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I am part of the team that building India's first consumer action website.

  • How to track IP addresses?

    How to track IP addresses? We have a java application (web site) and we want to track the IP addresses of (1) users who visit any particular site and (2) users who are sending mails - is it possible - how??????

    11 AnswersProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • How to track and block IP addresses?

    We are running a classifieds advertising site but we get lot of spam mails - the site is developed in Java - how can we track and if necessary block IP addresses? Can we also trace from a email its originating IP? Can anyone help?

    4 AnswersInternet1 decade ago
  • What is the best way to build links thru blogs and get high page rank?

    Nowadays I hear a lot about building links and increasing link popularity specially thru blogsites. Can anybody tell me the best approach? Why one should use Blogitive when anybody can put a blog?

    3 AnswersSearch Engine Optimization1 decade ago
  • What are alternative sources of online ads other than Google adsense?

    I am a pubisher and I am looking for alternative online ads for my site to generate ad revenue - I know about Google adsense and Adbrite - I want to know about more alternatives - Thanks!

    5 AnswersSearch Engine Optimization1 decade ago
  • Few Questions about SEO techniques - can you suggest the best practices?

    I am learning to do SEO and many of the available literatures are confusing and sometimes conflicting - I have several practical questions and I would be obliged if someone can provide expert answers. Lots of thanks in advance.

    1. Can I put a keyphrase like "e-business advantage" in the keyword tag when "e-business" and "advantage" are the words to be found in the content and not the "e-business advantage" phrase?

    2. When "custom website design" is already defined as a keyphrase do I need to put keyphrases like "website design" or "custom website" or they are superfluous and not required?

    3. Does "Bangalore Java Jobs" and "Java Jobs Bangalore" are same in terms of search?

    4. The content has several occurences of "e-business consulting", "e-business solutions", "e-business strategies" and "e-business applications" - what would be an optimum keyword list?

    5. The content has "pay-for-placement" so what should be my keyword? "pay for placement" or "pay-for-placement" ?

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  • How can I make my website pages found by Yahoo or Google search engines?

    I am building a website on product reviews and users will review products available in the website. I need to develop the website in such a way that people who do not know about my website can find the review pages as a result of keyword search from popular serach engines like Yahoo and Google. Can anyone help me in this? For example there will be reviews in my site for Samsung Plasma TVs and I want that if someone searches with the keywords, Samsung, Plasma, TV in Google or Yahoo the search result will return links of my website's review pages.

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design1 decade ago