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  • Betta keeps laying on his side?

    My betta has been sick for the past week. I bought medicine and it seemed to clear up the issue. He was back to his normal self. Then today, he keeps laying on his side. However, he is still alive, eating, and swimming a good bit. His back body keeps floating sideways and then he seems to freak out in an effort to keep his body upright. But sometimes he just gives in and starts laying sideways and doesn't move. What is going on?? Please help!

    2 AnswersFish6 years ago
  • Why would my ex do this?

    I've been talking to a new guy. On Friday night me and new guy were at a bar, we ran into my ex. My ex and his friend were watching us the whole time. I walked past my ex while holding hands with the new guy and he looked down at our hands, then backed up against the wall. He apparently had a conversation with the new guy (they kinda know each other which I didn't know) and told him that I wasn't a slut and to respect me/take care of me. The break up was really bad and he was saying some pretty bad things while he was upset. He told me he was content with being done so I just left him alone. He's also been posting a bunch of pictures of this new girl on social media. But also keeps talking about me and why would he bother to tell the new guy I was his ex and that I'm not a slut? Does he miss me or am I looking too much into this?

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  • What should I get him for Christmas?

    We always go on night drives and look at the stars. I was thinking about painting him a night sky scene with the constellations we look at. But I want some other suggestions! He's a Christian, loves worship music, loves the stars, he's in the Navy, he likes hiking/adventures... Thanks yall!

    1 AnswerChristmas6 years ago
  • Why did he say this to me?!?

    When he was drunk a few weeks ago, he told me he loved me. Last night it got brought up and I laughed saying yeah last time you were drunk you told me you loved me. He looked at me and said "Well too bad I meant it" then kissed me. He also asked if I was looking for a relationship in college. I said "I'm not seeking one out but if the right person comes along, I'm not gonna say no" I asked him and he said same thing. Then he added "I feel like college kids don't have enough time for good relationships and I'd wanna devote all my time to her" He also kept asking about past relationships and what my boyfriends have been like etc. What does he want from me? If he loves me why hasn't he asked me to be his girlfriend, is he just nervous? Please help!

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  • Why did he ask me this?!?

    This guy I've been hanging out with recently asked me if I was looking for a boyfriend in college. We've made out and we spend a good amount of time together. So anyway I said "Well I'm not specifically looking for a relationship, but if the right guy comes along I wouldn't be opposed to it" And I asked him if he was looking. He said the same thing. But then he added "It sounds kinda crappy but I feel like college kids don't have enough time to really devote to their boyfriend/girlfriend" And that was the end of the conversation. Why did he bring this up?! It's been driving me nuts and I really like him. Does he like me or want me to back off???

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  • If I know guitar, will ukulele be easy to learn?

    I want to buy a ukulele but I was wondering how similar it is to the guitar? Are the chords the same/similar or am I going to get confused? Thanks!

    1 AnswerOther - Music6 years ago
  • How do Navy deployments work?

    I've been seeing this guy in the Navy. He said he will do 3 years sea duty, 3 years shore duty, etc. Does this mean I wouldn't see him for 3 years while he's at sea??

    4 AnswersMilitary6 years ago
  • Does he like me as more than a hook up? Please help?

    When he was drunk he said he loved me and couldn't get me off his mind. He said he wasn't the relationship type but he might have to be for me. He said I'm flawless and he couldn't figure out how much I like him. He told me he was a virgin too. (He doesn't remember a lot from this night).

    When sober, we were making out and he said "Why do we always end up doing this?" I said you don't want to makeout? He replied "I do, but I don't want this to be all we're about" He also said "Let me know what your boundaries are. I would never want you to regret anything you do with me" He always says I'm hot and beautiful.

    However, he hardly texts me or makes an effort to hang out. We haven't gone passed kissing and we're 19. What's up?

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  • Do guys mean what they say when drunk?

    I was drinking with my guy friends last night (but I like one of them). I left with the guy I like and we started talking. He starting saying things like: "I like you so much. You're all I can focus on and I don't want to like somebody that much." He's a Christian and when I asked why he felt bad for liking me he said "Because if we started dating I'd want to sleep with you and I'd never ever want to be the reason you regret doing something" He told me he was a virgin. Next he said "I've been trying to find a flaw in you and it's really bothering me you're freaking flawless and so beautiful. I'm not the relationship type but d*mn look at you." Then I asked if he was into hooking up and he said no it makes things weird between friends. Should I take him seriously? Does he actually like me or what? I'm so confused & today he didn't talk to me at all. (We are all 21 and safe about drinking by the way.)

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  • Help, he's so confusing?

    I started talking to this guy over Labor Day. I've spent the night at his house about 5 times. We makeout and such but I told him I won't consider sleeping with a guy unless he is my boyfriend. He said he respects that and likes that I'm not easy. I told him I don't want to be his hookup buddy and he says he doesn't want that either. But then last night, he was like you sure you don't want to sleep with me? I said you know my rule, I don't do that unless I'm dating a guy. He said well I know we aren't dating but you're the only person I do stuff with. So I said alright well if you just want somebody to sleep with, you're gonna have to find an easier girl and he said but I don't want to, I like you. What the heck??? He likes me and only wants to do stuff with me but isn't dating me, what's the point? Does he want to date me but is waiting to get to know me more? He keeps talking to me even though I'm not giving him anything...I'm 20, he's 22.

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  • What does he want from me?

