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  • I saw the Illegal Immigrants raids on TV, what do you think?

    Last night I was watching television and saw that in 5 states so far there has been police raids on Illegal immigrants and there are more to come. An official stated that if the law makers can not create a law to get them out then we will just enforce the laws we already have because this is what our citizens want! HooRa!

    Anyway I had not seen any raids in Texas so I was wondering has your state seen any of these raids and what do you think.

    PS. the people against these raids were saying that it is not fair because these people are not criminals that they are just here to make a living, but then I thought to myself if they are here ILLEGALLY then that would make them a criminal, Next excuse please.

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  • Do we as Americans support illegal hispanic immigrants?

    If in order to become a legal citizen of the US it is required to read write and speak english then why do we put everything in english AND spanish? Do you consider this to be making it easier for the people who do not speak english which in the US is mainly the spanish population to come here and feel the need to stay.

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  • If you were President?

    If you were President how would you propose we rid ourselves of illegal immigrants.

    Or if you feel you would keep them here, how would you propose to make them become documented?

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  • Question for anyone who deals or has dealt with Stautory Rape charges.?

    My question is:

    1)what is the likelyhood that the DA will press charges in a statutory rape case that is three years old, where a child is involved?

    2) What do you think the penalty will be?

    My fianceé had a child with a girl who told him that she was 18, and when she found out that she was pregnant she told him and his family the truth, that she was really 16. She sent an email to his mother Explaining why she lied and that she was sorry. Now that she has had Child Protective Services in her life and not letting him have his son on his scheduled visitation days he wants to file an enforcement of visitations but get Joint custody because he feels that he is not spending enough time with his son. He gave her full custody at a prvious mediation because she continuously threatened to file statutory rape charges against him if he tried to gain custody, he wasnt sure if they would send him to jail, so instead of the chance of not being in his sons life he just gave her what she wants

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  • Why do people in the immigration forum judge people so much?

    I just dont get it. People judge people entirely too much. For example. The illegal immigrants just want a better life for their families and they are good people. Not all of them are and how are US citizens suppose to know the difference by the fact that they have a family or children that were born here. And then the people that say Illegal immigrants are evil and devils. We dont know that for sure either. My only judgement on this is, if you belong here then great if you dont abide by the rules and leave. I really dont care if your a criminal or a mother, Law is law.

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  • Teenage girls who lie about their age?

    What do you think about lets say a 16 year old girl who lies about her age,and says she 18, gets pregnant, tries to raise the child but is doing a very poor job, and the father of the child who has been there every step of the way since the child was born, tries to file for full custody of the child to give him a better life, and the mother who lied about her age years ago says if he continues to go to court for full custody she will file and press charges for statutory rape?

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  • Is there software that can enhance a video from a phone?

    I have a video from my cell phone is there software that can help me enhance the video so it comes out more clear? This video is extrememly important and I need to make it so I can see everthing that is happening on it.

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  • Can anyone translate this for me?

    Pehen ke chola jawaani waala

    Pehen ke chola jawaani waala

    Badla mera rang ve

    Hoye oye oye oye, hoye oye oye oye

    Chadh gayi chadh gayi chadh gayi chadh gayi

    Its in a song and I love the song but i was hoping I could figure out what it meant. Sorry if I offend anyone by asking, but I tried translation sites and it didnt work.

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  • anyone know about how to get misdemeanor charges off your record in Texas?

    My friend has a criminal record of one misdm. class C I have been looking at ways to help him get it off his record. What I want to know is, has anyone ever tried one of those services that help you get misd. and felonies off your record without going to a lawyer. Lawyers are expensive and he cant afford one. Any advice would help.

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  • Best places in houston to take your kids trick or treating?

    I live in an apartment in the Galleria area and I was to take my step son trick or treating but they have nothing going on in the apartment. Other than the mall are there any suggestions on where we could take him. I was thinking a neigborhood nearby but wasnt sure if that was tacky or not.

