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  • How can I force my x16 pcie slot to run at x4 speeds?

    I have just got my 2nd card to crossfire with my first 6850 and I have run into a bit of trouble with micro stutter. I expected this because my 2nd PCIE slot is an x4 and my first is an x16. I expected the x16 slot to automatically downclock into an x4 when the second card was put in but it didn't. Is there a way to force my x16 slot down to x4 speeds?

    2 AnswersDesktops8 years ago
  • LONG Mass Effect 2 loading times on a SSD?

    I have a Samsung 840 250 gb that replaced a Samsung 470 128 gb ssd. On the 470 my loading times were next to nothing, 4 seconds max. On this new one (Thats sata 3 as oppesed to the 470 which is sata 2) My loading times are ridiculous, upwards of a minute and even longer than on the Xbox. Whats going on?

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  • Is there an HD mod for KOTOR 2?

    Is there an HD mod for Knights of the Old Republic 2? I got it off Steam the other day and the highest supported resolution is 1024x768. Also, will it work with the restored content mod?

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  • Upgrade to the 8350 or 8320?

    I have an unlocked core phenom 2 b50 oc'd to 3.7 ghz. According to the physics part of 3dmark11 it scores about the same as an i3 2100 or a phenom 2 940 x4. I was lookin to upgrade to piledriver but am torn between the 8350 and the 8320. Is the performance (and OCing ability) the same between the two or is the 8350 worth the extra 50 bucks?

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  • Solid state drive with good performance and great power consumption?

    Can anyone recommend a 240-256gb SSD? I want to maximize battery life so power consumption is importiant to me. Thanks

    Oh and NO OCZ drives, I have heard nothing but bad things about them.

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • Anyone know where I can find System Shock 2?

    Couldn't find it on Steam, any other ideas internet?

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  • Is my Phenom 2 B50 @ 3.7 ghz equivalent to a Phenom 2 980 @3.7 ghz?

    It's an unlocked core Athlon ll 450 originally @ 3.2 but I have stabily OC'ed it to 3.7. Could it be considered as having the same performance as the 980 or are there archetecture changes in the Athlon chips? Im asking because the Piledriver CPU's just dropped and im already salivating but I need to know how much better Piledriver is compared to my Propus.

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  • Is my Phenom 2 B50 @ 3.7 ghz equivalent to a Phenom 2 980 @3.7 ghz?

    It's an unlocked core Athlon ll 450 originally @ 3.2 but I have stabily OC'ed it to 3.7. Could it be considered as having the same performance as the 980 or are there archetecture changes in the Athlon chips?

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  • Would the 192 bit memory interface on the 660 Ti hurt it in multi monitor gaming?

    Would my 256 bit 6850 be better suited for it? I'm already playing bf3 on medium-high with 3 monitors.

    4 AnswersDesktops8 years ago
  • will a corsair CX600v2 run a crossfire 6850 setup?

    I also have an Asus M5A97 evo motherboard and a Phenom II b50 CPU. Will it work?

    2 AnswersDesktops8 years ago
  • Is it finally safe to buy an OCZ solid state drive?

    All I was seeing with OCZ solid state drives was poor reviews talking about how they always failed and gave BSOD's. I believe I read that it was a bug with the sand force controller if I'm not mistaken. Well anyway I saw that OCZ released their agility and Vertex 4 series ssd's and read that they use a completely new controller. I was hoping to get a new boot drive for my desktop or alternatively get an Ssd larger than my current 128gb Samsung 470, But is it safe yet Or are they still crap?

    2 AnswersOther - Hardware8 years ago
  • Should I stay with the processor i have or upgrade?

    I currently have a core unlocked athlon x3 450 whitch is now a Phenom x4 B50 @3.6ghz. I was thinking of upgrading to maybe a fx 4170 or wait a bit for Piledriver to come out and get one of those. I also have a 6850 and an AM3+ motherboard in case you were wondering. I like playing BF3 in eyefinity so what should I do?

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  • Searching for a power supply?

    I'm looking to upgrade the most confusing aspect of any computer, the power supply. I know a single rail is preferable and I know I want between 750 and 900 watts because I want to crossfire and under 100 bucks but no matter what one I look at there are people screaming about how poor the quality is and warning people away from the brand. This is the one I was considering:

    Is this a good one? Help me Internet, your my only hope!

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  • What is AMD Vision and why should I care?

    I have an Athlon II x3 cpu and an amd 6850 gpu. Today I found the box for my athlon and saw on the side "Combine with AMD graphics card to enable AMD Vision technology!" So what is AMD Vision, is it just marketing BS or can it actually help me?

    3 AnswersDesktops8 years ago
  • Why do some guys refuse to date women of a certain race?

    I hear this alot from people I know, "oh I'd never date an Asian girl" or "I wouldn't wanna date a black chick". WHY?! I have never had hangups like this if a woman is beautiful, intelligent, and sweet then why does it matter what race or creed she is? I have had girlfriends of all different races and a few of my friends think I'm weird for it. Can someone help me understand this?

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  • Poor sapphire 6850 overclocking?

    Iv had my 6850 for a couple weeks now and been trying to find my maximum stable OC with this card. Problem is the best I can seem to do is 835/1125 in msi afterburner, and that's at 1.75 volts. (a bit higher than the 6870 voltage.) I know that all cards are different and get different mileage but this is my 2nd one of this card that has hit the same wall. (I RMA'd the first back to newegg) the 6850's are supposed to be big overclockers which is why I bought it and according to the many reviews I have read people are getting them up over 900/1125 with stock voltage and 940/1150 with the same voltage I'm using. Temps aren't an issue, I'm watching them so am I just really unlucky or am I missing something?

    1 AnswerDesktops8 years ago
  • Athlon x3 450 unlocked to phenom x4 b50 overclocking?

    As the title says I have a athlon II x3 unlocked to a quad core phenom. So far the best I have been able to do is to hit 3.45 ghz (over 3.2) at stock voltage. Is this about par for this processor? I am hesitant to try to up the voltage because I fear I will overdo it and blow the CPU or it will slowly degrade over time because of the higher voltage.

    1 AnswerDesktops8 years ago
  • can PCI-E x16 2.0 graphics cards be used in PCI-E x16 1.0 slots?

    My dad swears up and down that it will work, in fact he just went to micro center to pick one up but im not so sure, I was always under the assumption that PCI-E slots were backwards compatable not forward.

    2 AnswersDesktops8 years ago
  • will my power supply hold out?

    I have an old 500 watt coolmax power supply that has been running an old pentium 4 cpu and 32 mb gpu for the last 6 years. last week i decided i wanted an upgrade and upgrade i did: Athlon x3 3.2ghz unlocked to phenom x4 B50, 4gb gskill RAM, asus core unlock mATX motherboard, and a sapphire 6850. Now after hooking all this up and playing BF:BC2 for about an hour (BTW playing at 60fps is a revelation!) the computer froze and rebooted. I went over and smelled that horrible ozone burning smell. I shut everything down and found it was coming from the power supply. Since then I have under volted the 6850 to .95 (Down from 1.3) and ran stress tests for hours, no freezing, rebooting and the only way i can smell anything is to put my nose right up to the power supply vent. (whereas before i could smell it from halfway across the room) I know i am going to need a new one but my question is will it hold up untill next friday when i get paid or should I leave it off to avoid running the risk of it failing and taking the MOBO with it?

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