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  • really need ur sincere help its question of life and death?

    i use to be a big player and then a girl came in my life who changed me and i fell in luv with her and married her .but we are from different tribes of my country so we coudnt tell her parents that we are married but finally i got courage to go and talk to her father and told him that i luv ur daughter and want to marry her(coudnt tell him the truth coz he would die of shock) .after that meeting he told me to give him some time to think bout it and it was a fair answer for me but next day my wife didnt called me whole day and when she finally called me she told me that i cant talk to her or see her anymore till her father decide anything which could take months or years .now i luv my wife to death and cant live without her . her parents told her if she picks me then they will die so she is scared to make any move and doing what her parents want her to do. but im not gonna live without her.

    should i just go to her house and pick her up or should i wait?

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