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  • Should Obama Be Asked This Question?

    This BTW was asked on his own website.

    In 1980, President Carter re-instituted the requirement for males to register for the Selective Service (Proclamation 4771).

    Under this Senator Obama was legally required to register during July 1980.

    There is no record of his registering and his campaign will not address the issue.

    So how do we respond to McCain supporters who post negative remarks about Senator Obama's lack of military experience and his refusal to even register?

    According to the Selective Service, approximately 23% of the males who were required to register, did not register. That means that about 800,000 failed to register that year.

    Should Senator Obama make a statement about why he did not register for Selective Service?

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  • Which One Would You Prefer?

    One is an orthodox and timid liberal, personally ambitious but intellectually conventional. For all his talk of hope and change, when has Barack Obama ever shown a willingness to break with liberal orthodoxy or Democratic dogma? What bold decision has he taken, what unpopular idea has he embraced? The odd truth about Obama is that, for all his unsavory radical associations--and they are unsavory and a legitimate issue in the campaign--he's not radical enough for the times and challenges we face.

    The other candidate, John McCain, has been all over the map in terms of domestic policies, and has shown a management style during the campaign that makes one worry about the coherence and purposefulness of his administration. But he's shown strong character in his life, and he's done serious things. His general views are centrist, but he's willing to be bold when necessary. He won't be passive as president, and he'll think anew and act anew as he adjusts to the challenges we face, in the spirit of doing what's necessary to preserve and strengthen the underlying principles of American life.

    Katie Couric asked each candidate recently what his favorite movie was. Obama gave an utterly conventional answer: "Oh, I think it would have to be The Godfather. One and two. Three not so much. Umm. So-so, but, but that--that saga--I love that movie."

    Couric asked him to explain a bit.

    Obama: I mean there's this combination of old world gentility and, you know, ritual with this savagery underneath. It's all about family. So it's a great movie. Lawrence of Arabia. Great film. One of my favorites--and then Casablanca. Who doesn't like Casablanca?

    Couric: I asked for one.

    Obama: I'm a movie guy. I can rattle off a bunch of movies.

    That's Obama. He's glib, conventional, won't make a real choice, shows nothing about himself, and says nothing offputting and says nothing impressive.

    McCain's answer was in no way conventional:

    Viva Zapata! It's a movie made by Elia Kazan. It was one of the trilogy of A Streetcar Named Desire and On the Waterfront and Viva Zapata! Marlon Brando stars in it. He plays Zapata. It's a heroic tale of a person who sacrificed everything for what he believed in, and there's some of the most moving scenes in that movie that I've ever seen. And one of them is he gets married--the night of his wedding night--he gets up and he and Jean Peters are in their hotel room--this little room and she says "What's the matter?" And he says, "I gotta go to Mexico City tomorrow. I've gotta be with Pancho Villa and Modero and these people." He says "I can't read." And she reaches over and takes the bible from the--table and opens it up and starts, "In the beginning." You know, it's a great scene. It's great and there's many others that are wonderful too, especially when he dies--when he gives everything for his country and what he believes in.

    Which one of these two men do you want to be president in a time of crisis and difficulty?

    Viva McCain!

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  • Is This How Obama is going to change Washington?

    Thank you for the combat zone in Chicago . Of course they're all blaming each other. Can't blame Republicans, they're aren't any!

    State pension fund $44 Billion in debt, worst in country. Cook County ( Chicago ) sales tax 10.25% highest in country.

    Chicago school system one of the worst in country. This is the political culture that Obama comes from in Illinois .

    He's gonna "fix" Washington politics?

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  • Why are all my messages blank?

    When I open a message all it shows is a blank page

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