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  • Where can I find a good shortall/romper/jon jon sewing pattern for an infant?

    I would need it to have sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12 months. Any suggestions? The only one I have found is the Kwik Sew 3035.

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  • When should I start taking Metformin three times a day?

    My doctor put me on Metformin 500mg last Friday. I am taking it twice a day for a total of 1000mg a day. Well, I called and spoke to my doctor's nurse today. She said I could switch to taking it three times a day if I felt comfortable. I have not had any major side effects since taking the medication, besides a few days of upset stomach. So my question is, from your own experience, how long should I wait before switching to three times a day?

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  • Is it OK to take Clomid if you do not have PCOS and do ovulate on your own? I have heard it should only be....

    taken if you do not ovulate? I am considering beginning Clomid next cycle, and I have alot of questions. I need to clarify a few things before making a decision. Do any of you ovulate on your own but take Clomid? Can taking Clomid if you do ovulate cause infertility or cause annovulatory cycles? After having an annovulatory cycle with Clomid, did your cycle go back to normal after stopping Clomid. How many cycles did you take Clomid before conceiving? Can you have a miscarriage due to Clomid? Have any of you who have conceived with Clomid had twins or more? Is it best to take Clomid in the a.m. or the p.m.? Did Clomid dry up your cervical mucus greatly? When taking Clomid, would you recommend days 3 - 7 or 5 - 9? What cycle day did you ovulate on a Clomid cycle? Can you use OPK's when using Clomid? Usually what is a range of how much Clomid cost? How are the side effects? Any other suggestions or advice would be great in case I didn't think to ask something in particular. Thank you!!!

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  • BD™ Basal Digital Thermometer?

    Do any of you trying to conceive charters (BBT) use this thermometer? What do you like and dis-like about it? Would you recommend it?

    I am interested in it because it continuously beeps to confirms you are using the basal thermometer correctly and lighted display for easy reading.

    Also, if you do not have the BD thermometer, but know of another to recommend with the same features, that would be helpful!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • I am trying to conceive and I am charting (BBT)...?

    and I was wondering, how often should you change your batteries in your thermometer? Also, does anyone know where you can find a thermometer that lights up and beeps continuously while it is still figuring your temp?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • I have recently purchased the full version of Microsoft Office 2007...?

    ...and I want to sell my old version of Microsoft Office 2003. The previous version has been installed and used. Can you sell old software that you have registered and used before? Also, I have been asked by some people if it has been activated, what does that mean?

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  • If I have Endometriosis...?

    would my uterus lining be thinner or thicker throughout my cycles? I went to have an ultrasound when I was on CD19. My OBGYN stated that my uterus was thick, which was good. I did not ovulate until CD31. Would my uterus allready be thick that early before Ovulation? I wasn't sure how your uterus lining would be effect if someone had Endometriosis.

    Thanks in advance for the help and information!

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  • Middle name for Noah Bass?

    I am not pregnant...yet. My husband and I have been trying to come up with names. We like the name Noah for a boy. Our last name is Bass. We are having alot of trouble coming up with a middle name. Any idea? I also like these names, too...








    Thanks! :]

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  • A site name for a Trying to Conceive yahoo group...?

    I am a co-moderator for a trying to conceive yahoo! group. The group is for women who are trying to conceive their first child. The other mods and myself are going to start a website for the group. We need some ideas on a name for the website. I am sure most of you have seen several sites with names like TTC Dreams, Baby Wishes and so forth. We are looking for something cute like that. I would love to hear your ideas.

    Also, for those of you TTC #1, please come join us!

    Also, for those who are TTC #1, #2, or so on...there is this group which I am also a member:

    Thanks in advance!

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  • What is the difference between American Literature and World Literarture?

    I am going to be taking some college classes this upcoming Fall semester. I am trying to determine whether I want to take American or World literature. Could someone explain what the difference is between the two courses, as in the purpose of study? Also, which one you would recommend and why?

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  • Tempatures during pregnancy...?

    I am current trying to conceive and I do BBT charting. Is it true that your tempatures stay high once pregnancy is acheived and through the remainder of your pregnancy?

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  • How much maintenance and expense is required for an above-ground pool?

    My husband and I have decided to get an Easy Set-up Swmming pool for those hot summer days. Neither one of us have ever had a pool before, so we are not sure what is needed for the maintenance and upkeep of the pool. We also can't afford to go into a whole lot expense.

    My question is, what all is needed for the maintenace of the pool and how much does it cost on a monthly basis?

    Also, does the pool require to be continualy filled with water?

    I have included the link to the pool we are considering buying:

    Thanks in advance for your answers and suggestions!

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  • Naming a small soy candle business...?

    My mother-in-law and I have decided to start our own small business. We will be making soy candles, shea butters, lotions, body washes, soaps and various other items. We are having trouble coming up with a name. I have decided to use the triquetra in our logo. The triquetra is from my favorite show, Charmed. I also like "Charmed", so I wanted to try to use that in my business name. We are having alot of trouble coming up with something unique! Any ideas? Thank you!

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  • Should I tell my boss I am looking for another job?

    I have worked at my current job for 2 years now, and I am the assistant to an administrator in a long term care facility. My boss and I have gotten really close within my time here. We work side my side together everyday, so we end up being each others shoulder to cry on occasionally. She has helped me through alot of my personal problems and has been very understanding. I recently married in October and had to relocate 45 miles away...about an hour away from my current job. Gas money and wear and tear on my car is really causing a burden on us financially. I have no choice but to find a job closer to home. I have a few prospects at the moment and one of them is really promising. I have not been offered a job yet, but I know that I will continue to look until I do. Is it a good idea to tell my boss and let her know the situation? I feel it is wrong not to tell her, but then alot of people are telling me not to. What should I do?

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  • Pregnant...?

    I have been TTC for two months. I ovulated this past Saturday, 12/9. I have continuously been having slight cramping and twinges since. I also have been having slight cramping in my breast, but they have not been exactly tender. Well, after ovulation, my BBT was 97.8 for about three days, then for the past two days it has went up significantly to 98.4 and to 98.3 this a.m. I had slight dizziness yesterday afternoon. Also, I have been having hot flashes beginning this morning and nausea. I even vomited today at lunch. I was not able to eat but a couple of bites before I became nauseas. Could I be pregnant? Is it too soon to be having symptoms?

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  • When should you have intercourse when you see a LH surge?

    I have been trying to conceive for going on my 2nd month now. I use a OPK LK stick every evening when I get home from work. The night before last I noticed a slighly darker line then usual. Then lastnight, I noticed an obvious positive LH surge. The test line was as dark as the control line. My husband and I had intercourse lastnight. Was this too soon? I also checked my LH surge again this morning, and it was still positive. I am going to check it tonight to see what the results will be. How long do you usually have an LH surge for? Anyway, how soon should you have intercourse after seeing a positive LH surge? Any answers would be appreciated! Thanks so much! Also, has anyone ever used a Ovuscope? (the saliva test for ovulation) I also use one of those, and have never had a positive result with it. It has always been negative. Thanks again.

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  • Trying to conceive with a 45-day cycle...?

    My husband and I are trying to conceive our first child. This is the first cycle that we have actually tried. I am now on day 43 of my cycle. I noticed that my cycles have been ranging greatly since getting of birth control about 4 months ago. Anywhere from 30 - 53 days. Is this normal? And will I have problems conceiving because of it? Any sugesstions, comments? Has anyone else has cycles like mine and still was able to conceive? Thanks!

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