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  • Will this remove my stretch marks?

    Will Celltone (The snail gel) really help remove my stretch marks?Im 15 and would really like to know from people who have tried it if it really works...its really expensive and i dont wanna buy a product that might not work when its really expensive....and id really like to know if there are black people here who have tried it cuz im black and my stretch marks are very visible and annoy me...?Thanks in advance

  • Average weight for a 15 year old?

    Ok so im 15 and turning 16 later on this year and i just want to know whats the average weight for pounds but if possible please change that into to Kilograms

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  • Need help with the High School Life?

    Hey turning 16 this year and ive got this one wild friend who did alotta bad things last year and is still doing the same so far this year...she is basically trying to be as bad as she can is living life too much is what i call it...she has sex alot but she has only had it with 2 guys but she has it alot and she has a boyfriend currently but she cheats on him all the time cuz she is always telling me how she kissed this guy and that guy and so on and this week she told me that she had sex without a condom and i was shocked and told her to just go get prevention pills but she just said nah it didn't even last for 10minutes i wont get pregnant....her behaviour really worries me alot but she seems to get away with everything really without an consequences cuz recently her mom found out that she has had sex before and all she did was shout at her and that's it so she still continues anyway and she is still passing school anyways with alright marks,she has dyed her hair and that's not allowed at school,she has bunked been suspended and so on..I really try to tell her to stop but i cant really say much to her if i do she will most probably think im jealous of her life cuz that's what she usually thinks since she basically thinks she is super hot and takes other girls lightly you know and im pretty sure she thinks im ugly a virgin and i seriously get tempted to try something wild one day cuz she is having fun and i feel like im just too much of a good girl really ive never dated,never maked out with a guy or had sex so sometimes i feel i need to loosen up a bit, live a bit more most of the girls im around are not virgins whatsoever well i dont really choose them it just happens to be that way...I just feel like i need to live more too cuz im really scared to do any of those things but if i dont do them now then?i dont wanna look back when im done with high school and realise what a boring life i had..sorry i dont even have a proper question but any advice???

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  • Period problems girls?

    Im 15 So i started my period today morning and usually before they start i have these really bad cramps so i just know im gonna start...but today i felt nothing at all really i only realized when i had to use the toilet and it was just a drop of very unusual light coloured blood instead of pure dark red and it was just one or two drops.....and later on during the day i felt nothing at all no cramps and most days i can feel the blood dropping but today i cant feel it at all and ive been to the toilet alot today but there is hardly any blood on my pad its the same as it was earlier on today..but usually its supposed to be quiet alot of it the food im eating or is this meant to happen sometimes???

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  • Is it Me or people are trying their best to get attention out of Nelson Mandela?Part 1?

    So here it goes i know its not all of you but well im sick and tired of seeing stupid questions or opinions that people have about him just splattered around anywhere.Firstly Because im a South African and secondly when you lost Paul Walker Nobody wrote sh1t about him and Nelson Mandela was the greatest man to ever walk on this earth and did much more for people than Paul Walker did but i still respect Paul Walker and would never talk badly about him even though i why does Mandela have to be Bullshitted because some peoples racist tendencies are coming out and im saying racist because its only the white people that do offence to the ones who have not done anything though.Is it the fact that he is South African and you wouldn't do the same if only he was American?or maybe the fact that he is black?and yes i will bring racism into this because when i see lion i wont say its a tiger to amuse other people.And dont tell me the crap that "He is a terrorist" that's why you doing that,that's a very lame excuse knowing that he wasn't even supposed to be on that list and only reason he is, is due to the Apartheid Government etc who didn't like the fact that he was fighting for us black South Africans freedom.Now some of you say you dont condone hes actions of violence towards the government etc but what else could he have done?what would you do if you had to watch thousands of black people being tortured and killed for something as stupid as not having a passport book and more?Dont tell me talk to them because that's crap on a whole nother level as he would most likely be killed like Steve Biko another hero who died for SA.Now is this the way to like stomp on South Africa to try and steal spotlight maybe cuz Nelson Mandela was and Icon and still is for millions of people...another thing i dont like is some of you posting crap about Obama now just because hes going to Mandela's least Obama can see what a great man he was unlike most of you!

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  • Stop discussing Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela if you have nothing good to ask or say!?

