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  • What courses are recommended or required for a career in video game design?

    My son has a creative streak 7 miles wide, but suffers in an academic environment. He would like to pursue a career in game design, but I don't know where to advise him to start. He does well in a classroom environment if the material is what he's interested in. That being said, what are possible course requirements? Does he need to attend a traditional college, or will a focused technical school provide him with an "in" to the buisiness. He has as yet to take any classes in school for this (he's in grade 11), but he's showing good motivation and the worlds, characters, and backstories he has created are very inticate and detailed. I worry that if he has to attend college, and take all of the required yet unrelated classes, that would be a stumbling block. However if that is the only/best way to get into the industry, he'll have to man up and do it. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • What are the wait lines going to be like at Sesame Place PA?

    Going tomorrow ( and dreading it) We go to the langhorne mall and see the mobs and masses going in and coming out of Sesame Place But since dd really wants to go we are caving in. It really looks like they have more people than the park can handle. PLEASE TELL ME ITS NOT TRUE AND I'M CRAZY..... Will it be miserable? Thanks

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  • How crowded will Hershey Park be next week?

    We are planning a two day get away (Wed. And Thurs) And a lot of hotels seem sold out? What will the average wait in line be? thanks

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  • Need help fast going to Bronx Zoo from Penn Station train station, Easiest way to get there?

    We are taking the train to the Penn Station in NY which is on 8th Ave & 31st St. What is the easiest (besides taxi too costly) way to get to the bronx zoo? Thanks!

    By the way if you have a bank of america card you and a guest can get into the zoo free all of May (there are actually several zoos and museums doing free admission during may with the BOA or MBNA card.)

    3 AnswersNew York City1 decade ago
  • Virginia Tech releases 1000 balloons? DUH?

    Don't they know the hazzards of releasing those balloons. Whose dumb idea was that??? They are working on banning balloon releases due to POLUTION and animals dying from eating them.

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  • Clear braces versus regular?

    I'm 32 and would love to get the clear removable braces. My dentist doesn't think they are wise because "most people don't keep them in, they cost more and take longer to work" I don't want visible metal braces at my age. Has anyone used the clear ones? How much roughly do they cost? thanks.

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  • Why are Americans allowing foreigners to change this country?

    I'm so tired of everything being changed! It's bad enough that EVERYTHING needs to be printed in another language because GOD forbid YOU learn ENGLISH, but no our holidays are being stripped away. NO Merry Christmas, No religious songs, No CHRISTMAS trees, Menorahs, or anything that has to do with sprituality. It's bad enough that the media has made the holidays all about spending and getting, but now everyone else whats the same.

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  • How can I tell my 10 yr old what his grandfather did?

    My fil was just released after serving 6 years for having a sexual encounter with a nine year old boy. My husband wants to have some relationship with his father, I want NOTHING to do with this man. My son wants to know what he did, but we haven't really talked about NORMAL sex with our son- how do I explain what or why he did what he did??? How can I have this man in my life when I can't stand to look at him?? We found out this was not the first incident it's only the first time he was charged.

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