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  • Do Native Americans want to be called Indians?

    We were talking about this in my A.P. Composition class and the teacher told us she had no solid background for this, but that she heard that Native Americans want to go back to being called Indians because they do not want to be associated with the modern day American culture. Is this true and if so, can you show me the article/s explaining said information?

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  • Can you give me some touching songs?

    Something along the lines of-

    Gravity- Sara Barrailles

    Hometown Glory- Adele

    Where'd You Go- Fort Minor

    A song that sends tingles through your body and that has a deep meaning to it.

    Or if anything, a song you can make a contemporary dance to.

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  • What does he mean by going official?

    I thought we were already official when he told me he was going to give me the keys to the relationship and because he always says things like "your my girl, im your man, we in this relationship together" that typa stuff. But last night we were on the phone and he asked me when we were gonna make this official? I have noo clue what he's talking about and im very confused. Help?

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  • What are your opinions on the AVID program for high school students?

    Students and tutors and teachers all welcome to answer.

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  • Myspace Layout has White Space, How Do I Remove It?

    Here is my layout

    If that doesnt work, this is the code I have on my layout that makes it that short:


    .contacttable, .userprofileurl, .interestsanddetails, .userprofiledetail, .userprofileschool, .userprofilecompany, .extendednetwork, .latestblogentry, .friendspace, .friendscomments {display:none}

    .profileinfo a, .profileinfo td {visibility:hidden;}

    .profileinfo a img, .profileinfo td.text {visibility:visible !important;}

    .blurbs td.text {display:none;}

    td.text table, td.text td.text{background-color:transparent;}


    table div object{position:absolute;top:450px;left:130px;}</style>

    <div id="navigation" style="












    <br />

    <br />


    </td></tr></table><table style="display:none"><tr><td>

    <style>.a embed, object {filter:alpha(opacity=0.1); opacity:0.01;} td td td td embed, td td td object,td.text embed, td.text object {filter:none; opacity:none;} .interestsAndDetails {margin-top:-90px;}</style>

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  • I'm stuck in a crazy love square.?

    My friend (I'll give fake names to avoid confusion) Jill was talking to this boy Joe for a week or so and decided to meet him up at a mall. Joe brought his friend John with him for me. I did not really like John very much, but for Jill's sake, I talked to him. John really likes me and wants to ask me out, but Joe likes me also. I like Joe too and Jill is saying she is starting to not like him that much. So Joe and I were talking on the phone and he said he liked me and I liked him and I didn't deny it. So we decided it to keep it between us, but I still feel bad for John and Jill.

    Do you think I am a bad person for this?

    And what do you think I should do?

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  • How to deal with what my friends call "kiss and run"?

    It was after school and my friend was trying to hook me up with her friend, so I was talking to him on the phone. To clear up confusion, his name is Joe. I walked into a hallway in the school where I see this boy Ed. Now let me explain Ed's history with me: Ed used to be my friend Jill's play toy essentially. They'd hook up all the time after school. She asked me to bother him, and I realized it was fun, so ever since then, I punched him when I saw him in the hallway. So thats how we know each other. I punch him, he tells me to stop. That was our relationship in a nutshell. Now back to the story, I was on the phone and I saw Ed and I gave him this grin, but before I knew it, he was up on me and he was kissing me while I was on the phone with Joe! I hung up on Joe *told him I had a dropped call* and walked away to give my friend her phone back. Ed said, "Hold up, you just kissed me," to which I replied, "Nah, you kissed me." Fifteen minutes pass, and I go back to that hallway to go into the bathroom to change for practice. He's near the exit of the building and asks me to come over... I walk over and he asks me if I like him. I answer with an I don't know. He asks me to kiss him, I did. He tells me he likes me.

    But the thing is, I don't like him, I just wanted to kiss him.

    What do I do to tell him I don't like him, nor do I want to kiss him anymore?

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  • How do you get rid of stress when it is caused by school?

    I lost my notebook which i use for all my classes (the reason i only have one is because I am in AVID, the course is another story) and I had a huge project due. I also had a bunch of heavily weighted homework assignments. Then I hear my daddy is in the hospital.Now I'm so stressed out and I can not get anything done and I really hate it. I have sat a blank screen since I came home today not doing anything because all I was doing was worrying about it. I can't take a break from school because that would give me more work when I came back. I feel like I'm screwed to the point of no return because my grades are struggling under my pressure anyway.

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  • Are there jobs that don't neccessarily require the highest knowledge but will still make you successful?

    I'm doing pretty bad this year in high school, and trust me I'm doing all I can to bring my grades up and there is no way I will let them drop if I don't have to, but just as a back up, just-in-case plan, are there jobs that don't require the best gpa but will still help you become successful in life?

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  • I got myself in a sticky situation(no pun intended)?

    So I recently started talking to a boy I knew last year, but he moved and I haven't heard from him for a year. He now lives in Baltimore, I live in New Jersey. So I thought hey, why not brush up on my flirting skills with him? (Yeah I know, I love flirting,) Anyway, I told him a bunch of things, and now basically, he thinks he's my f*ck buddy. Turns out he's coming to New Jersey and I really don't wanna be his f*ck buddy, I just wanted to see how turned on I can make a guy using words. Now I'm screwed cuz he has my number and if he comes to New Jersey, he's just going to call me a tease?

    How do I get myself out of this?

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  • I injured my finger and I don't know what is wrong with it?

    I hit my index finger by the knuckle closest to the palm (you know which one I mean, right?) and besides getting a little gash, my finger got swollen up. It hurt really bad, and it did the next day, so I put ice on it. Now its 3 days later and it still hurts and right now it feels like it went to sleep. I've been pinching it and I don't feel anything. Feeling comes and goes in the finger. What happened and is it serious?

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  • I can't find these shoes online, what store can I get them?

    Roxy Black Jack Boot but in black and red.

    Online all they have are the other colors.

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  • I'm thinking of getting a tattoo at 16?

    I want it for my 16th birthday. Before you jump at me, hear my out.

    I want my mother's name in Arabic on the inside of my wrist. I know it is something I won't regret because I love my mom, I am of Arab descent, and if I get fat and lose weight, the tattoo won't stretch because it is on the inside of my wrist. I'm not sure if I should wait because I don't see a difference in getting one now and waiting until I turn 18. Do they hurt? Do they interfere with my daily life? Do they interfere with my ability to get a job?

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  • I don't want to give up, because I really like him?

    My crush and I have exhanged phone numbers, he has visited my house, and we have talked in class all the time. However we have never called each other, he visited for help in a project, and yeah we talk like friends. I really dont know but i go flirtarded around him and I cant send the hint that I like him and I continuously send the hint that I want to be just friends when I really like him more than that and I want him more. I dont know what I should do to get myself out there because like I said I dont know how to flirt around him. It could be cuz hes always surrounded by people and never on his myspace. When he is, he's one of those dudes who dont reply for a while. So its hard to find him alone, except for the time he came over, and when we are alone, I dont do anything... Ughhh its frustrating

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  • I hate it, but at the same time I don't want him to stop...?

    So he's really popular. He looks like Lil Wayne, my idol and future husband. He dresses amazing. All these three things are the reason that I find this particular boy to be interesting to me. So when he messaged me on Myspace, naturally I was excited to reply to his simple question, "Whats good?" I said nothing, doing homework. And he replied asking me if I wanted to give him head, and I said no. Then he asked if I would like to f**k and I said not with a guy I just started talking to. Now I feel like he's going too far because I made it clear that I don't want to have sex with him, but I would like to get to know him but all he wants is that pussy! What do I do with him?!

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