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no cutesy name : )

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  • Curious???

    Just was wondering how people use or abuse.. their computer desk?...

    Wondering who the neatniks were and whom, like me, can get their area quite

    My question is..What are the most unusual items on your computer desk right now? I guess mine would be..fingernail polish remover and a

    Thanks!..just for fun, ;)

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  • Men 40+ ???

    Can you tell me if you have any deeply rooted old fashioned values that are a part of you??? I realize it is 2007 and some of these "old fashioned" ideals do not apply. But some things about ourselves never change. What values do you have that would never change? Just curious.

    Thank you. : )

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  • 49 today..yikes!!!!?

    Today is my bday and I have plans to go to a "relaxation" party tonite.Facial, manicure, pedicure..etc.

    I've been very careful with whom I date, but it has been a very longgg dry spell. After the party this group of women will be going to a club and I'm wondering if I should go or not. (most of them are much younger)

    I mean should I go and see what is out there, or not? I don't usually have these kinds of thoughts. I've always been young at heart and looking for fun.

    Maybe I have a little problem with this 49 thing??

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  • Pat on the back???

    A man gave me a kiss and great hug to say goodbye and he patted me on the back? Don't you usually reserve that pat thing for your mothers, grandmothers etc? I would like to know what the "pat" means to you?..Thanks! : )

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  • Don't go lovin' on nobody but me?

    Ok. I was married for MANY years and have been in the dating scene for a short time. (2yrs) My concern is, it seems like the world now is very open about sex. For example, open relationships, threesomes etc. I was a faithful wife for over 20 yrs so this is all so new to me!!! Do people still desire a private, intimate sexual relationship with just one person in this day and age? Why can't one person just be "enough" anymore? I feel so out of the "loop". I'd appreciate your views and comments. Thank you!

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  • Dead or Alive?

    Do you think that romance is fading from the single/dating scene?It seems to me that we have become a culture of hit it and quit it. Move on. I am hoping for as long as there are hearts beating, romance will survive. I hope so. I adore it. Your thoughts?

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