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  • I need the Equation for math problem?

    I can figure out that Rudy has 6.00 but I don't know how to show it as an equation.

    Sandy has 5.00 more than Denise

    Denise has 11.00 more than Rudy

    All together they have 45.00

    Anyone tell me how that would be written in an equation please?

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  • Do you know the name of this book?

    I read this book in the 90's

    No idea title or author

    I'm having a hard time searching by characters cause it had characters based on old Celtic, Irish people.

    Names like Cormac (wolf guy), Morrigan, Deidre, Portia (spider girl), Finn

    So anyway the book starts out after a we destroyed the earth type thing and the survivors are hell bent on never letting it happen again. Must have been nuclear cause you had to have permission to have kids and if anyone in your family line had mutated you were cast out.

    SO THE MAIN Part To This that might jog memories is. Girl is forced to marry runs away in to the woods walks thru a time/worm hole and finds herself in another time/world. The people are part animal not so much on the looks but the traits and abilities. Girl finds she is the heroine, evil witch trying to get them. Other animal houses..eagle, lion, hyena.. they all come together to help. There were some pretty hot love scenes.

    Was also a 2nd book don't remember so much about it.

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  • Who sings this song.?

    I just heard it on the radio. It starts of with that old song "Don't you look at my girlfriend she's the only one I got. Not much of a girlfriend I never seem to get a lot. A guy sings it.


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  • Last night on the news Ozzie said to the White Sox manager?

    I caught the end of the story but what was it he said that was so bad? They said it had something to do with derrogatory remark about homosexuals? But when I look on the web everyone avoids the word? What was the word??????????? Will you have to kill me if u tell me? lol

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  • Does anyone remember sizzlene?

    I remember when I was little I loved sizzlene (bacon like stuff) do they still make it?

    Or what company used to make it?

    Anyone know where u can get it? I cant even find a website for it.

    Was it so bad for u that they made it go away and now we don't talk about it lol.

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