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¿ Intelligent Knowledge of Pleasure ? Meanings of pleasure, learn it, know it, master it & conquer yourself before conquering others. Pleasure (Pleas"ure)(?) n. Plaisir, originally an infinitive. 1. The gratification of the senses of the mind; agreeable sensations or emotions; the excitement, relish, or happiness produced by the expectation or the enjoyment of something good, delightful, or satisfying; opposed to pain, sorrow, etc. "At thy right hand there are pleasures forevermore." 2. Amusement: sport, diversion, self-indulgence, frivolous or dissipating enjoyment, hence, sensual gratification; opposed to labor, service, duty, self-denial, etc, while, "Not sunk in carnal pleasure." 3. What the will prefers as gratifying or satisfying; hence, will choose with purpose. “Use Your Pleasure: if your love does not persuade you to enjoy, let not your knowledge dissuade you.” 4. That which pleases you, by choice shall be to the enjoyment of the few in pursuit of pleasure. ¿Cynical?