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  • Swollen Lymph Nodes + Headaches + more should I be worried?

    Hi, I am an 18 year old female, and for the past week or so I have been experiencing swelling in my left lymph node, painful to touch, a headache (similar to pressure on top, sides and front), sore eyes (could be due to headache, mostly when i move my eyes its painful), as well as general body aches and fatigue. My neck is also sore, as well as my jaw/ears. Whats wrong with me?

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  • Dull Headache, Sore Neck, Swollen left thyroid gland?

    Hi, I am wondering if someone could maybe help me figure out whats wrong with me. Its nothing too severe, so telling me to go to the doctor won't I probably will if it persists or worsens...I am not stupid :). So onto the symptoms, they are: Swollen left side of neck, assuming thyroid glands as its right under my chin and hurts when I swallow, but I could be wrong...Sore back of my tongue more so than a sore throat, a very dull lingering headache that I feel particularly at the sides of my head and the front, even a bit in the middle, its like a pulsing dull pain...and my neck is also sore. I don't know if this has anything to do with my problem, or not but I find my vision lately has become a bit more blurry than usual. This could be due to my "ailment" or simply to the fact that I play too much world of warcraft. I've also had some strange bumps/rashes arise within the past few weeks as well. Again, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    Thanks for your help, looking forward to reading some answers.

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  • Monitor Problems Please Help!?

    okay, so my monitor will flash on and off with a black screen just after I see the windows loading screen (before welcome screen). I thought i had a virus, so i reformatted my computer. Still didn't fix it. Someone told me it was because I was using VGA input on a new graphics I bought a DVI cable...and it still didn't fix it. My graphics card is the ATI Radeon HD4830 if that is any help...

    the current only way I know to temporarily fix it, is restart my computer and hope it works lol, or try my luck and de-powering the monitor and plugging it back in...which used to work but now doesnt...please help im getting really despirate i don't know what else i can do :)

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  • Monitor Problems PLEASE HELP :(!?

    So basically, I have a relatively new computer which i purchased in may and to start off here are the specs:

    AMD Athlon 7750 dual-core processor

    2.71ghz with 3.25gb of ram (really 4 but windows xp)

    and a graphics card of ATI Radeon HD 4830

    So basically my problem which has only been occurring for a few weeks now is that when i turn my computer on, my monitor flickers on and off, with the screen being black while it turns on and off and i don't understand why! it gets very frustrating cause the only way i have found to fix it is to unplug the power supply to my monitor...wait a few seconds...sometimes minutes and plug it in and hopefully it works. Sometimes though that doesn't work and i have to reboot completely and then try the whole unplug replug thing... someone help me please :( its getting annoying lol

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  • Cause of bleeding after intercourse?

    So just the past 2 or 3 times me and my boyfriend have had sex, after when i go to the bathroom there is just slight spotting, light and pink...never a lot just a little and it does not this a big problem? should i be worried?

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  • Advice on what video card I should buy!?

    OK soooo basically im going to get a new computer today, and for the convenience I think I have opted to buy a pre-packaged HP computer, which seems to be fantastic EXCEPT for the graphics card. The graphics included is a nVidia 9500gs 512mb and my question for you guys is, how would this video card play World of Warcraft? High, medium or low quality graphics...and what about Diablo 3? How would this card perform? And would this graphics card differ from the ATI HD 4830/4670 512mb (im assuming a lot lol). THANKS GUYSSSSSS!

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  • I am suddenly developing feelings for someone else...HELP?

    So, I have been dating my current boyfriend for 2 years or so, and although we have our disagreements and our fair share of arguments (what couple doesn't?) we always pull through it and work it out. We have broken up once before, over an issue which I won't go into detail with...but again, he forgave me and we moved forward with our relationship. I am very happy with him and I have always pictured us getting married, and moving forward with our lives together. We even have plans to move in together when I go off to university.

    So, the problem is...I am starting to develop feelings for a guy in one of my classes at school...the chemistry is there and I've tried to deny it, but it just becomes more clear and my friends even see it.

    I don't know what to do, I love my boyfriend so much...but I can't deny what I am feeling...

    Pleaseee help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • 6000 RPM @ 110km/h??? What is wrong with my car!?

    I drove my car last night and everything was fine, and when i went to work this morning I realized my car was being really really loud. When I got onto the highway I realized that I was only going 100km/h and my rpms were between 5-6 on the meter...the faster I went the more it verged into the red zone (which is 7+ on my car).

    The car is a 2005 Toyota Corolla, just had an oil change/tune up on this past tuesday the 9th of sept.

    Should I be worried? What is wrong?

    Its an automatic car, and I was just in drive. O/D was on, I usually dont press the O/D OFF button. I was doing nothing different than usual, no steep hills just driving like I normally would. The rpms usually stay in the 3-4 range even if I am driving 140.

    There was heavy rain last night leading to substantial fog if that helps anything. My car also does not stay in an enclosed garage or carport.

    Thanks guys :)

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  • Why is my car going 6000 rpm @ a bit over 100km?

    I drove my car last night and everything was fine, and when i went to work this morning I realized my car was being really really loud. When I got onto the highway I realized that I was only going 100km/h and my rpms were between 5-6 on the meter...the faster I went the more it verged into the red zone (which is 7+ on my car).

    The car is a 2005 Toyota Corolla, just had an oil change/tune up on this past tuesday the 9th of sept.

