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  • I need some quick info fast?

    how do you make a bong? I seen someone make one out of a honey bottle before.

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  • Men: What should I do? women u can help too?

    I just need some suggestions on what to get my boyfriend for his birthday. He will be 28yrs old and I just want it to be really good.

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  • What have i gotten myself into?

    I lost touch with an ex for about 2yrs. That whole time he has been looking for me and vice versa. We just found each other again and have been "dating" for the past 2 weeks. I LOVE this boy but the previous relationship with him was not the best. I gave him everything i had in me and didnt get much in return. Since that time i have grown and learned from past mistakes with him so i have just been taking it slow so as not to get too wrapped up in him and i am doing great with that part. The problem is now I MAY be pregnant by him and am coming to the realization that after all that time not much has changed with him. I still care about him so i would not mind the child being by him because we have history but he hasnt changed much and i think i am gonna get major hurt if i have a child by him. I dont want to get an abortion i tried emergency contraception i dont think it worked. i am taking a test tomorrow. If i am pregnant i think i am screwed

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  • i need support!!?

    I was assaulted last week. Some crack head man tried to rob me. He snuck up behind me and started hitting me in my head several times with an unknown object. I had to have 7 staples in my head i am grateful to even be alive. He didnt even get any money from me. He stole my purse and i had a nice sum of money in there only he took the wallet out and threw my purse down with money still in purse. I also do not keep my credit cards or id or anything in my wallet only thing in there was my insurance cards and ss card. I know it could have been worse and i am happy that it wasnt but i am so nervous to go anywhere anymore. It was 11:30 am that this happened..broad daylight!

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  • how long??

    I dated a guy from when i was 22 until i was 25. I really liked him i thought everything about him was perfect...only he was dating a bunch of other girls and would not settle down. We were young and i understand that. Anyways I am 26 now and have not been in touch with him for the past year. I really thought by now i would be over him but i still want to see him and dont have a clue of where he is. Which is probably a good thing. I have dated so many other guys and sometimes i like them but most times i dont and as hard as i try not to i always compare them to him. How long does it take to get over someone? If ever...Can u really feel like someone was made for u?

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  • what to do?

    I will make this a short as possible...I have a guy friend we have been friends since highscool. We worked together for 3yrs and we dated for a while. He is a great guy but I am not really physically attracted to him so we stopped dating but still remained friends. I never cared who he dated until I found out he was dating a mutual friend of ours. Me and her are no longer friends (not over him) but now he wants to be in a relationship with me. I already told him no because of her but he won't let up. I feel kinda pressured to give him a chance cause he is a great fun person to be around but when i think of how he dated her knowing we were friends it turns me all the way off. what can I tell him or what can i do...I mean they had sex and everything??

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