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  • Help with math problems?

    In math we are doing General Form conic and converting them into standard form. We had to do ten problems to turn in on Monday, and since it's a decent grade in the grade book I really need to do well.

    Are these answers correct?

    1) x^2 +4y^2-6x-16y+21=0

    My answer: Ellipse. (x-3)^2/4+(y-2)^2=1

    2) -2y^2+x+12y-18=0

    My answer: Parabola. (y-3)^2= 1/2(x-36)

    Those two are the only ones I'm unsure about.

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  • Given vertices and co-vertices how do you find the a and b?

    Vertices (-5,12) and (-5,-6)

    Co-Vertices (8,3) and (-18,3)

    Center (-5, 3)

    Oriented: Vertical

    We're supposed to put it into standard form, but I can't figure out how to get the a and b for the standard form. Like I know a is the distance from the center to the vertices, and b is the distance from the center to the co-vertices. But I still don't understand. Please Help!

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  • Help with a silent film about horses?

    I understand that this is in the wrong section; however I want the silent film to be about horses, so what better place to ask than the horse section? Anyways I have a storyboard due Monday, and I cannot for the life of me think of a plot. I've got horses to use in the film (four horses and a donkey) but I'm not sure what I should make the plot. I just need a general idea, and I can figure the rest out by myself.

    It is a two-five minute silent film that will be presented at the end of the term, which is coming up in a couple of weeks. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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  • Character and Story Help?

    So this question actually has a few questions in it.

    First off, I’m still having trouble deciding a name for my main male character. I still feel that it needs to be a biblical name since the events are based loosely on events in the bible, and if not a biblical name than it HAS to be an English name. It just doesn’t make sense for me to name my main male character (who is of English decent) a Chinese name. Y’know?

    Basic character description:

    Hair: White (natural hair color)

    Eyes: Gray (red when found by the nuns because of a demon that entered his body)

    Age: He just turned eighteen at the beginning of my story; however he was named when he was two by the nuns that found him.

    Personality: He is a silent child and prefers observing the world rather than being an active part in it. He doesn’t get along well with the other children because he is different, not that they pick on him or anything. He just prefers to remain detached from them.

    Also note: When I first asked this question people said that he should have a hopeful names, because the nuns must have had some hope for the little orphaned boy. I’d like to explain that the nuns were scared of him when he was first found (red eyes tend to do that) but of course they couldn’t turn a child down. Especially a two year old child that had just lost his parents.

    Names I’ve thought of so far:

    Cain (I know someone said in my other question that Cain didn’t seem to fit my character, but I’m not 100% sure I agree. Opinions?)




    Names already being used in the story:





    Moving on: I was thinking about giving my character an eye that can ‘sense’ demons. I’m still trying to decide where I want to go with these demons, if I want to make them from human souls that found themselves in the underworld or if I want to simply make demons as they are typically seen.

    If I go with the first option I was thinking perhaps he could ‘sense’ the souls of the humans. Not see them or anything, just a sense of them.

    If I go with the second than he’d simply be sensing the demons themselves. This ‘sense’ is an important plot device in my story, but I don’t want to go into detail (not that I think you guys would steal it, but you can never be too sure.)

    However despite it being important I’m afraid that an ‘all seeing eye’ or a ‘sense’ of the enemy is used too often and is now a cliché. (Please give me your honest thoughts on this matter.)

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  • Help with character name?

    I am having an awful time trying to name my main male character. I know names aren't normally picked based on the character's personality, but this is a different case since he wasn't named until he was two years old. Well he was named before that, but anyone that knew his 'real' name was killed so the nuns that adopted him chose a name for him.

    Okay background information:

    He has white hair and his natural eye color is gray, however when the nuns find him he's got red eyes due to a demon that entered his body.

    He's a quite kid and is more of an observer than anything else. He doesn't get along well with the other children and often times tries to hide himself in odd places around the church.

