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  • Phenom II X4 965 BE with free DVD drive combo - newegg +Radeon HD 6950+ 8GB RAM 25$ off?

    NOT A QUESTION, just thought id put this up here :) this combo comes with a dvd drive for another 3$.

    just a heads up for anyone buying this processor :)

    And heres the 6950 + Patriot 8GB 1600 ram combo

    just a random combo i dont think most people find. ;p

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  • Comparing GFX cards? this vs Radeon HD 6870?

    i saw this deal on TigerDirect. im not even sure what this monster is but what would you think this vs Radeon HD 6870

    some kind of deal on TigerDirect today o..o. its huge xD

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  • Case Fan help? what adapters do i need?

    This is my first build and i dont know about all the connectors but i have this case

    and it has 6 case fans (1 front 1 rear 2 top 2 side) and 1 Hard Drive Fan-- these all have molex plugs.

    (as well as 1 CPU fan and the Power fan obviously)

    and i have this motherboard

    here is a picture of the fan slot things cuz it doesnt say on the page (3 pics in the album)

    and this Power Supply


    could someone pleae tell me what connectors i need to hook up at least 6 of the case fans? i wont be too upset if i cant connect the HDD fan. but id like to get the case fans all connected if possible:3

    thanks :)

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  • AMD Phenom II X4 Deneb 965 BE: on sale70$ -- worth it?

    So i have been looking at the AMD Phenom II X4 Deneb 965 BE on newegg

    and its 110$ normally and they have a 15$ off sale every other day or so making it 95$. with a 3 year warranty

    TODAY on TigerDirect its only 70$

    with an aftermarket fan BUT only a 1 year warranty

    The difference is if i use the coupon on TD today i can also use another different coupon for more $ off on newegg.

    do you think the deal is worth it for 40$ off with a 1 year warranty or should i just get it on newegg?

    thanks :3

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  • First Build ~ Gaming Rig opinions :D (+Power Supply Question)?

    Heres a link to my thread because its easier and it looks terrible on here with no BBcode

    you can answer wherever

    thanks :D

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  • Desktop Case and MotherBoard Help?

    Decided to build my own desktop but its my first time and ive been having trouble figuring out a couple things but im catching on pretty quick.

    Heres my Specs if anyone is interested (case pending.)may have to log in to view, not sure.

    One thing i dont know about is the MotherBoard size and how to tell if itll fit in the case by looking at the dimensions. I wouldve assumed it was pretty straight foreward but then i saw this note in the specs of a case i chose.

    Dimensions: 19.50" x 7.50" x 18.75"

    "Fits Motherboard Size up to 11" x 12""

    i figure the dimensions are fairly standard for a mid sized case?

    and my MOBO is

    Dimensions: 12" x 8.6"

    so im assuming it wont fit. it might just be the APIEVA brand (most cases from them say the size)

    is my MOBO just abnormally large? or is Apieva just weird and not want my money D:?

    Either way if that case is too small would something like


    Be better? thanks :)

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  • Graphics Card Help (Picking one) RE?

    Here is what i wanted help on :)

    im building a Custom Gaming Rig and i need some help on this i cant decide and honestly dont know enough to.

    im willing to shell out a bit more to have a better GFX Card, IF it is worth it to be a bit more futureproof and better but if the extra 50$ isnt worth it..

    XFX Core Edition FX-785A-ZNFC Radeon HD 7850 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card

    rank #15 at 210$


    and then the NVIDIA GTX 560 (Fermi) was a much more cost efficient option.

    rank #21 at around 165$

    links to lists (same cards different sites)


    thanks in advance guys :D ill be checking in so feel free to ask if you need more info :)

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  • How to become a video game tester (Quality Assurance Tester)?

    Hi im turning 18 this weekend and i figured its time to get a job since i am in all independent studies at my school so i don't have to actually GO to school so im pretty much free to sit home all day and do whatever i want, so i figured since im usually sitting home playing video games all day anyway maybe i should make something out of it?

    ive been looking around for like 2 days now and haven't found anything remotely useful online about how to really start being a game tester

    Video games is something im really passionate about (to give you an idea i spent at least 3 summers almost entirely in my house playing games :D) that's not to say im not super outgoing and interesting who doesn't like to party and stuff but im just trying to get the point that i can be content sitting playing games for endless hours and i really want this as more of a Career than a job but id also like to get into design and development later possibly.