    Its pathetic how some of you on here just wanna bring this man down by spreading lies about him...and you dont even have your facts right to begin with so why are you doing this to us?South Africa is mourning their First Greatest Black President...we even put this man on our bank notes and he is the first to be on there. It saddens me that people are saying he is a terrorist when he is not he is just on the list because the "Apartheid Government" had put him on there and he is not the only one many more political leaders of the ANC were put on there for no reason but being black is the only crime they committed.This man spent 27 Years in prison for South Africa's freedom (Black people) how dare some of you do this to him!You have no idea how many people have been crying the whole of today because of hes passing on and all you can do is spread nasty rumours about him! Im sorry im MAD but this is pathetic on a serious note ive been watching him on TV all day because they basically broadcasting him on every single channel there is no avoiding the news of hes passing.And all Some of you can do to him is this! Im Disgusted...Most of you only probably started hearing about him yesterday and now you think you know him because of a few news stories you have been following and some of you should really go and watch the Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom Premiere....all the South African people on there are replaced by African Americans so maybe just maybe go and see it before you talk rubbish about him. Please STOP this is not funny whatsoever! To those of you who understand and have not been doing this thank you so much for having the respect.

  • Stretch marks (Black girls pls)?

    Hey so im 15 and im Black and ive got stretch marks at the back of my knees which i really hate they just bring my self confidence down cuz everytime i wanna buy an outfit i just wanna make sure the length is long and hides them.Well i recently bought a short dress its not really that short but its almost knee height and i was planning to wear stockings with it because everytime i fitted it on my stretch marks were really dark at the time but the day i had to wear it yesterday i checked and they were normal so then i decided i dont need the stockings anymore and the past 2 days i wasnt really eating normally as well.My stretch marks tend to get really dark sometimes and then all of a sudden they go back to normal.Does this happen to any of you too is or is it just me?Ive tried alot of things to try and get rid of them or to help them fade away but they never work on me.I was wondering if its the things i eat maybe that can cause them to be darker at times? I asked black girls cuz they will understand what i mean better cuz we more or less have the same skin colour and they will understand what i mean better but if you not black you more than welcome to answer this too....Thanks in Advance

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  • How do i Deal with this Guy? (Teens)?

    Im 15 and this guy is 17.So me and this guy are almost always chatting,yes i do know him personally and we friends and do flirt a bit sometimes... but i always feel like he wants me to beg for hes attention in a way cuz he never starts the conversations anymore.Yesterday i asked him why and he told me he was busy with the dishes and then i just accepted that but today he just never texted me and in my mind if you really care about someone you will make time for them.I really care about this guy and he says he cares about me to but the way hes acting really doesn't show it and im thinking of just ignoring him and not saying anything to him anymore until he starts the conversation at least........but at the same time i feel like i might be making a big deal out of a small thing and i dont wanna do that but i just want to treat him how he treats me really. What do you think???Should i do this or not???I feel as if hes too full of himself and a bit cocky in a way and i dont wanna entertain that.

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  • Girls please help me with this (Stretch marks)?

    What I want to know is how come I have stretch marks at the back of my knees and I only weigh 62kg and I am 15 and no I don't think I'm too fat for my weight or anything because I'm actually very tall,have a small stomach so most of my weight is on my thighs and bums and people always think I'm 17 or 18 years old....But one of my friends are the same age as me but I'm sure she weighs somewhere around 80Kg if not more but she doesn't have them at all at the back of her knees?(And I'm a person that gains weight and then all of a sudden looses it without even really trying to) And will getting fitter help get rid of them?I'm thinking of loosing weight and getting to 55kg? (Sorry I don't know how to calculate the weight into pounds)

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  • How do i deal with this guy friend of mine?

    Im 15 and my friend here is 18.Well me and this guy are very good friends sometimes more than we are always chatting and tell each other we love each other im not sure if he actually means this because he has a girlfriend in my school shes 17.hes in another school than me and sometimes we see each other when im at his school, we are not dating.Today conversation was going great through whatsapp and then he wants to tell me something about hes friend(Jeremy),he stops and says never mind and i say "no please tell me i was actually jst thinking about (Jeremy)" i honestly didn't intend to hurt this guy by saying that because i really love him...he took this the wrong way thinking i want his friend and yes i do know hes friend (Jeremy) but we dont chat or anything. I dont love or even have a crush on (Jeremy) now my friend isnt talking to me at all.He just said keep qiet you killed the conversation I feel so bad About this he's not responding to my messages saying sorry whatsoever or my what do i do? He's really upset i know what i did was stupid but what should i do?wait for him to respond?

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  • Black people and blue eyes in....?

    South Africa. Okay so i basically live here and sometimes i do notice old people im talking in the ages of 70 onwards.Some of them have blue eyes light blue and yes they are in my church so i have looked at them directly in the eyes im sure they are blue.Is this due to going blind maybe????

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  • Athiests please answer this.?

    Ok so i want to know if your family are athiests as well or did you just decide i dont believe in my parents religion im going to do my own thing?and how did they react when you told them about this?were they angry or not???

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  • How to deal with anger issues?

