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  • Access Wifi At home?

    I am using Ubuntu Version 8.04, I set up my home wifi using windows vista no problem there but now when I want to use it on Ubuntu there is no wireless connection shown in network manager any ideas, I have gone through many many posting, reading online no luck help needed

    1 AnswerComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • Are u the average american the media and US government talk about?

    I tend to notice ever time i'm either watching the news or hearing something about what congress is going to do to help the average american I start to wonder what average american are they talking about. based on so many factors i can't figure it out

    1. Ever state tends to have different levels of unemployment / employment

    2. incomes range so much it really depends on your profession

    3. since our country has a vast population your either single, married, or some mixed ratio involving kids or no kids

    4. Rent tends to vary from city to city, state to state

    I look forward to any answers you can come up with and i know i'm not one of the average americans i hear the media and government talk about

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  • Did your points of view change differently after going abroad then coming back to the U.S.?

    I'm just curious to get people's different opinions, facts, and experiences on this questions. I only ask cause i've been and lived abroad off and on for 3 years and seeing foreign countries through my own eyes made me change many perspectives on life in general here in the U.S.

    1.I seriously believe MOST countries don't hate america but dislike and disapprove of our government which honestly i think our government is incompetent and lacks common sense on most issues.

    2. Most foreigners i've talked to who have either lived here, visited here or studied here generally have a positive view of here, and the ones who haven't come have said they dont hate americans just the U.S. government

    3. i've highly noticed everything which comes in the media or government seems more like scare tactics.

    I know this isn't a exact answer or response but just my opinion

    look forward to all responses, experiences

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  • what did you like about living overseas?

    i'm just curious to get peoples different opinions about living in a foreign country, i am a U.S. citizen but have spend a few years living overseas, i lived and worked in thailand. traveled to hong kong, singapore, new zealand, China ( beijing and shanghai. Just really curious to know what you experienced, felt, and enjoyed about living or working in a foreign country and things that were better there than here. please state where you went also thanks

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  • Attention Honda Civic Drivers Year 1996 - 2000 question for you?

    I am hoping anyone out there can help me out on something, I found out through some investing on my car after I bought it used the person before me and bottomed it out slighty, I have since then put on new control arms in the front, but I have been told that I got the wrong control arms for my car, so my question is are there more than 1 control arms for the front, my car is a 00 honda civic ex if so whats the difference

    3 AnswersHonda1 decade ago
  • I need a woman's honest opinion on something?

    This is not hoax or joke, after being in a relationship for 4 years I finally realized what kind of person I am, I know for a fact that:

    1. I'm not really into kids and don't want any period

    2. I know i'll never be able to provide a descent life for any woman I date

    3. I fear marriage

    4. Relationships to me are harder than working, and involves drama, headaches, and its a rollercoaster

    5. I often hear there is a ratio of for every 5 single men there are 3 single women

    so my question is after saying all this should I just 100% give up women, relationships and stay single forever as it seems to me all women want financial stability, marriage, kids, commitment, responsiblity. All honest opinions are greatly appreciated

    11 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Whenever your dating or in a relationship should men and women have things in common?

    I've often heard this to be sometimes a yes and no answer, and id like honest opinions from men and women.

    Men when your dating a woman what kind of things would you like a woman to have in common with you?

    Women when your dating a man what kind of things would you like a man to have in common with you.

    I do know you won't have always everything in common but i'm just curious to see different answers on here. thanks everyone for your time

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  • HELP!!!. 4 Problems with car?

    hi there hope anyone out there can help me as i have 4 problems with my car: honda civic 2000 91,000 miles on it

    1. my car steers a little bit to the right, i've done an alignment on it, only things i can think of are shocks and struts need replacing or the bushing on the control arms need replaced

    2. have a minor gasoline smell coming through the vents when i turn on air conditioning, only thing i know would to get checked for a fuel leak but if you know of any other idea let me know why its happening

    3. whenever i downshift to 2nd gear and have to press the brake really quick i hear a loud ping in the front any ideas?

    4. car acceleration and horsepower seem to vary off and on, yes i know when you have a standard you have your own rpms for that but i swear i dont know, i mean i've put new distrubotor caps on, new spark plugs and wires, new coolant and brake fluid on, yes and new ignition cap to, a new battery, new air and fuel filter, new water pump and timing belts, any ideas help

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • computer assistance required?

    currently i'm using firefox and enjoy it more than explorer for various reasons, currently i do this after close out firefox.

    clear browsing history

    download history

    saved form and search history



    saved passwords

    authenticated sessions

    i do fully understand .exe, i currenly run ad-aware and zone alarm to, at least in a way that helps maintain my pc to help avoid spyware and viruses, but my question is though, how much does it really help though, are there others way stuff could be implanted on my pc without my knowledge, i'm not talking about opening email from unknown users, or someone coming to my house and planting one, i know various websites can probably do without your knowledge, or websites that look like a similiar one but aren't, so how else can i found out besides downloading 4 or more antivirus software and spyware or using different format styles like a .xls / .doc, etc, any information would be useful

    5 AnswersSecurity1 decade ago