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  • Face masks on trains?

    I recently made a post on facebook quoting "I don’t get this; I’ve done my upmost to make sure I have a face mask when using the train, because it’s now law. Yet there are people walking around freely, no masks, with no shits given. I mean even elderly people, yet I’m wearing one? And I’m 1000% I’m better off than they are? Where is the enforcement here?? Shows how much the gov actually give a ****, I’m not wearing this mask like I have Münchausen syndrome; I’m just doing as they asked, wtf!!"

    X person commented stating "Its a civil law its not enforceable!"

    Is this true?

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  • Can a Bank hold my money for THIS reason?

    Recently I had arrived back from rehab (a place I have no access to computers or communications of any kind) and checked my emails to find that my bank (N26) will no longer be supporting UK accounts due to brexit and new regulations. They had sent many emails prior and during my time away that my money needed to be transferred to another bank account before official closure date (April 28th 2020). Since I hadn't the chance to do this as I was away they sent out all users an email stating "Over the next two weeks, we will wait for any pending transactions to be finalised and then confirm your final balance.

    Once finalised, we will return your closing balance to you by cheque, mailed to your registered address. If you believe that the shipping address you have registered with us is incorrect, please contact customer service here."

    I was happy to accept this at first and wait as I knew I had no pending transactions, however, it's now June and I desperately need my money and cannot wait any longer. I have contacted support and all they say is that "All UK accounts final balances are still being finalised and processed". I'm not at all worried about the legitimacy of the company as it is100% legit. But the time they are taking is causing me financial stress. Is there not a way under law (if so which one) I can claim my money back even through a transfer with proof of I.D? Can I not force them to give it back? I mean it's my money and my account is clean/positive.

    Thank you!! 

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  • Trying to seek help for drinking but so scared.?

    In short terms, I'm an alcoholic, I've lost my girlfriend, my job and simply all sanity within a few days. I'm a 19 year old male and I've been drinking heavily for a year now and it's become a lot worse, just need some help, any advice please?

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  • Under investigation for sexual harassment at work. Should I fight back, or resign and play it safe?

    So a female co worker of mine (17) and I always used to have sexual jokes, eg lot s of hugging and touching each others backsides at work when no one was looking. It has been brought to my attention that I have been reported for sexual harassment, despite her doing it to me on multiple accounts back? btw I m 19 and I m male. What should I do? Do I leave or fight my case? Cheers

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  • Want alloy rims on my car that has hub caps, who do I go to?

    I m wanting to replace my cheap hub caps with nice alloy rims. Where would I go to do this? I can only find tyre replacement services :/ I m not very experienced in this field. Thanks!

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  • Do I have something wrong with me?


    So basically I think I may have something wrong with my mental health but I find it hard to depict whether I'm just weird. (Try to understand in a serious way though)

    Here's some problems:

    I have to do things in a certain order or I feel something bad will happen.

    If I think something will hurt, it will.

    I have a fear of dirty things such as mold, I honestly can't bare it. I actually bought an air purifier as I had a few speckles on my window.

    Sometimes I feel really bad, then 10 mins later I will feel really good.

    (And the list goes on)

    From what I have said, do you think I should get checked out ?

    Oh and I'm 16 and male.

    Kind Regards,

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