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  • So thats the new thing NOW..?

    Instead of saying americans wont do the jobs Illegals will do, now its just: Your a Racist? So what next, I mean really! I agree with long live america, things are getting out of hand. I mean people are even using the excuse we are not all from here either! I dont know about you but I aint got nothing to do with what my ancestors did hundreds of years ago ( by the way as I said before my people were chained to the bottom of a boat and dragged here so we had not choice) but I am here today Legal and proud of it. Now my question Why do you believe the race card is being played are they running out of things to use or what?

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  • What about the anchor Children?

    I understand due to the laws they are US citizens but do you really think if the parents are deported they will leave them here? Also for the children that were born here and parents are Illegal, does anyone know the drop out rate as far as school for these children?

    Im just wondering because if their parents go through so much trouble to give them a better life, then they damn sure need to keep their asses in school! Just wondering

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  • How can my boyfriend gain custody of his son?

    We have been looking on the internet and they say that it is possible, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a site with texas laws in reguards to this sistuation or anyone that has been through this and can give ideas as to the steps he needs to take.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Do males have any rights in texas as far as their children are concerned?

    My fiance and I are trying to figure out what his rights may be as a father but of course there is not much information (that I can find) to assist him with this. I was wondering if anyone may know where to go?

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  • I have a question for hispanics? but of course anyone can answer?

    I am not trying to be rude okay but I asked other hispanics and I am just wondering if Illegals that are hispanics want to be Americans so bad then why do they carry around the Mexican flag (for example) and say VIVA MEXICO i mean if you love mexico so much then why come here. I understand the money issue but I see the rallies on TV and it just confuses me why not carry an American flag saying long live USA because that is the country they want to be apart of. Just a question okay as I have said before my boyfriend is hispanic but he said he doesnt know because he has always been here and cares to know nothing else but America.

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  • Do you think its discrimination to make people show proof of citizenship when voting?

    I heard some people on the radio get really offended now that it may be required to show proof of citizenship to vote in all upcoming elections, Do you believe this is racist or a valid request. And do you think it is inconvient to have to show proof?

    Personally I dont think its inconvient but thats just me.

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  • Working for 4 dollars an Hour?

    Working for 4 dollars and hour is simply ridiculous but Illegals do it and claim they are helping the economy by doing the jobs that Americans dont want to do, I think they need a news flash that they are the ones being taken advantage of and making themselves look like their hardwork and labor is not worth more than that 4 dollars. Do you believe that Illegals are degrading themselves by working for cheap labor or they do it to make a point and what exactly is that point?

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  • How does being Catholic Justify having more children than you can afford?

    I have always wondered about this, everytime someone brings up that hispanics have too many children but cant afford them the first thing that comes out of peoples mouth 's for justification is that they are Catholic and dont believe in birth control, but there are many Catholics out there who dont have lots of children without having the money to afford them. So trully what is the reason for having so many children and not being able to afford them. Is that another method of getting money like welfare and WIC and things of that nature for children that are now citizens because they were born here? Please enlighten me!

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  • If you were president?

    If you were president what type of punishment do you truly think would create a decrease in illegals here and the ones that want to come. Also how would you punish the people that bring them here hiding them in their cars. (I know people did that for a fact and got away with it.) I always thought we should make another checkpoint for those coming out of Mexico into the US at the border and do a MORE complete check of cars and documents. And by the way I think cops should be able to run SSN, and a discription comes up with the social to see if the description matches the person and that way we could stop people with SSN that are not theirs. Just a side note

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  • Whay does it have to be all about white and blacks being racist?

    Isnt it weird that we had slavery back in the day and black people had to fight for their freedom now its hispanics that are fighting for their rights and now all you hear is whites and blacks are prejudice and hate? It is an interesting turn of events to me, I guess every couple hundred years its another races turn to yell discrimination!

    What do you think about the hispanic people yelling discrimination Now, do you really think its about race?

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