    I met this guy and we went on a date in the evening. We went back to his apartment and ended up talking until 3am. He said since it was so late I could just crash there. We literally just talked and eventually fell asleep. He invited me over 3 more times and we always get breakfast in the mornings. (He pays for everything) But he only ever invites me to spend the night, I haven't seen him during the day. We've made out and a few other things but I told him I don't sleep with a guy unless he's my boyfriend. He said he respects that. I also told him I don't want to be hookup buddies and he said he didn't want that either. I don't want to be too pushy, but what does he want?! This has been going on for 2 weeks and it's kind of making me crazy. We text 24/7 but I feel kinda weird since we only ever spend the night with each other. I'm 20, he's 22.

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  • How far should I go with a guy (college)?

    I'm talking to this guy. We've hung out a few times and text every day. I spent the night twice but we just made out and he felt me up the second time. He wanted to go further but I said no. He knows I slept with one guy but that I don't sleep with a guy unless he's my boyfriend. Is it normal to go to like 3rd base before dating?? I told him I didn't want a hook up buddy and he said he didn't either. I'm just super confused now and don't want to be too pushy about it.

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  • My boyfriend told all his friends we had sex?

    My boyfriend and I just started having sex. We're in college and it was both our first times. I told him that I wasn't comfortable with him telling his friends and he said "Of course I'm going to tell them, they're my best friends" And he did. He told five people that we had sex and maybe more. They also made a bet on how long he would last and the moment we got into the car with his friends he says "You guys lost the bet!" right in front of me!!! AND he took a pic of his friend holding a box of his condoms and sent it to me! WTF. I'm such a private person and haven't told anyone. I just can't get over this, I'm so mad. What we do is between us, not the whole world. I'm very hurt that this seems to be a joke with him. What do I do??

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  • Transferring colleges, boyfriend?

    Okay so I really need help with a predicament I'm in. I was a freshman last year at a small liberal arts school in NY. I absolutely hated it and want to go home (to the south). So I am transferring to an SEC school. I'm super excited about that. EXCEPT I started dating my best guy friend right after I committed to transferring. We are very close and love each other very much. But we will be on opposite ends of the east coast. He said he will do the distance if need be, but I'm so unbelievably scared of losing him. I have to make my final decision on Monday for which school I'm going to.... Any advice would be so helpful! I'm so torn...I don't want to ruin my relationship but don't want to be unhappy at school.

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  • Transferring college, boyfriend?

    For my freshman year, I went to a small liberal arts college in the north because of my major. I'm from the south and miss it so much. When I switched majors, I decided I was transferring to Auburn. Right after that I started dating my best guy friend. I love him so much and can't imagine my life without him. I did really well at my old school-I made the deans list and got straight A's. I'm worried about class sizes at Auburn (for getting good grades) and making friends. However, I hate the social life and small atmosphere at my old school. I've been going back and forth for two months now and need to make a decision in a few weeks. I don't want to stay at school because I will miss out on my dream college experience but don't want to leave because I love my boyfriend. Since we aren't from the same hometown, we won't even be able to spend a lot of time together during the summer/breaks. He said he won't let distance get in the way of our relationship but I feel like it will ruin it. Help! Any advice?

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  • What should I name my horse!?

    So I'm getting my first horse and I'm super excited!!! (Dark bay Dutch Warmblood gelding) Anyway, I'm having a hard time coming up with a name. So far I like Bentley, Levi, Champ, or Winston (Win/Winnie for short) Any other suggestions? Or which one do you like the best from the list? Thank you!! :)

    7 AnswersHorses7 years ago
  • Help I think my cartilage is infected?

    I've had my piercing for a little over two months and everything was fine until about a week ago. A huge red bump appeared right near the piercing on the back of my ear. It's somewhat underneath the back piece of the earring. Anyway it is super sore to the point where I can't even sleep on that side. I've tried putting the cleanser on it but nothing is helping. Also, it's not producing any puss or anything like that. Does that mean its not infected?? My friend said it's just a water bubble and will go away but if thats the case I don't think it would hurt this badly. Any advice?? Thanks!

    1 AnswerOther - Skin & Body7 years ago
  • I can't stand my roommate?

    Last semester I roomed with two girls. One was lovely and the other one locked us both out until 2 or 3 in the morning on school nights. So when a girl I knew said her roommate left, I jumped at the opportunity to move in. However, she treated me HORRIBLY. I would walk in the room and she'd say "Ew." and thats it. Or she would say things like "The reason you didn't get into a sorority is because no one likes you" And she's completely psychotic. She locked me out of the room to have phone sex with her bf. Then she stupidly walked out of the room to go to the bathroom and didn't think to unlock the lock. She ended up locking us both out. She banged on the door so long and hard that she made herself bleed and yelled at me the whole night for it when it was her fault to begin with! Then, she never uses headphones. She plays songs while I'm clearly trying to study and even when I ask her to use headphones, she won't. She talks to her bf until 2:30 in the morning. I was taking a nap and I woke up to slamming drawers. I sit up and she's going through all my dresser drawers and all my desk drawers. I asked her several times what she was doing going through my stuff and she had no answer. In addition, I told her I didn't want to be her friend anymore because I was so tired of this rude behavior. So now she's also started turning on every single light at 6am when she has to get up for crew. She's woken me up every morning for the past two weeks at 6am. Also, she is a legit hoarder. You can't see our floor, not even kidding. HELP. I'm about to lose it, what do I do?!

    1 AnswerFriends7 years ago
  • How long will it take to lose 2-3 inches?

    Everyone tells me how gorgeous and tall I am. So for the new year, my motivation to get healthy is modeling. I've made it my goal to cut out unhealthy foods and exercise a lot. I want to lose 2.5 inches off my waist and 3-3.5 off my hips. How long will this take if I'm going to run 3-4 miles everyday and eat healthy foods like fruits, veggies and proteins? (I don't eat meat) Thanks!

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness7 years ago