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Served as a Marine in Vietnam in 1968 at the "Seige at KheSanh". Was wounded in action at KheSanh but not seriously. I retired last October from my trade but I've been off work since 2004 due to being injured on a job site. I am a father of five married daughters and have seven Grandchildren.

  • if an Veteran would run for the Senate in Pa. as an Independent, would you support him/her with your vote?

    I intend to run for office and I want to end the non-sense in Washington. I will serve at a cost of expenses only, no wage just a hotel room and meals. Will return this Nation to the ideal of "We the People". would an ordinary man who is not beholding to lobbyists or special interest groups have a chance to be elected?

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  • Jewish Holy Days Representation?

    Why is an Jewish religious symbol being called the "National Menorah" and is being lit by the government near the White House and yet it is against the Law to have the Christian symbol of Christmas, the "Stable" on display???

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  • What is the answer about intimacy?

    We've been married for thirty some years and the last three we've had no intimacy. My wife is wonderful however she had a total hysterectomy and for her intimacy is not pleasant. I was taking medicine for a variety of mental things like depression and anxiety to name a couple and it had a negative side effect on me. For the past several months the desire has returned to me but not to my wife. I am lost, I want to have physical contact with a woman but I can't bring myself to explain it to my wife. I have never run around on her and I don't think that I could but I'm sure confused as to what to do.

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  • Lieberman strikes again?

    His recent involvement with McCain and Graham states further that his true love is NOT for the USA but instead for a middle eastern country that is not Arabic. This "droan" is not deserving to be in the Senate or in any branch of our government. To think that in 2000 he was the vice-presidental nominee for the Democrats!! Wow, times do change don't they.

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  • Why do I still think about her?

    I'm an older man and I had a wonderful girl friend when I entered the armed forces. Two years later when I came home it was as if we had nothing in common anymore. She went on and married another man and I went on and married a lovely woman. I love my wife but why do I keep hoping to run into my old girlfriend? She wasn't my first girlfriend but she seems to have a place in my heart and mind after all these years. I love my wife dearly and would never think about cheating on her but that other beautiful woman seems to hang around and I still see her in my dreams. WTF is going on with me!!

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  • Male sexual problem?

    I've gone almost two years without intimite contact with a female. My wife doesn't seem to be too interested either. I can't achieve what is necessary for the end product and that really frustrates me. I've tried all the pills that are on the market and no luck. I find myself flirting with women and yet I know that it can't amount to anything.

    Does anyone know how to effectivly change this situation? Please no smart *** or demeaning answers.

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  • Kate Holmes WOW!! Any other agree?

    Saw ab picture of Katie in the newspaper yesterday and never realized how fabulious looking she really is. What i can't figure out is why she'd marry that little puke, anyone have any input to this.

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  • The Reagan Administration?

    I think that every Republican running for the presidency has tried to tie their campaign and their platform to the Reagan years.

    I ask what was so darn great about the Reagan years. Unemployment was very high, the economy sucked, they were heavily involved in the "Iran Contra" mess, he turned tail and ran from Lebanon after the murder of our Marines at Beirut instead of retaliating with force. It is always said that his admin. "tore down the Berlin Wall" when in reality that was started long before Reagan took office. I'll give it to Reagan that he knew how to make a speech however it must have been that "B" movie actor coming out of him.

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  • Holding Up VA monies?

    Why are the Bush supporters not incensed with his refusal to release VA monies?

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  • Tonkin Gulf Revisited?

    The news today is that Iranian ships harrassed U.S. ships in the Persian Gulf.

    Sounds much like what was created by our Military Machine to further engage us in Vietnam. Am I right to see it that way??

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  • Isn't it about time that Cheney and Bush are IMPEACHED?!?

    Haven't we been prisnors of these maniacs long enough!!!

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  • Jerry Falwell, how has he effected politics in the country?

    his views and conservative politics seemed to guide the Republican Party for the past twenty some years. He is truly one of the religious Zealots of our Era.

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  • Is Condi Rice a mouthpiece for a Bush Administration that is failing the American people ??

    She's on Wolf Blitzer spewing the Bush line. She said that she will not comply with a subpeana to appear before Congress. She's using the "seperation of powers" and a constitutional question. Since when does the Bush administration give a good crap about the constitution!!!!

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  • Doesn't it make you wonder!!??

    Why our poiticians in the USA are consistantly against Labor Unions in this Country yet push for over seas countries such as Iran, China, and Russia, to name a few, to allow Labor Unions to exist in their's. Seems to me that this is another fact that shows hypocracy!!

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  • Is it right that NBC is dropping Imus after sponsers started dropping out .?

    It seems quite hypocritical that those same sponsers would do what Sharpton, remember Tawana Brawley, has been preaching .

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  • Has anyone here had any dealings with the Veterans Administration??

    I've been suffering with PTSD since 1968 and lived with it. Hit the wall in 2003 and nearly allowed it to conquer me. Received help from the VA in 2004 and appealed their decision in March of 2005. It's been two years and as yet I haven't had a hearing or for that matter any correspondence from their end concerning my appeal. What's going to happen to all these new troops and their problems in a VA that couldn't even handle the Viet Vets.

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  • Who here admires Lieberman???

    He should be kicked the hell out of the Democratic Party and also not be allowed to call himself an Independant. He's only for Israel and not the USA!!

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  • Who in the name of God above is voting for the American Idle contestants !!!?

    I can't believe how tonights contestants were voted on, my God are people freakn' tone deaf!!! What ya think people!!??

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  • Is Lieberman for real!!!?

    He is only behind the Republicans that are for the war in Iraq. I believe that he is so much in favor of the war due to it's helpfulness to Israel.

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  • Oprah is a racist ???

    By stating that she "she doesn't need white's for her new school in Africa" She's a racist !! Why didn't she open a 30 million dollar academy here in the states. All of a sudden all the entertainers think that they have to adopt children from the African nations, like it's the "IN" thing to do.

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