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  • I need some advice conserning me tutoring?!!?

    i am tutoring this girl in math and she not understanding it!! i have explained it so many times and i have had 2 other people try and explain the same thing! i am trying to teacher her the basic math (expressions, equations) like the basic 8th grade math because shes in 8th grade! she is also having trouble concentrating, and thinks that that there is no point in doing good in school so just lets herself fail! i want another approach at teaching her so . . . is there any way that made you love math? is there any movie or did someone tell you something to get you really motivated? because i really don't know what to do! can you please help?? thanks!

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  • where can i watch the full movie of. . . . .?

    Big Mommas House 2 for free?? i have already checked, watch online, and voeh doesnt work on my computer!! can you please help me!!


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  • help?!!?!!?

    ok well i need major advise! my friend has a problem she smells bad and she takes a shower wears D.O. and everything she knows it to and she asked me to help her and to give her ideas on what she should do o can u help me help her!!

    thanx bunches!!!!


    dramaqueen 101

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  • have u ever been to Switzerland?

    its my first time to go to Europe and well we r supose to arrive in zurich and we just found out last week that we need to go to basel to meet some ppl and we cant find a place to stay for a few days!! well my question is that do u have any good names of hotels that we can stay in we r going in about 2 weeks!! and if u could give must see places in paris and zurich that would help alot!!

    than u so much u r all lifesavers!!!

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  • help plz!!! have u ever been to Switzerland? well its my first time!!?

    ok well here it is i am going to switzerland in march and i need help my dad has to go so my sisterand i r just going b/c it is a good oppertunity over spring breack so here is my question were do u think i should by clothes and suff but at good prices the trip is alot of money by it self and could u tell me the best sites or the weather or anything and everthing u know plz and thank u by the way we r staying in zurich but my dad said we can go to paris and stuff we just have to tell him wat we want to do because we r only stay for 10 days!! plz help!!!

    thanx a bunch!!

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  • does anyone know how i can make an avatar for my sister?

    my sister found out that i had an avatar and its cool but now she wants one and i dont know how i can get her on b/c wat i did to get mine wont let me or i dont know how to get another one! pleaz help!!!

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  • where do u think is the best place to buy clothes?

    im about 5,4 and im not exactly skinny i need help! i know whats in fashion and wats not and what shoes and stuff like that but where everone tells me to go, i only find small sizes. so my q is can you help me i live near dallas-tx i can go to about 5 different malls all about 15-60 minutes away hulen-rigmar-parks-north richland hills-and grapevine i also might have missed some in dallas. but anyway i takes me forever to find a cute outfitt for church. so can u tell me where i can find good cloth at a good reasonable price somewhere around fortworth-dallas(grapevine arlington etc...) thanks and if u have any great shoe stores that would help to!!

    thankx a bunch!!!!!

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  • what is the best way to deal with my hair?

    i have thick brown curly hair! it is about to my shoulders and it is layered i also have short banges that fly up. my hair also puffs out if i dont put it ina bun. even if i put gel in it the gel eventually wears off and my hair still puffs up & i cant stratin it b/c i have split ends. so do u have any ideas on how i can do my hair thatis quick and easy for every day because i have b-ball practice and it sucks for my to do my hair nice it takes me about 1 hour t stratin my hair!! plz can u help me! thanx!

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  • what is the best 8th grade science fair project?

    i need so much help i thought this one hard because my teacher is strict and wont let me do the project that i want DOES SPACE END? he thinks that i will run into trouble. i am suppose to type about 368 words and do my board and everything! so i was wondering if you could help me either find another science fair project or give me your answer on does space end and ur reason plz?!! please be as spesific as possible. if u want to give a web site then thats fine! oh ya and can u plz not tell me to find out what intrests me because i had trouble this year(keep project as simple &fun as possible) thanx a bunch!!

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  • what is the best cream for wrinkles?

    my grandma, wants to know what is the best cream for wrinkles and to lift the skin a little!! the more affortable the better!!

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