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  • Hey guys..?

    Hello everyone..

    its been a long time since i came here..i guess i was chilling out at mrs.materazzi's forum :)..has there been anything out-of-usual going on here??or are everything as usual??and are there any new users here??there seem to be only a few users that i know around here now..i dunno if anyone even recognises how are you all??hope you are all rocking..

    now for the soccer related thing..

    What do you think of ronaldo's and oddo's move to ac milan??

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  • People,i am soo happy now...?

    guess what,i won my match today!!!it was an awesome match and we won 2-0..i was the right winger today..i scored and it was a brilliant one(no,seriosly..everyone said so)..i dribbled past 4 defenders and scored..yeah!!!!so,naturally,iam happy..

    Dont you think soccer is the best??it is full of emotions and all and its my life!!!!!

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  • What was your first impression of this forum(fifa wc 2006)??

    What was your first impression of this forum??when i first came,this place was full of fanatics who were always insulting each other..but,since then,the insults died down and people started to be friends..the present hobby of the irritating donkeys is to report questons and guys still like this forum???and why??

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  • How many of you guys would...?

    How many of you guys would come to the euro cup forum???that is if this forum is deleted or not??any ideas on when yahoo! starts a euro cup forum???If yahoo! deletes this forum,all of you people should come there..we will have fun guys are soo

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  • Friends,have you noticed...?

    folks,have you noticed that we are getting fewer answers to our questions??this forum seems strangely,empty(atleast to me)..some time back,for every question,there used to be about 20-30 answers..but nowadays,we only get about 7-15 answers..whats the reason for this??why arent there any jokes and fun around??can someone explain...

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  • Honestly guys,did...?

    i was just wondering..did the world cup went as you foresaw??did anyone of you think that the final would be between italy and france??did you think germany would advance to the third spot??did the italians and french exceed your expectations??what was your teams performance??

    the only thing i foresaw that happened was that klose was the top scorer and that brasil would be knocked out of the final...just had a hunch on those

    ps sorry for the many questions above..

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  • So,this is it folks...?

    hmmm...friends,what do you think of todays upcoming match - chelsea fc vs barcelona..its going to be a smasher..who do you think will win??i would want chelsea to wi of course but that will be rather tricky for them as the match is in barcelona..

    and you guys - 'anti-chelsea group',why are you upset about one loss??just hope that barca will win tonight,guys..

    so,good luck to the both the teams and may the best team win..

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  • Which are the three best european clubs?

    hmmm..i think it must be chelsea and barcelona and the third one must be real madrid or man'chested'

    soo,what do you guys think??

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  • I had always wondered...?

    i had always wondered why the refrees give yeallow cards to soccer players when they take off their shirts when celebrating a it against the rule??

    or maybe the refrees dont like sexy soccer

    so what do you think?

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  • Which teams jersey is the best?

    Which do you like??i like the italy's home jersey a lot and its my favourite..i also like the french away jersey..both are cool..

    Anyway,whats your opinion??

    I also want you to tell me what you what you folks think of my new avatar...(halloween special!!)..

    Thank You...

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  • Hmmm..whats your dream team in soccer?

    Give the players,positions,name for your team,coach,jersey,home stadium,formation and any other thing that you can think of..

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  • Which player has the best hairstyle?

    i think i will have to go with beckham's spiky one(the one he sported at the world cup) and michael ballack's(the wc one)..i like luka toni's too..

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  • Breaking news..?

    guys..i heard that buffon(italy) may move to chelsea cuz chelsea's 1 and 2 goal keepers are injured and petr cech is going to be unfit for a year..this is a huge problem for chelsea even though the third gk looks,chelsea are planning to snatch buffon from juventus..but buffon says he is staying with juventus(thats really loyal of him!!)..what would he do??and what do u like him to do??i would want him to come to chelsea...

    ps i also wish petr cech will be fit soon..good luck,petr!!!

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  • All Indians out there...?

    whom do u guys think will win the santhosh trophy??i think kerala would win it..they r damn good..whom do u support??

    i am posting it here cuz there is no other category for this ques..sorry for all others who dont understand..

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  • Who do u think will win the champions league?

    who will win it??i think chelsea or liverpool should win it..

    aren't u chelsea fans happy that chelsea has won???i am jus soo happy..go chelsea and win the epl..drogba scored and that was a rocking goal...they had their third keeper in the nets too..he wasnt bad..

    sorry to all barca fans but i jus cant hold my joy!!!

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  • Come on guys listen to me..?

    Are all of the guys in this forum fools???not the nice guys but the you-know-who's..there are soo many that i cant mention everyone..i took a few weeks break to see if things would improve but no..a fake juventina about..this is too much...jus get a life all of u and dont hurt others feelings.. peace, brothers and dont insult and tease...this is a message not a question...jus remember will do good...

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  • Which is a better email id???

    which is better???a whacky id that does not put in you name like '' or an id like '' better ???

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  • which was your favourite goal of the WC????and why???

    my favourite was the maxi rodigruez goal in arg vs mex...cole an cabiasso(24 pass goal) an frings goal was also good...

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  • who is ur fav soccer plyr???an why??/?

    i personally like gerrard an ballack..

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  • why do people behave so rude in this forum???

    i mean,some guys are always insulting and teasing others.cant this be averted???this forum is to discuss about the world cup,not to insult others...ur views???

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