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  • Cut and run? Stay and sink? Or is there another way out of this student debt?

    Before all the preachy folk get on their high horse: the PRIVATE (not federal) US loan is solely my husband's. He is now a Canadian PR, I am Canadian. He is the South American adopted son of a US citizen who never naturalized him in the 29 years they've been family. Because his student visa expired, he studied in Mexico with a US student loan, which his parents urged him to get. He is not even eligible for these loans, as far as we can figure, and his father cosigned for them.

    Canada, as of last year, is the first place he has been allowed to legally work in his life, thanks to immigrations issues that nobody in his family helped with -- we dealt with Canada together in less than a year. He is studying for his equivalency exams, working full time at minimum wage to help me out, and trying to get a residency in the US (if he does, taxes will be the flat 30% for foreigners with no privileges, plus servicing the loan at $20,000 a year). He will need to leave the US after residency because of visa requirements and will then have to relicense in Canada -- realistically he won't be able to make payments on this $230,000 loan (175,000 plus interest his father never paid) for another 6 years. Monthly payment is $1,600 and I ain't paying, because at least one of us needs their head above water.

    We begged the family to collect about a $100,000 together and try to settle, with me repaying it over 10 years -- they refused and asked us to defer or reduce payments, which as far as I'm concerned is a death sentence for someone who won't have the legal right to practice as a physician for the next 6 years best case.

    Do we just do our best to send some money monthly to his father the cosigner and wash our hands off this fiasco? Do we just disown his family? Do we argue that none of this was done in good faith since he was doomed to fail from the beginning? We love each other, we are fully self supporting, but we also want children in a few years. We want a life and this is simply unfair. Any suggestions?

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  • I have the ¨NTLDR is missing" evil message and no key will re-start the ´puter. What should I do.?

    The computer is an ancient Toshiba Satellite (6 years) running XP. How can I re-start in safe mode if it goes to the NTLDR message almost immediately? No disks in any of the drives...anything else people can think of that I should try before knackering it? (I really can´t afford to repair this, and don´t want to invest more money in it).

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  • Historical clarification on World Wars?

    Remember guys, a friendly discussion. "We've saved Europe's butt twice" says a well-meaning answerer. Has America really? Can someone offer evidence that counters the number and pressure of Stalin's troops on Hitler, and Hitler's plain bad military strategy near the end of WWII. We're not saying America didn't save lives, but did they really win the war single-handedly?

    World War I ended when Germany starved itself to death, and we all signed some peace treaties. Evidence proving that the U.S. saved the world then? Please: historical evidence, not emotional evidence.

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  • Why does America constantly preach about the need for "some sarcifice" in war?

    They haven't been to war on their own soil for over a hundred years. Would all those patronizing middle class "patriots" certainly get over warmongering abroad if they had just one single war on home soil and had to suffer the consequences, like Europe and the Middle East. We still remember what war is actually like. The only ones who know in the U.S. are the veterans and nobody listens to them.

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  • How do I fatten one cat up and get the other skinny?

    I have two cats: tall, lean and mean fixed male, and short, chubby, loving female who steals his food. He's a picky eater and likes to snack throughout the day, she gobbles everything like there's no tomorrow, including his food. I can't separate them (the apartment's too small), I can't really lock her up because he won't eat if she's not around. That's his problem, but how do I make sure she doesn't get overweight eating both their food rations.

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  • Does anybody know where in Mexico the Rip Curl Pro Search WCT took place?

    I'll need to know your source. I'm writing a short on it for my newspaper, but... only the surf insiders know where exactly it was (last week sometime)

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