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  • Who should I start at my flex position?

    Andre Johnson

    Kevin Smith

    Ricky Williams

    Torrey Holt

    Chris Perry

    2 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • Can the Steelers win a Super Bowl without cheating?

    Now it comes out that the Steelers used steroids in the 70's. They intentionally hurt Carson Palmer in 05. 5 Super Bowl titles, all due to cheating. So, can the Steelers ever win a Super Bowl without cheating? They have'nt yet.

    18 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • I need a name for my fantasy football team.?

    Something unique. The one I choose gets 10 pts.

    12 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • What is inside the Statue of Happiness in GTA IV?

    I have the PS3 version, I have heard there is a way to get into the Statue of Happiness by getting on the head. Is this true and what is inside?

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • Why is there so much anticipation over the movie Twilight?

    I don't know much about it, but, when I watched the trailer, all that movie looks like to me is a remake of the Covenant, but about vampires not witches? Am I right?

    8 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • Bengals fans...?

    I find it disturbing that in the recent mock drafts that if Sedrick Ellis is gone by pick 9, they say that the Bengals will take Keith Rivers, olb USC. I think this would be the biggest mistake in the terrible hisory of Bengals drafting. We have 10 line backers minimum on our roster already, if you cant get what you want, why not draft a WR cuz Chad Johnson is a cry baby? With the #9 pick I think that you need to draft the best player at the position you need. Why take a linebacker that isnt going to start? I would even take Medenhall, a RB. Yes the defense isnt great, but taking a defensive player just cuz the defense is bad, isnt going to make it better. Get a dlineman later and take a player that has a chance to impact the team. What do you guys think? WHO DEY '08!!!!!

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  • Bengals fans...?

    Just want to start by saying I have been a huge Bengals fan since the mid 80's. Does any fan of the Bengals want them to trade Chad Johnson just so you dont have to hear about it anymore. I am so sick of his cry baby @$$! I don't want them to trade him anywhere good, I say Atlanta or Kansas City. See if he can get anywhere near the stats he got in Cincy, seeings that is all he cares about. Plus if we could get a first round pick, hello Vernon Gholsten. I would even settle to trade him to the Bears for Devin Hester and a second. What do you think?

    8 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • What do people think now that Cung Le defeated a name opponent?

    I am a huge Cung Le fan, but I am not ignorant enough to say he is the best Middle weight out there. But I will say he is the second best by far and away. Anderson Silva is the best, but I would pay any amount of money to see Silva fight Le. I don't want to hear people say Silva would take him to the ground and win easily. Shamrock is one of the best submission fighters in the history of MMA, he couldnt get a take down. It's not always easy to take someone down. Chuck Liddel rarely gets taken down, Cung Le will only go down if he wants to. Am I crazy, or does anyone else wish that fight could take place.

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  • Which movie would you rather watch?

    The Hillz or The Big Lebowski?

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  • Does anyone out there agree with me?

    That the MOVIE The Hillz is a great movie. I am not talking about the stupid reality show. The movie is a cast of people you haven't heard of except Paris Hilton.

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  • Who should I start in week 9 at TE...?

    Vernon Davis who plays ATL or Tony Gonzalez who plays Green Bay.

    6 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • How badly will the Pittsburgh Squillers lose to the Bengals this Sunday?

    Pitt. is a sorry team who has not beaten anyone of merit yet this season, and the Bengals are coming off an important, stay alive win, the armpit squiellers are ripe for the picking. I say it will be Cincy 35 Armpitts 24.

    15 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • I don't hear the Steelers fans this morning...?

    And so it begins...the Steelers free fall to the cellar of the AFC North began yesterday. How bad is your beloved Steelers. Ward is out, Parker sux, and Big Ben throws an interception in the endzone. Special teams give up a TD to Steve Breaston. That dude was at Michigan for like 30 years. ALL AROUND THAT TEAM SUXS! Time for you all to watch Monday Night Football and see a real team play. CINCINNATI not the overrated Patriots. The road to the AFC North title starts tonight. WHO DEY!

    9 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • Running Back Dilema for Week 4...?

    I have Rudi Johnson vs New England, Ronnie Brown vs Oakland, Marshawn Lynch vs New York Jets, and Marion Barber vs St. Louis. I am leaning towards Lynch and Barber. I would love to hear what you guys think...10 pts to most helpful answer.

    4 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • Who is ready to watch the Bengals stomp the Patriots next week!?

    If there is one thing we all know after three weeks in the NFL season, it is that the Cincinnati Bengals are by far and away the best team in the league. I feel sorry for New England next week when they come into the Jungle and get absolutly blown out by my Bengals. New England is the most overrated team in the NFL and the Bengals D will shut down Moss and Brady. Who is with me!

    36 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • Week 3 RB starters...?

    My three running backs are Rudi Johnson (playing Seattle), Marion Barber (playing Chicago), and Marshawn Lynch (playing New England). Which 2 should I start. 10 Pts. to most helpful answer.

    7 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • Starting RB...who to start?

    Duece or Edge also have Tom Brady or Tony Romo...most helpful answer gets 10 pts.

    9 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • Who to start...?

    Marion Barber vs Miami or Marshawn Lynch vs Pitt. My solid starter is Rudi Johnson vs Cleveland. 10 pts to most helpful answer.

    4 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • Who to start...?

    Running backs: Marshawn Lynch or Marion Barber. I also have Cadilac Williams but he nay get limited carries due to injury. My definate starter is Rudi Johnson against the Browns? 10 points to most helpful answer.

    3 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • Steelers Fans...?

    You can NOT tell me that the hit on Carson Palmer in the playoffs wasn't intentional. Kimo crawled forward and hit him in the knee INTENTIONALLY. Pittsburgh new that was the only way that they could beat Cincy that year was to take out Palmer early and that is what they did. Carson even completed that pass for 67 yds. Pitt. is one of the dirtiest teams in the league, always have been, always will be. I can't wait til they finish third in the North this year. Giving a whole new meaning to the Terrible Towel. I use one in my bathroom, to wipe with. Go Steely McBeam. Your mascot is a dude with beam on his head. Way to try and get the gay community on your side. Enjoy a season where you finish no better than 6-10. WHO DEY '08

    12 AnswersFootball (American)1 decade ago