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  • Matching with Ms Excel?

    I have a spreadsheet which contains 5-6 columns of info, with about 200-300 rows. Column D contains totals. Some of the totals in column D will match with one another, just with a minus sign. Say if there is a 54300, then there is another -54300, just its with a minus sign (this is actually a ballance of a clearing account).

    What I want is to write a formula or macro that would take column D value from the first row, search through all column D, find matching value, cut those two rows and paste in another sheet within the same file. Then repeat this with all the rows, cutting rows with matching value in column D, so that all the matching values are pasted one below another in another sheet. This way the original sheet will only contain unmatched items.

    I work as an accountant so have to go through account statements like that very frequently. Having a formula or a macro like that would make my life a lot easier :)

    Thanks for any responses!

    Happy Xmas!

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