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Baby girl due Feb 5!!!!

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  • Has anyone been induced and then it still took several days to go into labor?

    I am 39 weeks along, my cervix has not started thinning and I'm not dilating. Today my OB said that we would have to induce if I don't make any progress. He said that he has never seen anyone be induced at the stage that I am in actually go into labor for a few days after being induced and that changes would be happening but that I would not even be aware of them.

    So I was wondering if anyone else has experience being induced and labor taking a long time to actually begin.

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  • When you are at the end of your pregnancy?

    Do they check to see how far dilated you are at each appointment?

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  • When did you start having a doctors visit every two weeks instead of every four weeks?

    I know I should ask my doctor to know for sure, but I'm trying to make plans and was just wondering when the normal time is.

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  • What is it like when your water brakes?

    This may sound dumb, but when your water brakes is it clear like water, or is there other stuff in it that makes it really messy?

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  • Is this a sign of preterm labor?

    I just read someone elses question, about having a sharp pain, in the vaginal area, that lasts only a few seconds and then goes away. People answered that it was her cervix thinning. So my question is she is 31 weeks and experiencing these pains and I am only 20 weeks and have been having them since about 16 weeks. Is this a sign of preterm labor?

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  • What is a mucus plug?

    I have been reading other peoples questions and saw some about a mucus plug. I am 19 weeks pregnant. Does it hurt when it happens and what does it mean.

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  • My fiance left me, and cheated on me while pregnant?

    My ex-fiance never went to a doctors appointment with me and never showed any interest in wanting to go. At 4 months I find out that he has been cheating on me for a couple of months, and kicked me out of his house. I'm trying to get get over that which is hard to deal with in itself. Now he wants to go to the doctor appointments and is showing a lot of interest in the baby. I have a lot of anger towards him, but if he wants to be in the babies life then I will let him, but why now???

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  • My fiance left me when I was 4 months pregnant, how do I deal with it?

    I'm four months pregnant with a planned baby and my fiance decided one day he did not care about me anymore. He says he wants to be there for the baby, which is good, but he being a jerk to me now. He tells me something mean everyday to make me feel like the split was my fault and said I needed to move on because he already had, we only broke up 4 days ago. I'm having a hard time dealing with it and am not even looking forward to the baby and ultrasounds because he is trying to make me hate him, but still wants to be around for all of the baby stuff. How should I deal with it?

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