    Oh, and he is of English decent so I need an English name please!

    The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world.

    I was thinking of giving him a name out of the Bible, because the story is based VERY loosely on events that take place in the Bible. But I really only like the name Cain, and naming him after the world's first murder seems...wrong? I'm not sure. And I'm already using the names Michael and Noah in my story so those are out as well.

    Please help, I've never been so stuck on a name in my life. haha :)

    And please tell me your thoughts on the name Cain.

    Thank you

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  • Help describing someone's voice?

    So I'm writing a story and I'm having trouble describing the voice of one of the men in my story. It's kind of soft and warm? See! I'm not sure how to describe it! Anyways the voice is important because his personality is so different. I'm really not making any sense right now.

    Okay let's try this again.

    Basically his voice is supposed to make him come across as this kind, warmhearted gentleman, but of course he's actually a totally jerk.

    So yeah, any help describing it would be amazing!

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  • Is there a way for me to get an early license?

    I have only had my driver's permit for about four months but since my school doesn't offer a bus service it makes getting there hard on my family (My entire family has a full-time job) I was wondering if there was a way for me to get my license early.

    I'm seventeen years old (I should already have it, but I missed a lot of school freshmen year due to illness) and I live in Georgia.

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  • Should I have a fun-raiser for the victims of Newtown, CT?

    So I'm sure everyone has heard of the recent shooting in the town of Newtown. A few of my friends (with siblings in the first or second grade) told me how hard it would be to have one of their siblings pass away. After a few more hours of talking, one of them mentioned a fun-raiser for the victims and their families.

    While I think it sounds like a good idea, I don't want to impose on the families that are already having such a hard time. I told them perhaps we could contact the families of all 26 victims and ask for permission, but that idea was quickly shot down when one of my friends pointed out that the families probably wouldn't respond. Which makes sense; they're going through a lot.

    All of us really want to do our part to help, even if we don't live anywhere near them. As far as I'm concerned they were all part of America, and therefore part of our nation's family. We've got some really good ideas, and we figured we give the money to one of the funds that was already started for the families. But I don't want to overstep my boundaries and offend anyone.

    So what do you guys think? Is a fun-raiser a good idea?

    NOTE *my friends and I are all between the ages of 16-17, but I'm sure we can get our parents and schools to help out*

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  • Cute nicknames for my characters?

    So like the question stated I need some cute-ish nicknames. Mainly for my main two characters to call each other. At first they call each other names like: Moron, dumbie, stupid, idiot, and things like that but as you get further into the story they start to fall in love. I wanted to show the change in their relationship by the progressing of nicknames, but I want the nicknames to be cute and not nicknames like honey or boo bear or anything like that.

    If it helps:

    Main girl-Aria

    Main boy-Sage

    Aria is normally referred to as Shadow, lil shadow or lil brat by the upperclassmen, but she needs a nickname that only Sage calls her. Sage is very up tight an doesn't like anyone other than his best friend and later Aria so he doesn't have any nicknames, but I need one that only Aria calls him.

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  • What name do you like the best?

    Okay so I originally named my main character Cora, but because of a show my brother likes to watch he doesn't think I should use the name Cora. (He's the co-writer of my story)

    So the new names I've come up with are

    Aria (R-EE-UH) So far I like this one the most I guess

    Kira (not sure how I feel about this one, ha ha)

    Calista, shortened to Cali (I'm not really sure how much I like this name though)

    I'm open to any suggestions if you guys have any. The only thing is I really want the name to be a short one, or at least a name I can shorten.

    Thank you for the help :D

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  • Help with my story please?

    A little bit of background information: This conversation takes place between my two main protagonists. At this time both of my protagonists are sixteen. My main male protagonist is about to leave on a mission to go comfort my main antagonist by himself. This is the last encounter the two protagonists have before he leaves.

