never learned this part.

    So, my laptop is in need of a good cleaning but it refuses to burn discs so it won't let me make a backup and wipe the HDD so I need to know, how would I go about moving my copy of win7 to a external HDD and then wiping my entire HDD then moving win7 back into the empty computer. Is this even doable? Thanks, I greatly appreciate any help.

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  • Oil POURING out of one of the pores on my nose?

    Today I was out fishing for a long time and got a really bad sunburn on my arms and face, I think my nose got the worst of it, so I slathered on some hand lotion (unscented) on my arms, face, and back of my neck and about 20 minutes later noticed sebum (oil) pretty much leaking out of one of my pores. I'll wipe it away with a tissue and 30 seconds later it's back. It's not just a normal coating of sebum, it's a lot of it and it comes out as if it was basically a cut and the blood just kind of oozes out, what could this be? (remember it's not a cut oozing blood, that's just how it acts, it's a pore oozing sebum)

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions8 years ago
  • Becoming a nurse/choosing a school?

    Hi, I am a junior in highschool right now and I believe I would like to be a ER Nurse. I live in Chicago Illinois USA and need to keep the school in this area. I'm unsure of what the process of becoming a nurse is and would like you to explain that as well as the courses i should take for the school(s) you suggest while i'm still in highschool. I need to know as much info as you can provide please. Thank-you in advance!

    1 AnswerHealth Care8 years ago
  • Best place to train defence in runescape?

    Hey I'm a level 102 combat level with only 46 defense...after the EOC update i can't wear my armor now so i need to bring it up to level 50. I'm f2p by the way. I currently train on the monsters in the security stronghold.

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  • The Social Contract Theory.?

    Hi, i need a brief but thorough explanation of the social contract theory in modern terms.I am doing an essay on the documentary roger and me and the economy of flint Michigan after the layoffs and closings of General motors factories.

    1 AnswerOther - Social Science8 years ago
  • How many pixels in an inch picture?

    I need to print a photo of myself and I'm not sure what size it should be (in paint) to be an inch square when it's printed on paper. How many pizels horizontal/vertical to be an inch square.

    3 AnswersPhotography8 years ago
  • How to print rocket blueprint from a flashdrive (pics of rocket included!)?

    Hi I'm not new to rocketry or anything it's just i'm used to the simplicity of rocsim but i'm using OpenRocket and my laptop is refusing to connect to my printer, does anyone know how to save openrock files to a flashdrive in a file type readable by a lexmark pro series printer?

    If you don't know anything about openrocket: Open rock saves the files as .pdf format (adobe) and i basically just want to know how to convert these adobe files to a normal file readable by my printer via flashdrive.

    Also if you want to see the rocket design here:

    1 AnswerPrinters8 years ago
  • Stephen King: Which books of his should I read?

    Keeping in mind I have read Duma Key, Different Seasons (Stand by Me, Shawshank, etc...) haven't read Green Mile, is it worth the read? and i've read the red dragon, I've read a few more but can't remember so what do you think? which ones should i read next? i have nearly if not every one of his books in my basement which i read (they belong to my dad, i'm 17 and love stephen king books) and i also have a kindle fire so i can access them all. so which ones.

    3 AnswersBooks & Authors8 years ago
  • Need advice on upgrading my laptop.?

    I have a HP Compaq presario and i don't know much about the actual internals of a computer although i am great with the software. I am trying to turn my laptop into a small gaming laptop (minecraft and a few lower graphics steam games like gmod, tf2, and CSS). I know this shitty laptop needs more ram and it couldn't hurt for it to have more memory but it also gets very hot very fast when i game. i know this is partly from bad air flow but i can't do much about that. i am on a low budget but don't give me the cheapest possible options either just stay away from ultra high end. things i can buy in stores like best buy and radio shack would be great because i don't like putting my credit card online. btw i know it's sad but this laptop currently barely runs minecraft for more than 20-30 minutes without getting laggy as hell. Thanks for your time i really appreciate it!

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • My ps3 won't connect to my router.?

    I have done everything the internet has offered me...i normally connect wirelessly to my att 2wire router but for some reason that stopped working so i tried to connect with an ethernet cable but that won't work either...won't obtain ip address, won't connect to internet...nothing...won't even connect to router with ethernet cable...i think i may have a setting wrong or the wrong ip address, DHCP, subnet mask, etc... so if you could give me tips on finding my correct IP,subnet mask, and everything else i would need to connect to my router with or without ethernet cable i would be very grateful and gladly give you best answer.

    1 AnswerPlayStation8 years ago
  • I need to know some good tent camping spots NEAR chicago illinois?

    Where are some good tent camping spots near chicago illinois? it needs to be close and preferably no actual need to drive on the highway to get there... no need for anything like pools,bathrooms, electricity, or anything as long as it's legal to camp there and preferably cheap AND YEAR ROUND.

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  • Is there anyway to know if this radio is stolen?

    My friend gave me a car radio today for my subaru legacy and i want to know if i can find out if it's stolen, i don't really care but it's from a Chrysler and i don't ever remember him having a Chrysler LOL!

    so anyway besides actually asking the police?

    1 AnswerCar Audio8 years ago
  • What else do I need for my green Anole?

    Alright, so here is my list of stuff I am going to be buying for my Green Anole today at petsmart:


    -Flukers Calcium powder with d3

    -Amapallow hanging plant

    -Tank: Already have one (20gal)

    -Spray bottle (for humidity) already have

    -Heat lamp/basking: Already have

    -Fluker sun dome

    -Exo terra reptiglo 10.0 compact desert terrarium lamp (uvb/uva)

    -green cage liner (reusable)

    -all living things fresh air screen cover

    -climbing sticks and a hideaway: already have

    alright that's all for now but does anyone who knows abit about anoles think i need to add anything else? stuff i already have is from my 2 iguanas i had before. (except 20gal tank i built my own cage for the iguanas.)

    1 AnswerReptiles8 years ago
  • Does my green anole need this?

    i am strapped for cash and i am about to buy an anole and i need to know, will he need to have a UVB light or will giving him calcium powder with d3 (flukers) be fine? if not what will the effects be? will it just be a not as brightly colored skin or will he have health problems? (remember i will be feeding him calcium with d3)

    3 AnswersReptiles8 years ago
  • Why does my ps3 lag when walking in fps game?

    My ps3 lags when i play fps games, i've only tried playing bf3 and fallout new vegas recently and when i walked in the games it would lag like crazy and i couldn't walk because it would start making me turn left when i tried walking and the screen would shake...if it matters i am connected to my tv by hdmi and i am wireless (it's not internet lag because it did it even when i was playing offline) when i tried battlefield 3 it lagged like crazy but i walked (eventually) to a tank and drove it with no problems whatsoever...any ideas? i just bought bf3 premium and im mad i can't use it :p

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games8 years ago