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  • My dog's hind legs are getting worse.. Solution?

    My dog is a female bullmastiff almost 9 years old, She's about 130lbs also. Her back left leg has a pretty big lump on it, probably cancer since her bloodwork was normal. anyway, she's been having some good trouble walking on it. Takes her awhile to get up. Has to rest pretty often, and her back right leg is getting worse at the same time. Surgery's not an option. What are some things I could try to do to help her?

    3 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • Courtesy of The Red White And Blue Toby Keith?

    Has anyone you know or you personally been affected by this song? In terms of taking action to join the military. Does anyone think its a pro-war song?

    2 AnswersCountry8 years ago