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  • I'm feeling occasional pain in left chest. At times like liquid moving in chest.?

    I am 35 male. Very often I am having little pain in my left chest close to middle. At times feels like active liquid movement inside my chest. 2m back my cardiologist perfomed stress tests on me, ultrasound and several x-ray type photos around my chest. End of it he said I was heart-healthy except triglycerides were high at 350.

    2 years back I was diagnosed in an emergency to have 4.6 toponin, diagnosed of having heart-disease and was given several doses of nitro. 3 subsequent tests that night were at 0.01 toponin and the hosp said the 1st test could have been a lab mistake and discharged me after a stress test.

    I am very confused and I would appreciate any answers. Thank you in advance.

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  • Reasons for spotty hair loss or baldness?

    I am a 33 year old male. A month back I started developing a dime-sized baldness. Now I have developed such small spots of baldness in several places in my head and my beard. I have never had this problem before. I am afraid it is getting worse by the day. I got onto a medication for Tryglicerides (Tricor) a month back. I am not sure if this could be a reason. My doctor (not a dermatologist) says it is not due to Tricor, but due to work pressures. If anyone has an answer, thank you in advance.

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