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  • should Carolina bench Clausen and start Pike?

    ok, we've painfully watched what Clausen can do under this offense. this is a rebuilding team and rebuilding phase. does this not require a serious evaluation of all QBs on the team to assess who might be worthy of a job next year and who's not? i watched several Bearcat games last year and Pike looked totally dominant. is clausen really going to be the answer for this team going forward?

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  • will tonight's boise utah game draw bigger tv ratings than the fiesta bowl?

    lots of hype over the past few years over both of these teams. boise shocked oklahoma in the fiesta a few years back, while utah upset alabama in the sugar bowl and humiliated pittsburgh a few years back. with utah and boise moving conferences soon, is the spotlight on them?

    does anyone actually care about watching oklahoma demolishing a mediocre connecticut team?

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  • Anyone watching GMAC Bowl tonight? anyone surprised?

    i thought Central Mich was gonna bowl right over Troy, but not the case so far. Is anyone watching this game that features the Mac and SunBelt Conference Champs? how does everyone feel about having a b-rate bowl game thrown in the mix here in BCS week? how good will Dan LeFevour be? is he NFL potential? is he NFL all-star potential?

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