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  • What is the cheapest Index fund or ETF I can buy for long-term?

    I have made the good decision to invest in a index fund for the long term and thereby, exposing myself only to the risk of the entire market. However, most index funds I found on that are the cheapest as per the expense ratio (cheaper = best) are only available to institutional investors. The Vanguard 500 fund is there but it isn't the cheapest compared to some ETFs. I would like to know if there is any ETF I can buy which is similar to a Index fund tracking the S&P 500 index in every way except for it being a ETF and being significantly CHEAPER?

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  • Why didn't my order get filled at the Stock Exchange?

    I've been in the stock market for years but there this I haven't figured out yet. There is this stock XYZ.X trading at .40 and say, I have placed an order for it at .30 for 10,000 shares along with 129 others bidding for a total of over a 5 million shares. Lets say, the price drops to .30 and then, what determines who's order gets filled first, next, then and last between the 130 bid splits/people making bids?


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  • Crossing the Atlantic Ocean non-stop?

    I am just thinking if the hype is true about the world of yachting these days. Is it true that most motor yachts can't cross the atlantic ocean or the pacific due to their short range of usually around 400 to 1500 nautical miles? I know for a fact that the recreational trawlers like Nordhavns can cross oceans albeit at very slow speeds. So, my question among, similar questions I've asked before, to the experienced people here is that, besides the mega yachts owned by Billionaires, can motor yachts owned by mere millionaires cross the atlantic to enjoy the sun in the Caribbean during the winter periods in Europe although, the Mediterranean is always sunny?

    I am in two minds about both a used Fountaine Pajot Sanya 57 sailing catamaran and a used Nordhavn 64 recreational trawler. I would like a motor yacht more than a sailing yacht by just personal preference but I am open to weighing the pros and cons of that choice.

    I am going to meet a yacht broker soon and would like to have some knowledge about this choice before hand. Thanks in advance for your answers!

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  • Jet Ski hull speed vs Sail boat hull speed?

    I know I am new to this but I am curious to know why. You see, they say the maximum speed of a hull sailing in particular depend on the length of the hull multiplied by 1.34 what is called the froudian number. The fastest a yacht have gone sailing was a hydroplane at 51Knots and the motor yacht "The world is not enough" at 70Knots. the motor yacht was very long so its speed is understandable according to the above formula but a jet ski which is just about a meter long can go way faster than any of those boats. What happens to maximum hull speed when it comes to jet skis?

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  • Best way to transmit large quantities of energy to long distances wirelessly?

    I am doing a project where I am thinking of replicating tesla's wireless power transmission with a friend. she knows everything and says that masers are the best way to archive it however I am sceptical because tesla didn't use masers. what are some other options and the best out of them to do this. also, safety is paramount.

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  • Treatment of Foreign workers in Maldives?

    I have heard many horror stories about how bad the Maldivians treat foreign workers in the country mainly the non-muslims. Is it true or are they some isolated cases?

    1 AnswerMaldives8 years ago
  • finding a small business in Sri Lanka to buy?

    I would like to spend some of the money I've saved in buying a medium sized private limited or so in Sri Lanka or any country with similar economic potential. How do I specifically go about finding such a business?

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  • Can a trawler be drowned in a whirlpool?

    If you take a 150 foot fishing trawler ship and put it on the edge of a whirlpool, will it get drowned just as a normal object would be drowned for about a minute on average and be pushed away to the edge of the whirlpool again and resurfaced as it normally happens or will it be sunk for ever because of its size and the rest of it or will it get sucked down in the first place? Also, how strong a whirlpool have to be to suck down such a trawler ship, how powerful engines do you need to get away from it and more importantly, how common are those whirlpools in the Atlantic ocean? Thanks in advance for your answers.

    I am trying to go in one such trawler ship for a small trip but my friend and I (for some degree) are in fear of whirlpools even through we both are national grade swimmers and will swimming that help if we are in the water when a whirlpool starts? Thanks.

  • Can a Theremin absorb energy from hand movements?