    I have a guy friend he is 3 years older than me bt we chat almost all the time and understand each other.when we chat everything is fine until we argue maybe he gets so angry nd writes f* this f* that he is totally pissed.he drinks pills to calm him down but cant drink them late at night when we are chatting.i dont swear back at him at all because i want him to calm down.this happened yesterday night i didnt know he could get this angry.i didnt know what to say and once he is angry he is angry so how do i try and avoid this from happening????and he cant see that he was wrong or even say sorry so do i apologise to him????

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  • Indian girls who know about india?

    I have noticed that alot of indian girls from india have nose piercings(from tv of course) and i want to know if they just do it for fun or they have to do it?..or is there any other reason? Serious answers please i dont like sarcastic people.

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  • Am i trying to loose body fat or curves?

    Okay so i have a very different body from everyone else i weigh 62kg i think its about 168 pounds im 14 tall most people think im 17 . a size A in bra size if not smaller i dont even wear bras i dont need them. I have a small stomach but im gifted on the hips and curves side.i always see it as fat i ask my friends they tell me im crazy but i wanna be at least up to 55kg maybe and i always find my body weird because my boobs are small and im big from hips down i hate it!.i know we cant all be models but thats not my aim i just wanna be smaller although it might be am i crazy or what???i am black bt im south african so my curves are pretty body is like my moms she is a size A in bra size so i know i wont go any bigger than that,she also has hips and curves but hers are slightly smaller and her stomach is totally flat no fat at what can i do?

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  • Feel like such a failure*high school*?

    Im in grade 9 and i always feel like im failing to understand most stuff in class.any subject to do with maths im failing, also(accounting) i feel im a nuisance have this friend that's a year younger than me she is in grd 9 she got in school early she is so good at all the important subject that can really take you some where in life shee could be a doctor if she wanted good at all the subjects she isn't good at,but you cant really do anything with them...i try understanding but i just cant i really dont like maths passed last term and my friend didn't because of this one subject she doe'snt like but is very easy. Is it normal to feel like this i honestly think im a black blonde why cant i do it???i admit im a bit lazy but that cant be all to it.i feel really sad.

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  • Can u learn the British accent?

    Wow i love it so much it's weird but so nice.example.Mel B...does it come naturally and can it be learned easily?what do you think about it?

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  • Is he being indirectly racist?

    Ok so i have this physical science teacher im in grd9 nd there are only black and mixed people in our class for some odd reason...he gets mad at us for talking nd stuff and then he says you people only want to talk never do anything but talk.this isnt the first or the last time hes said this and when we ask him what do u mean he says u knw what i mean or ignores us.well im not dumb and im certain that when he says u people he refers to us in that way cuz we black in his eyes not he trying to say that we never achieved anything in life cuz if he is he can go F* himself???

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  • How to stop overeating these?

    I 14yrs old a girl and I enjoy eating dairy products:cheese,yogourt and my favourite milk I have no idea why I love millk so much I just do and another thing is cofee I drink it almost everyday My dad even started buying e decaf coffee cuz he's scared I drink to much of it and then I started using powder milk about 4 or 5 teaspoons when I only need 2 and normal milk to cool down the cofee.the question here is... Is this causing e to gain ore weight and what can I replace it with I knw I'm a big girl for a 14yr I always overdo stuff

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  • What do u think of my dad and the way he treats us?do u approve?

    Hey this is long bt interesting. I'm 15 a girl and have 3brothers,the oldest one is exactly the same age as our step sister they are 17..tnx to our dad he dated my mom and another woman at the same time my sister is 6mths older than my bro.I live with my dad,mom and my brothers my sis lives with her my dad gives my step sis special treatment as if she's a angel,I dnt knw maybe its cuz she's a 1rst born and my dad thinks we so dumb we can't see hw he treats her.she gets a lot of money from him and nw apparently we can't even eat out at restuarants for our birthdays cuz she isn't there and its nt fair on her accoring to my dad(total bullshit) with the amount of money she gets per month she could do anything whenever she wants.I asked my dad for phone he said no and about 2wEeks later he buys us all phones I think ok kwl then I find out its cuz my sis sent a msg telling him she needs a new one(saw it on his phone)me and my sister don't get along she doesn't like me cuz I'm the only girl at home and she's jelous of that and wants me gone to get rid of competition which is ME I don't trust her at all...m dad even stopped giving us lunch money cuz my sister isn't here and living with us..its nt our fault he had 2 kids at the same time.I wish I was never born cuz nw we are suffering for he's own deeds why didn't he jst have .I hardly talk to my sis I avoid her as much as I grandmother only likes her a lot and she's jst faking to like the rest of dads side of the fam only pretend to like us bt actually wish we could be dead so my sis dad and her mom can be a happy family there is only one person I can trust ant truly love there and that's one of my cousins she's family is very big my dad has a brother and 3 sisters and all my cousins and cousins kids total up to if u were in my dads shoes would u do exactly what he does to us???and do u think I'm just complaining for no reason???and my mom doesn't work long story I'm sorry its so lon

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