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Im a newspaper reporter and photographer for a small town newspaper. In college I majored in Political Science and history, but minored in music, English, Spanish,philosophy and religion. My studies led me to the National University of Mexico in Mexico City, as well as travelling to both Latin America and Europe. I also worked as an actor for some time, and spent about three years as a disc jockey, playing Oldies music, Big Band and Latin Music. Yes, there is a geek aspect to me - I love Science Fiction and Fantasy, although moreso in books then movies (although Lord of the Rings is just a phenomenal set of films). Movies are another big interest for me - classic, foreign and current. And I love Trivia! I was both blessed and cursed with a desire to find out about the world - a quest that continues today.

  • What is the most difficult song to sing in a Broadway show?

    I'm curious what people consider to be the absolute toughest song to perform - either from a vocal or acting standpoint. For me the toughest by far is "Glitter and Be Gay" from Candide - 3 high E flats above high C - plus several high Cs and D-flats, along with some tricky rhythms. But maybe you consider Bring Him Home (Les Miz), or Johnny One-Note (Babes in Arms) or even the soliloquy from Carousel -

    Here's Kristin Chenoweth's version of Glitter and Be Gay to compare:

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Favorite Chuck Norris joke?

    What's the best Chuck Norris joke you've heard or seen on the web? Mine is "There are no tornadoes - Chuck Norris just hates Trailer Parks"

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  • Who has the best horns in Rock/R&B/Soul?

    I'm talking about the great horns section that played as part of a group - Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire, BST, Commodores, Bill Chase, etc.. Not talking about jazz groups or soloist (sorry no Miles Davis) , or purely instrumental (no Nashville Brass)- but a horn section that was part of a group.

    For me, it would be Tower of Power - best horns in the business - even when they werent recording their own music, they got hired to play for almost everyone else - but who would you vote for?

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  • Django fans - Who is the heir apparent to Django Reinhardt?

    I want to know who you consider the best gypsy jazz guitarist playing today. For me, it is Joscho Stephan, but maybe you consider Stochello Rosenberg or Birelli Lagreneto be the guy.

    Btw - not saying they are better then Django - just who wears the crown these days

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  • What actor in a movie best symbolizes the American Soldier?

    I'm talking about the basic GI Joe - No Superhero types (like Rambo, Chuck Norris) - but just the everyday soldier. For me, its Robert Mitchum in The Longest Day, with John Wayne as Sgt. Stryker in Sands of Iwo Jima and Karl Malden as General Marshall in Patton right behind.

    So who is your favorite?

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  • When will the Beatles catalogue be remastered and released?

    It amazes me that Apple has never taken the trouble to remaster their catalogue - and whatever you think of Love, HELP sounds amazing? Anyone know why it hasn't been done till now, and a possible release date?

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  • If you could bring back any music group or performer, alive or dead, who would you love to see?

    By the way, since The Beatles and Elvis Presley are obvious answers, I want to see other choices. Let me know who and why?

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  • What is the Saddest Song you ever heard? ever heard?

    "He Stopped Loving Her Today" by George Jones - He sings about loving this woman the day they buried her.

    My choices are : "Alone Again, Naturally" by Gilbert O'Sullivan - Just very lonely song in which he sings about his mom dying from grief after his father died.

    Can you come up with any more depressing song then those two?

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  • What is the Best Superhero Movie?

    Saw this on MSN and thought it was a good q. In your opinion, what is the best movie based on a superhero? Btw, havent seen Superman Returns, so don't know how to judge.

    This was the MSN list - 10. Rocketeer. 9. Spy Kids. 8. Hellboy. 7. Inframan. 6. Darkman. 5. Superman II. 4. The Incredibles. 3. Spiderman. 2. Batman Returns. and 1. - X-Men.

    What do you think?

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