    Why? Why was watching him walk away from me so painful? Why did I feel so scared as his back got further away from me? It didn’t make any sense; I’ve watched so many people leave since the beginning of this mission, so why did I only feel this way about Sage leaving?

    Wait here Cora. His last words he spoke ran through my head suddenly, and for the second time they seemed so familiar, as if I’d heard them somewhere before.

    Cora, wait here. That’s it, I realized as tears started to flood my eyes. Now that I thought about it, my mother had whispered a line to me when that man had taken her away. The last time I’d seen my mother alive she’d been walking away from me. My last memory of her was just her back getting smaller and smaller.

    Is that why I’m so afraid to let Sage walk away from me like this? That couldn’t be it, because last time I’d been unable to stop her from leaving with that man. But this time, this time I could stop the person I loved from leaving.

    Quickly I ran forward and grabbed onto the back of his shirt as tightly as I could. Sage paused instantly, his body stiffened under my touch. After a few minutes Sage finally turned to face me, gently adjusting my hand so that I was gripping the front of his shirt. His crimson eyes flashed with an unfamiliar emotion as he stared at me.

    Can I really tell him not to go? Who am I to prevent him from leaving? I thought as I glanced up at him, only to quickly look back down under his intense gaze. This isn’t like when my mother left, that time she’d been leaving to protect me and only me. But Sage was leaving to protect everyone in our class. Could I really be so selfish that I’d stop him from doing the one thing that he wants?

    Slowly my hand dropped back to my side. Don’t cry. I scolded myself. I couldn’t be selfish, not after everything he’s been through. I couldn’t cause him anymore pain. We weren’t normal teenagers, we were kids fighting a seemingly endless war, therefore there was no place for how I was feeling.

    Once again tears threatened to spill. Don’t cry. I reminded myself. I couldn’t cry, if Sage saw me crying he would surely stay to comfort me. He wouldn’t leave if he saw how badly it affected me, because that was just who he was.

    “Cora.” Sage said my name with so much pain that I nearly forgot what I’d just told myself and cried. But before the tears could spill out of my eyes I managed to fight them back down. He took a step closer to me, reaching his arms out to me.

    I took a small step backwards. “Be careful, okay?” I smiled, knowing that if I allowed Sage to hug me I’d lose it. “Don’t be reckless.”

    “You too.” Sage sighed, reaching up and patting my head like he’d done when we’d first met.

    Please tell me what you think! This is only a rough draft so please keep that in mind!

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  • How do these characters sound?

    So I'm writing a story and I just wanted to make sure this character sounded okay.

    Note: An element is like a supernatural power.

    Name: Solomon

    Age: Eleven

    Date of Birth: April 14th

    Element: Healing

    Solomon is Sebastian’s younger twin brother. He is often seen as the 'good' twin because his element can heal the effects of his Sebastian’s poison element.

    Appearance: Solomon has light brown hair and hazel green eyes.

    Personality: Solomon is very shy and rarely talks to anyone other than his brother. He's also kind and tries to help people out. Many people say he's the opposite of Sebastian in almost everything. Despite the fact that Sebastian is cruel he believes that he can make his brother a better person. Unlike most parents that find out their children are elements his father decides to use Solomon and his twin brother to kill off any threats towards his Company. His mother completely rejects both of them and refuses to see them after they are born. This rejection of being loved by their mother along with their father's cruel treatment causes Solomon to become withdrawn and Sebastian to become uncaring of human life.

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  • Is Crim a good name for this "Villain?"?

    I've been having trouble coming up with a name for the villain of my story so i was wondering if Crim was a good name for him.

    Background: He was taken away from his family and forced into The Academy at a very young age (Like three) and then used to perform awful acts, even taking the life of innocent people.

    Power: He has the power to control his blood and if his blood enters the body of another he is able to cause people to "blow up"

    While he is a bad guy in my story he does not do what he does because he is evil, rather its all he's known since he was a child. He was taught at a young age that he was above others and therefore taking the life of another human was like stepping on a bug. So that's how he views the life of others.

