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  • Is my cat going mad ?

    My cat has always been a bit timid. As a kitten she always ran away or hid from us but for no reason as she is treated like a queen and has never had any cruelty or meanness shown to her.

    She's roughly 10 years old and is still timid but recently her behaviour has become most odd. She's had the "snip" and can't bear kittens.

    Firstly, she vomits constantly and yet the vet says it's a diet thing and so she's on special food. However, i'm convinced she vomits for attention as she chews grass and then comes inside to vomit. Most mornings there is vomit on the kitchen floor and often there is vomit around the house. Other than that her health seems fine.

    Recently she's started yowling ( not meaowing ). She comes upstairs, goes to the bathroom and yowls. same time most days.

    She's also started running away as if we were the devil himself.

    One look in the morning and she's terrified and bolts for the cat flap.

    She will come in, we'll call her name and she bolts again.

    It's not a game. She looks terrified and bolts away as if her life depended on it.

    To re-iterate, she's very well loved, is never hurt, never suffered and has had a very easy and cosy life, so why the suddent madness /

    Can cats go mad ?

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