    All the sites ive found cost money like and and stuff like that my parents are convinced their all scams so they wont buy in.

    and the job listing sites ive found are all just listing for stuff that either is on site in California or Washington or somewhere across the country :(

    i live in NJ.. soo.. that's not gonna work.

    or they require vast knowledge of things that are something i haven't Been able to learn or need like 2 years experience

    So if someone could help me find some way to get my foot in the door and get a first time job id be really happy :D


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  • buying laptop and replacing things?

    i want to buy an ASUS g73 gaming laptop

    the price is a bit high now tho since they went from jh-a1 at $1,500 to the jw-a1 at $1,750

    (the difference is the RAM mhz speed from 1066mhz(jh) to 1333mhz(jw) and the processor was i7 720QM(jh) - i7 740QM(jw) and an updated NVIDIA gfx)

    (here is a link to what it is in case i made a mistake or im just not smart enoguh to know what it means..

    so im wondering is it worth paying that much for that?

    and my other question which is more important is should i just buy the jh and take out the processor and RAM and buy them separately and put them in and sell the ones i took out?

    (more importantly CAN i do that?)

    i also plan to replace the Hard drives with 2xSeaGate Momentus XT 500GB hybrid drives

    and sell the ones it came with as well. (if that is possible as well)

    i want to spend as little as possible so any suggestions would be amazing

    (obviously im looking for speed and performance so i expect to pay alot just.. as little as possible is the goal)

    if you could estimate how much i would save and spend and break it down piece by piece so i can figure out what is important and what isnt?

    any suggestions for any ideas on either switching out stuff or any other things i havent thought of would be GREATLY appreciated

    thanks <3 :)

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  • Help with blue screen error while gaming D:?

    so im playing a game Called Cosmic Break needed theres the link to the sys reqs, i meet all of them <.<)

    and every time im playing a good match it abruptly restarts itself for no apparent reason

    all my drivers and display stuff is up to date so i dont know whats wrong and i juss wanna play <.<

    so any hlep would be great:)

    if you need more info ask


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  • help with crashing? (driver/gfx card??)?

    this is the error code MS gave me?

    BCCode : ea BCP1 : 86ABFDA8 BCP2 : 8619A400 BCP3 : 86245B90

    BCP4 : 00000001 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 3_0 Product : 768_1

    k soo. ive been playing an online game called ASDA Story and

    ok so im mid game. and this happens about once every 2 hours or so.. but its become a real problem and im started to bugg out O.o

    so im mid game. trying to grind and suddenly my comp lags. freezes and then the screen freaks out and i get this error msg thing

    (the game screen also goes all white. not the window bar on top or the ..uhm ?taskbar?) the blue one on the bottom and the start button thing)

    and the effect goes onto my IE too (well firefox but yeah.)

    its says

    "ialmrnt5 driver(.. something something)" and then my comp forces me to shut it off and restart cuz the gfx and everything are unusable crazy zoomed and blurred

    i feel like its crashing my Graphics card? but im a noob maybe im wrong.

    If you need any more info ask me :)

    id send you screenies but idk how and not sure how itd work considering my screen is like.... no.

    alrighty thanks :D

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  • Buying laptop without Hard Drive?

    i am trying to buy an Asus G73-JH A1 gaming laptop but i want to buy the hard drives separate because its ALOT cheaper. is there anywhere that has an option to do that?

    if not would it be reasonable to remove the hard drives and sell them as new? and then use that money to buy the hard drives myself? (the i want the Seagate Momentus XT 500GB drives and i cant get them for about $100 but the option to switch to them is an additional $140 so i would rather not..)


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  • What is the Best Hair Straightener with Floating Plates.(im not too worried about price as long as its under?

    (im not too worried about price as long as its under $120 ishh.

    i have a ok straightener but i want a really good one (with floating plates) ive tried a few brands like Remington and Ion and Conair and i didnt like them so im going for a better and more expensive one.)

    kk thanks :DDD

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  • cant get perfect emo hair =*(?

    i cant get my hair to look emo enough... imean theres not much i can do since i dont have naturally straight hair that works for getting it but it doesnt come too close to how i want it...

    this i what i want...


    so any advice would help...

    i already straighten it but it just doesnt cut it... THANkZZZZZZ ^,^

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