    I am wondering if a new Theremin can absorb energy from the movements of the players hands and amplify it with the current from the battery or is it all coming from the battery.

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  • Different Theremin sounds different objects?

    I want to by a Theremin but before that, I want to know if it sounds different for different objects due to their different shapes and/or chemical makeup. i.e. Will it sound different if a round ball went into its field rather than a ink pen for instance.

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  • Why's satellite TV vs satellite internet speed?

    I hear that the reason for relatively slow speeds of satellite internet is because of high latency and I am quite sure what that is and according to that, it is impossible to make Skype calls with a satellite internet connection but in that case, how come we have crystal clear satellite TV?

    Furthermore, I am trying to get internet on my boat at high seas so what is the best (as in fastest and cheapest) satellite internet provider and hardware I need? or are there any other means of getting fast internet at high seas?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Can a Sunseeker Predator 130 cross the Atlantic without refueling?

    With about 7000 gallons of fuel in the tanks, it should be able to cross the Atlantic or the Pacific on a full tank of fuel without refueling. However, the Sunseeker site says that its range at cruising speed 1500 nautical miles. How come such a Midsize yacht can't cross the Atlantic?

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  • Energy for Theremin's Volume?

    I've been interested in the Theremin for years now and I still haven't figured out how does the energy for the volume of a Theremin comes from.

    2 AnswersPhysics8 years ago
  • Buying a custom 1911?

    Here's the thing, I think that you haven't played the video game "Hitman Blood Money" but in that, the protagonist "Agent 47" get himself a custom built 1911 which he uses with superb results and ease.

    Here's the special specifications for it.

    2 rounds to kill a armored swat member (Not exploding rounds. In the game, they are just called magnum rounds and I don't want to kill swat members but I want to kill bears with it)

    Automatic fire (I live in a boat and automatic fire is not illegal in international waters)

    30 round stacked magazine (These comes out of the gun)

    Laser pointers

    Sniper sights

    Man I want one of those. How can I get it built under $15000 which is what it took to make it in the game. Thanks in advance.

    7 AnswersHunting8 years ago
  • CFA or MBA in Finance after management BBA?

    My cousin is graduating this year from college with most probably a 3.1 GPA. She's a Management major and she wants me to tell her advantages of doing CFA over a MBA in finance. Because she likes Finance and is biased about the benefits of doing a finance MBA I think that its best for her to know what other option are out there if she decides to change her preferred major for her MBA. I can help her but before that, I want to know the group opinion from you guys. Thanks in advance.

  • Floating humans and theramins?

    I want to know if a theramin would produce its unique and great sound if the person playing it is floating on mid air because you have to be grounded in order to play it, right?

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  • How does a theramin detect the moon passing?

    I heard on the discovery channel that you can detect the moon passing if we build a large enough theramin. My question is that how can that be done if we need the thing in the range of the theramin to be grounded to produce the sound of a theramin. I am not a science major but a business major so my understanding on science is minimal so, please explain this in simple words. Thanks in advance.

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  • How to get an Annual Report of a private company in Sri Lanka?

    I know I can get annual reports of certain private companies from any country from bloomberg but really, where can I get an Annual Report of a private company in Sri Lanka. Eg: Annual report of RS Shipping Pte Ltd.

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  • Is it okay to look other guys in their eyes when speaking to them?

    I have this habit of looking people in their eyes when they are speaking to me even if its other guys and I am by far one of the most straight guys ever. I got into this habit because it feels good to look girls in their left eye (I prefer left) if I am attracted to them but now it has become a habit where I even look at my mother in the eye when she's speaking to me and I have no attraction towards her. What do you think?

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  • Importing vs taking a car abroad?

    I am thinking of going to India for a tour and also, I found a car dealer there who would sell me a brand new Porsche for a lot less than what I would have to pay in my country of citizenship. (I am a citizen of both the US and Sri Lanka) My question is that if I bring that car to Sri Lanka on a ferry, will I have to pay taxes on it as if I am importing it or will I be able to use in on Indian plates in Sri Lanka or should I register it here as well?

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