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  • Why is my heat pump blowing out cold air and an odor?


    I'm new to having a heat pump, and so have a some questions. First, it is blowing out cold air. This is not lukewarm due to body temperature and all that. This is refrigerator, feels-like-I-have-the-A/C-on, cold air.

    I keep my thermostat set at 68-72, but usually 70 because when it's functioning well, that keeps the place plenty warm for me. It is not digital, and my back up is electric not gas.

    I have put a thermometer in front of it, and when it is blowing out warm air, it reads into the 80s which I understand is normal for heat pumps. When the air is lukewarm out of the vents, it reads 70s. The cold air reads in the 60s; 66 being the lowest temperature I've recorded out of the vents. I have read that heat pumps defrost and defrost more frequently when it is cold out, and the unit has been pumping out cold air more frequently over the last few days when it's been colder - highs of 30s and 40s, lower when you factor in wind chill. The cold air coming out of the vent will kick in in the middle of it blowing warm air and lasts about 5-10 minutes, then the electric kicks in, and I get some warm air. Also, lately, it seems the unit rarely shuts off at all. The cycle seems to be warm or lukewarm air, cold air, electric, but the unit used to cycle off when temperature was reached. Now, however, unless I really lower the thermostat or turn it off, it has not cycled off in days. I've had to shut it off or lower the temp just so that I could get a break from the cold air and smell - see below.

    The other big problem is that when cold air is coming out of the vents, it is accompanied by a smell that I have a hard time explaining. The best I can do is to say that is smells stale, not moldy or like mildew and almost, but not quite dusty. Whatever this smell is, it aggravates my throat and lungs, and between the cold air blowing on me and the smell, when this switch happens in the middle of the night, it wakes me up. So, you can imagine how much I'm loving being half-coherent at work because of this. Oh, the smell never accompanies the warm air.

    I do not know what to do. I rent the place, and my landlord had some guy look at it, and of course, it worked just fine for them, so they are both treating me like I don't know the difference between the cooler sensation we feel because of our body temp and cold air. They've decided it works, and he's refusing to even acknowledge my phone calls, but that's another issue for a legal forum. Does anyone know what the problem with the cold air and smell could be?

    Also, if I switch it to emergency instead of keeping it on auxiliary heat, is that switching it to straight electric?

    Thank you!

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  • Why would a guy do this?

    So he tells me within four months he loves me (okay, weird, but then my parents were married after about 6 months), introduced me to his family, all his friends, dropped by with “feel better” gifts because I was in a bad mood, spent almost $1000 on my birthday which included a trip out of town and hotel, tells everyone who will listen that he's crazy about me to the point that I hear it from his friends how much he really really likes me, tells me he's found who he's been looking for, helps me with just about anything I need or offers at least, and a number of other amazing things. But then I find out he's lied about when he's bought some of those gifts or booked that trip. Why, I don't know – to make sure that I know he's thought about them instead of doing them at the last minute? I wouldn't care when he did those things. The fact that he wanted to do those things was fantastic. And whenever we have a problem, he always cries and gets red eyes and sniffly. I don't see how, but I'm wondering if this is on command.

    Then I find out he's gone on dating sites. Okay, that got solved. I decided to give a second chance since it appeared nothing happened. Now I find out that not even 2 weeks after that was solved, he was on a webcam site – the interactive amateur porn sites and signed up for adult chat/sex chat sites a couple weeks after that, and now more chat and porn sites. It seemed he did crap like this when he got insecure about me or us, but some of the more recent stuff is not. He's lied about past relationships – how serious some were or how many, and he's often the one who brings them up, so it's not like I'm looking for a rundown of his past. I've discovered that there seems to be a pattern of this kind of behavior in his past with sex chat or just trying to hook up with as many girls as he can or make them feel important or whatever he does.

    I know. He needs to go, but really, what's up with this guy? Why go through all the trouble if all he wants is a hook up?

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  • Need Men's Points of View?

    Okay, so I asked this a few days ago, but didn't get much feedback so I'm re-posting with some added info to clarify things.

    I'm dating this guy, and I know he's still friends with a couple of exes. Don't care. There's one friend though that he seems to be hiding the fact that they dated. She's younger (but an adult so don't think that it's anything creepy) and lives in another state far away. She's the daughter of a friend of his, and he has said it was uncomfortable when she liked him because she was young and his friend's daughter. I do know they dated though not just that she had a crush on him, but when he's talked about it it's always that she liked him, and it was weird because of the friend. He was even going to move to that state after a rough point in his life, but again no mention of the fact that he was dating her when he was going to move even when I flat out asked him why he would move there. And it doesn't seem that it was a secret that they dated. Why the hell would he be upfront with me about his other friends who are exes but seem to leave out this little detail of this girl?

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  • What is an unusual fact about where you live?

    Tell me where you live or are from/were born - town, state or country. Your choice on how specific you want to be online. Then tell me a little known or intersting fact about the area. I'm bored, so I'm being nosy.

    I was born in a little town in central Illinois that I recently found out was the first settlement in the area because it was near a river.

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