    Although he has a real name he does not go by it, instead calling himself Crim (Like Crimson?) but I'm not sure if I like that name. I was going to call him Soul or something like that but I just can't decide. So what do you think of the name Crim or maybe even Soul? Or do you have any other names for him?

    Ten points to best answer :D

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  • What name do you like better?

    So I'm writing a story and I've got most of my character names picked out expect for my main character. I'm trying to decid between

    Akari: Which means light. Nickname: Kari


    Calista: which means Beautiful. Nickname: Cali

    The character I'm writing about has a very upbeat personality and always has a smile on her face no matter what's going on. She's also very outgoing and says whatever comes to her mind, which often gets her in trouble. She's very loyal to her friends and can act rashly when one of them is in trouble. After the death of her father and the disappearance of her mother her grandfather took over caring for her. Since she can't remember her parents she sees her grandfather more like a father or a parent.

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  • What name do you like the best?

    So I'm writing a book and I've got all my character names picked out expect for my main character. I've narrowed it down to three names but I can't decide which one I like the best.




    If it helps this is what my character looks like:

    Female, Age: Sixteen

    Jade Green Eyes

    Caramel Colored Hair

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  • Japanese name for my kitten?

    So yesterday I found a kitten under my house and decided to take her in. She's a cute little gray tabby with white on her front two paws and under her chin. Anyways my mom wants to name her a Japanese name, since our dog's name is Kiba. I cannot for the life of me think of a name for the little girl, so any ideas would mean a lot!!

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  • Should I get a Breast Reduction?

    I'm a sophomore in high school and I am a 36DD. Lately I've been having pretty bad back pain and sometimes it hurts to get out of bed I'm in so much pain.

    I love horseback riding and entering companions but I've found it harder and harder to ride. (Which is making me really depressed, since it's the only thing I'm really good at)

    I talked to my mom about it and she said that she was willing to do what I thought was best, but that I needed to really think about it, and I have and I'm really leaning towards a Breast Reduction, it's just not normal for a sixteen year old to be unable to attend school because of back pains, but I'd like some other opinions, so what do you guys think?

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  • Should I keep this kitten?

    So two months ago a mama cat came and had her kittens under my deck. Because of how sweet it was and with the cold night my mom agreed to take her and the kittens to the vet and give them a check up (They were all in perfect health except for the mama cat because she was underweight.) Anyways my mom then said that they could stay with us until the kittens were old enough to find 'forever' homes. Now all the kittens are old enough and have even found forever homes (Even the mama cat found a home!) expect for this one little black and white cat I've been calling Neko. He's a sweet cat and I love him so much, but since he's the runt no one wants to take him!

    He's perfectly healthy and is litter-box trained, which is more than I can say for the other kittens that already have homes. I'd love to keep him but I've already got three dogs (A cattle dog that's 2. A black lab that's 7 and a Papillon that is 8 months) I'm sixteen and I'm good with animals and my mom said if I think keeping him is best then she doesn't mind. My brother said that maybe I should give him to a no-kill shelter so he can find a home, but I'm worried that if I do give him to the shelter he won't find a home. I suppose I could keep him until I find him a home, but I don't want to get really attached to him and then have to give him away. So what do you think I should do?

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  • What's a good anime to watch?

    Anime's that I've watched are

    D.Gray Man (LOVED! If there's an anime like this let me know!)

    Blue exorcist (LOVED!!)

    Fairy Tail (Really liked)

    Soul Eater (LOVED)

    Darker Than Black (LOVED IT!)

    Naruto and Naruto Shippuden (Loved)

    Black Blood Brothers (Loved)

    Ouran High School Host Club (Loved)

    Fruits Basket (Liked it)

    Bleach and One Piece (Not a big fan)

    I'd really like action and some romance , but not ALL romance or ALL action. Other than that I'm pretty open, doesn't matter if it's subbed or dubbed.

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