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  • My dog is throwing up, help!?

    She is a little over a year. She ate her dinner so fast and then threw it up within the last ½ hour. She is drinking water but continues to throw up a little food and clear fluids. I feel so bad for her but I dont know what to give her and also what amount- she is a chihuahua mix weighing 12bs. Please help! I know a visit to the vet is a good idea but it is 11pm here...

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  • My 8yr old has an abnormal x-ray? What does that mean?

    She was complaining of her hip "cracking" when she would climb or do the splits...this started out w/ soreness during a trip, gave her advil and she never really complained about it. Now, a month later it pops. Took her to her Primary Ped's Dr. and he ordered an x-ray of her hips...I get a voice mail telling me the hip x-ray is abnormal and I will need to see a Orthopedist? Please give me some help here!

    To add to this, since the Dr. visit (last friday) she has not complained. She is a typical 8yr old. She loves to climb, jump, swing high on swings and is a daredevil! My Dr.'s office is not open for another 2 hours and I'm going nuts here!

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