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  • A question about the Mealworm Beetle (Tenebrio molitor)?


    I live with my friend in his house in the UK. Recently, he's had a number of Mealworm Beetles emerging in his lounge. Either they're coming in from outside, or they've been living under the carpet and have just started to venture out so we can see them. Whenever we see the adults, they're either dead (half-eaten by our cats!) or almost dead. More worryingly, after a quick search yesterday, we found a dead mealworm larvae.

    Each morning, I go downstairs to find yet another almost-dead adult, roughly in the same place as the ones we found the day before. They seem to like hiding under the rug or near the chair in the corner of the room near the window. So far, we've found half-a-dozen adults, and one larvae. In a way, they're quite cute little bugs...

    My questions are: Should we be worried about them? Are they a health-risk? If they are a problem, what steps should we take to get rid of them?

    Thank you.

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  • Can anyone recommend a good / cheap car bodyworks place, near Ely?

    Someone rammed into the back of my little Ford KA on Wednesday night whilst it was parked, and now the boot is dented so it doesn't open. I'm trying to find somewhere near Ely, Cambridgeshire, that will repair stuff like this. Anyone got any suggestions? thanks.

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  • Germinating Jacaranda mimosifolia?


    Does anyone have any tips for germinating Jacaranda seeds? So far, I've been trying 20 degrees C, at a 16hour daylength in soil in a growth cabinet. I was wondering if they need pre-soaking (priming), or maybe higher temperature? It might be that the seed I have just aren't viable any more, but, the boss would like me to try and find out how to germinate them! Thanks =)

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  • Why are all the scientific journals locked away online??? =(?

    I know people want to make money, and some people might think that $30 for an article isn't much, but for me its quite alot! I used to have access to these sites when I was at University, but, of course, I'm not there any more, so no access. Is there somewhere that I can get free access to scientific journals?

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  • Searching for a friend from Norfolk, England?

    Hey. Off the back of the Radio 1 "I have never..." thingy, I thought I'd try to get in contact with one of my old school friends from Framingham Earl High School. He's called Ricky Burton, he's about 25 years old, and I've not spoken to him ever since we left high-school about...urrm... 8 years ago. If anyone was in Year 11 at that school in 1998, it would be awesome if someone knows what he's doing now, or how I can contact him... THANKS!

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  • Ballroom dancing - where can I do it? in Cambridgeshire...?


    I wonder if anyone knows anywhere I can go to Ballroom Dancing classes in Cambridgeshire (UK), or close to Ely. Prices and times would be good. Thanks!

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  • The music chart and Chris Moyles...?

    Hi everyone.

    In England, Chris Moyles of Radio 1 morning show is trying to get a Billie Piper song into the top 40 of the charts by Sunday. Its quite funny, but I'm not sure if its really the right thing to do. What about all the poor artists who might be pushed out of the charts by his old song?

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  • A question about drying seed...?

    Does anyone have any hints about drying 25KG of Coriander seed, after its been washed? Thanks.

    5 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • A question about the online game FLYFF...?

    Anyone who's playing / played this game... I've got a few questions actually.

    Firstly, if you're a FS Assist, how do you earn penya? It seems that nearly every quest involves killing stuff... which is tough to do if you're almost full INT, and don't have good offensive capabilities.

    Secondly, can someone explain to me what's going to happen with the new update? I hear its going to change how you earn exp on each of your skills, so you can't just stand around and train buffs all day every day, like I've seem some people do.

    Thirdly, is there anyone here who's got level 120+? I hear that they're going to put in a THIRD job change quest at, or around, that level. Any information about that would be fun to know, even though my character is only at level 63.


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  • I need internet security hints!?

    I'd like people to suggest to me the best anti-virus programs they know of, and the best firewalls. Am I correct in presuming I only need 1 anti-virus program and 1 firewall? Is there a program that has BOTH anti-virus and firewall built into it?


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  • A question to all those cancer-patients out there... (esp. UK)?

    Hey! Fellow cancer-sufferers/survivors! I have a question that I think really needs addressing.

    Any of you who have had radiotherapy, and are male, will probably have had to have some sperm stored somewhere. I certainly have, and now, a year after my treatment finished, the storage place are demanding money off me, for continued storage!

    This is totally outrageous! I can't see how they can FORCE me to pay money for something that I may never need, nor never actually have any use for. For one, I might NOT actually be infertile, there's no-one who's checked that. Secondly, the stored sperm still doesn't guarantee sucess if I ever even WANT a baby (which I don't know I do yet...). Thirdly, how can they charge someone for something that we HAVE to have?

    My doctor says I don't have a leg to stand on, because my PCT doesn't pay for Sperm Storage, so, what am I supposed to do? Pay the £200 each year???? Comments will be much appreciated.

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  • A small question about points on Y!A?

    For some reason, it now says on my profile that I've got -16% best answers... this is odd because this morning it said 11%, and I've not answered a single question so far today!

    It also says my total answers are -50... how can I have minus answers???

    5 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Anyone got any bright ideas for controlling aphids?

    I work as a plant breeder in the research department of a seed company. I was wondering if anyone's got any cunning tips or tricks for controling aphid on leafy vegetables (specifically: salad rocket, cavola, and pak choi)?

    Ooh, if anyone's got any ideas how to control slugs without using slug-pellets, that'd be useful too!


    5 AnswersOther - Home & Garden1 decade ago
  • Lonely for New Years... anything good going on online?

    My friends cancelled their party at the last moment, leaving me a bit in the lurch... does anyone know anything fun going on online tonight? Or any ideas for what to do... I'm sure I'm not the only person NOT going out tonight.

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  • Any ideas for what to do New Years Eve, in Norwich?

    .... without drinking???

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  • A question about girlfriends...?

    Hi. Here's the scenario: A close friend (girl) invites me up to her house (almost 200 miles away!) for the weekend. We go shopping, ice-skating, go have lunch in a restaurant. I go back to her house, meet her nieces, brother's girlfriend, mum and dad etc. I put my over-night bag in the room that's been set aside for me. After dinner, we then go upstairs to watch films. Cut a long story short, she gets into bed with me, and we are cosy for the night... nothing happened apart from kissing.

    The next week, when I'm back home, I send text messages to ask how she is etc, but get no reply. I go to my myspace page where she's on my friend list, and she's taken me off it! Then I try to ring her, and she cuts me off!

    The next day, she texts me and says "sorry i couldn't text, i didn't have any credit, and I've not been on myspace for about a month, so something's gone screwy with it..."

    So, then, I don't get any more texts off her! What am I to think?

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  • How many planets are there in the solar system now???

    What with some planets being downgraded to asteroids, and some asteroids being upgraded to planets, does anyone know the actual current number of planets in the solar system? Last I heard, they dropped Pluto because its too small... and then there's a planet further away that Pluto that is really big (Planet X???). Thanks for helping clear this up. If there really ARE new planets, maybe we'll have to re-write the rhyme for remembering the order!

    17 AnswersAstronomy & Space1 decade ago
  • Unknown painting - surreal portrait, looking for the artist?

    I'm trying to find out who the artist is of this picture. I'll describe it the best I can. Black background, head and shoulders of a person, but the face is skewed and the eye on the left-hand side is right on the edge of the person's face. His / her face is a hotchpotch of blue, pink and grey.

    2 AnswersPainting1 decade ago