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  • How to tell my friend that she is racist.?

    I have a friend, who obviously treat White, Asian and Black people very differently, but she never thinks that she is a racist, she always has a way to justify herself. How can I make her realize that her logic has problems and she is a racist without sabotage our friendship, because I do think she has the room to turn around and be a better person.

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  • What is the reason of racism?

    I personal think racism is not just about skin color, it is more about economic status. If Africa is the most advance continent in the world, like what we see from the Black Panther, black people probably won't be discriminated against. Please share your thought, what do you think the reason of racism.

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  • Am I eligible for any kind of compensation from Honda?

    This will be long, so thank you in advance for reading.

    I have a 2018 Honda Civic. 1 month ago, I was just driving on freeway, the air bag just popped out for no reason. I lost control of the car for couple of seconds, but I was able to calm down and pull over to the shoulder.

    I took the car to the dealer and they sent all the data to Honda. The result I receive is that the air bag was working properly, the reason for auto deploy is that they found a dent on the rear control arm at the bottom of the car (I have no idea what that is).

    My insurance paid for the repair and I only needed to pay for the deduction. However, this thing really bothers me. It is true that I don't have big financial damage, but the mental damage surely happened. It was a terrifying experience. Every time I got into my car I am as nervous as heck. I could not drive on freeway for about 2 weeks, now I am better because I have to go to work, but I only drive at the right lane because I am so scared that anything could happen.

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  • How do I know if my car value has dropped and how much it has dropped?

    I bought a new car on June this year, and 2 weeks ago, an incident happened and the car was damaged pretty bad. The car has been fixed and now it looks like new. The incident is not my fault, and I believe it is cause by a defect of the car itself even if the maker, which is Honda, denied it. I probably need a lawyer to talk to them but that is another topic. Now as the car has been repaired once, how do I know if t he car value has dropped? and how much it has dropped. Is there any place I can take the car and evaluate how much its value is?

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  • Which tool you use to file your tax return?

    I used to go to H&R Block but this year I decide to file my self, which tool or software do you recommend?

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  • Can you solve this?

    3 people walked in a burger place, they ordered 3 burgers, $10 each, the total is $30. but the owner said it is promotion day, 3 burgers for $25, so he refund $5. The 3 guest left $2 as tip and got $1 back for each of them. which means they paid $9 each. so, here is the questions. $9 * 3 = $27. plus the $2 tip is $29, where is $1 gone from the original $30?

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  • Do you always answer Yes when asked "Is everything OK?" by the staff in retail store?

    We all have the experience, when we shop at department store or super market, of being asked "Is everything OK?" or "Did you find everything you are looking for?" Do you answer anything else but "Yes"? That is what I always do, like a routine. Not because everything is OK, just because I don't think there is anything they can do if anything is not OK. So I wonder what the staff are expecting when asking the question like that, or they are just trained to do so.

    I actually challenged once, I was shopping in Target for a TV, they need to bring it from the storage and it took them 1 hour to do so. When asked "Is everything OK?" at the register, I said "No, I actually waited for one hour here." and the staff said " then you should talk to the guy who brought it to you instead of me." well... yes he's right but I really wanted to ask "Then WHY you ask me if everything is OK?"

    Does anybody work in retail here? I kind wanna know if you are expecting anything instead of "YES".

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  • If a house is listing as $650,000, how much I can get it?

    I want to buy this house that is listing as $650,000, I am not an expert in real state but usually the owner wouldn't expect to get a full listing price, right? so how much I should offer is reasonable? I understand this is all case by case, I am talking generally. I honestly want to save every dollar I can but I don't want to insult or upset the owner. any advice? thank you.

    8 AnswersRenting & Real Estate4 years ago
  • What confederate flag really mean in south?

    Never been in any of the states in south, but I have a friend from Mississippi. He is black and he said his friend's and neighbor's house have confederate flag since he can remember, he does not feel it is offensive and those people are not racist. It is just a cultural thing. is that true?

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  • where is the best place to visit in the US at this season?

    I am living in LA, trying to make a small trip by myself. My purpose is to travel by myself, I don't mind where the destination is, any recommendations?

    6 AnswersOther - United States4 years ago
  • If you friend owe you money, would you ask for it?

    My friend owes me some money, I am OK if she doesn't have any money to pay me back. But within last year, she had the money to travel for couple of times, this start making me feel weird, should I ask her to pay me back?

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  • A friend staying my place but got sick, don't know what to do...?

    A friend of mine need a place for stay for about 2 weeks so I let her in. However 2 days after she moved in she got very sick. I don't really have good health condition myself and every time I get sick, it takes me a month to recover. I am very careful now but it's hard because we live in same apartment. Can't kick her out especially when she's sick, but worried to death about myself. What you guys will do?

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  • What are the essentials things for new born babies?

    I have a friend who is going to have a baby, but she lives in a pretty remote place that a lot of products are limited or not available. I want to send some essential things such as medicines to her, anyone can help me out what are the absolutely essential things that a new born baby needs? Of course diapers and baby formulas are one of them, but what else?

    1 AnswerNewborn & Baby4 years ago
  • What's the best way to visit Alcatraz?

    I am planning a tour with my family to SanFran, will visit Alcatraz for sure. There are so many ads and promos when I search from google, some of saying the tickets sold out weeks earlier. I just want to take a ferry to the island and visit the prison freely. what is the best way? do I need to buy tickets in advance?

    3 AnswersSan Francisco4 years ago
  • Which college in Los Angeles carries CIS(Computer Information Systems) major in graduate program?

    I am currently study in CIS major trying to get a Master of Science degree, but my school if too far from my work and my house. I am looking for another college to transfer that carrying same or similar major in Los Angeles area, any recommendations? Cannot afford UCLA or USC or CalState or same level schools.