    Should I be worried? What is wrong?

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  • Keylogging Software?

    Ok, so for reasons which will not be discussed (though I am pretty sure you can figure it out on your own) I have decided to put keylogging software on my/my boyfriend's computer...and well I know how it works, I know it is invisible etc etc...but I just have one question. Since he has the computer about 99% of the time, is there anyway I can view the logs while on another computer? Because as I read thought this software I have purchased, it basically only says that you can view it on the computer it is installed on...but I know there must be another way because I have seen it done before. If you could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Yearly pap test and checkup?

    Okay this will be long lol, let me start out with the beginning...

    So, I've had this boyfriend now for well over a year and we have been sexually active. Around the time I started to date him, my mother put me onto Alesse (Birth Control) for my extremely painful stomach cramps, and I just happened to get the benefit of having protection from pregnancy lol! Well, originally when I went in to see the doctor with my mom to get the prescription, I told the doctor I was not sexually active because my mother was there and well, we don't have the best relationship...

    So now my question is, I have to go in tomorrow to renew my prescription to get some more pills and my mother is going to come with me. I know that once you become sexually active you are supposed to go in for a yearly pap test and some other things, but since my mother will be there (and she can't know that I've had sex with him) should I just continue saying I'm a virgin and wait another year untill I can go alone?

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  • Boyfriend Problems?

    Ok, so here's the story. Last night my boyfriend's friend invited him to go to Quebec for new years, because the legal age there is 18 not 19 like here in Ontario. Me, being younger than him can't go obviously, so I got a little upset. I was upset for 2 reasons. The first of which was that last year he was passed out and we didn't get new years together and the second was that I didn't trust the guys that he was going with, knowing they would probably bring girls around back to the room, and if he's drunk how is he going to know what's gonna happen??

    So his response is that I'm being selfish and jealous, and need to get over my insecurity problems and it isn't fair for him to have to stay just because I want him too...

    But i mean isn't he supposed to want to spend new years with his girlfriend? I mean he says he wants to go for a change of scenery, but I hardly think I'm being the selfish one here!

    What should I do!

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  • Do I over-react to things too much?

    So it's been 8 months for me and my boyfriend. He's such an amazing guy. I have a problem with my insecurities though, and I mean I get jealous easily. I know he loves me and I love him a lot but I can't help but worry. He likes to party and I can't help but worry that he is going to go to a party and drink and end up with another girl. But when I think about it logically he wouldn't do that to me, from the way that I know him anyways. So basically I don't like the idea of him going to parties and I end up getting us into an argument because it upsets me.

    Am I just over-reacting and should just let him go without worries? This is really straining our relationship and well, I need some advice please.

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  • Late Period?

    Please read this ALL first before posting a reply..

    Thank you.

    Well I just finished my first month's pack of birth control pills (alesse to be exact) and I took my first reminder pill yesterday and my period still is not here.

    Keep in mind that I started the pill 2 or 3 days after my period had finished on a Friday night.

    I have been sexually active, but all times with a condom and not all that often...

    So is it just my body adjusting to the pill? Should I be expecting it soon, or is there something else? I highly doubt that I am pregnant, really but you never know...

    So what do you think?

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  • Is this normal? Seriously curious...?

    Okay so I've had this boyfriend who I absolutely love for a while now, and we have a really good relationship, like we are really close to each other in every possible way, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

    My question is, is it normal for every time we are together and start to touch, or kiss he gets an erection, and it always leads to something else. He says it's just me, and I turn him on badly but I'm not sure what to say to that lol.

    Is it that he just has a lot of testosterone?

    Do I really just do it for him?

    Or I don't think he would be using me, definitely not so I hope no one decides to bring that up.

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  • Birth Control Pill - Start Effectiveness?

    Okay, so it was Friday today and my physician said I can start the birth control pill today. I just finished my period this past Tuesday/Wednesday and she said it's fine to start. The primary reason I started taking this was because of my painful and irregular periods, but I am thinking about using it as a contraceptive too.

    So my question is, since I didn't start on the Sunday of my period, or the fifth day of my period, when will the birth control pill take effectiveness? Will it take just a week like normal? Or since its off, will it take a month or so to get into some sort of routine? I'm not sure, it's my first time so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 15, am I pregnant?

    Okay, so basically my issue is that I don't know if I'm pregnant or not and I think I might just be parranoid but I'm not sure.

    The situation is that a few weeks back, before my boyfriend and I had sex so here's how it goes. We had genital contact, but he did not go inside of me, nor did he come that I know of on me...but I have been having some constipation now (3ish weeks from that) and sore/tender breasts. We also had sex the first time about 3 days ago, but I really don't think I would be pregnant from that because I wouldn't feel those symptoms yet, and we used condoms, and he pulled out before he came in the condom.

    Now I don't know if I am just being paranoid or if I really am pregnant, or if its just because I'm supposed to (if I am not pregnant) get my period in a few days or what. Should I wait a few days to see if I get my period, or just tell him what is on my mind and get a pregnancy test? Am I just over-reacting?

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  • Speeding up the curling process & Keeping it straight?

    Okay, so I have really thick hair, and it usually takes well over an hour to curl, and for spending that much time curling it I would like it to stay curly. Now I have heard of spraying it with hairspray before, but I find that my hair gets too hard and crunchy, and doesn't look very almost looks TOO perfect. Any suggestions?

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