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  • Why does riteaid ask to see my id for stuff the gas station across the street doesn't?

    **I am ranting in this a lot** I thought that it wasn't illegal for a minor to to purchase matches, flints, or lighters in Michigan. So first question would be is it illegal? If its not then why does riteaid ask for an id? I tried to buy a zippo from riteaid when I was 15 but they asked for my id because they said I had to be 18. Well I tried showing them my college id and hope that they would assume someone in college would be older than 18 but they didn't fall for it. I went through that a few times in case someone wouldn't care to ask for an id. Now that I'm 18 I went to riteaid to buy a zippo but I didn't have an id so my friend tried showing them his temp permit or something with a photo id but they said it had to be an actual drivers license. i got a zippo as a gift a while ago and needed some flints for it but when I went to buy it at riteaid they asked for my id. Now, if it is illegal for a minor to buy a lighter then ok, but why would it be illegal for flint? I tried showing them my passport but it expired less than a week ago so they couldn't take it. I know its expired but my date of birth hasn't changed in the past week after it expired so I wouldn't think that it should be a problem. Riteaid has been really bad in my opinion. When I tried to get the flints I waited like 5 minutes when I was the only person in line because everyone at the register were off to the side talking and then went outside to smoke. I saw a man with his wife, both obviously no younger than 30 with their kid who looked under 9 years old. They were buying some sort of alcohol but the lady at the register wouldn't sell it to them because their kid wasn't 21. Also, me being a teenager and just having my backpack 90% of the time I always leave it on the floor at the door when I go into gas stations/pharmacies if I'm asked to or not yet I was accused of shop lifting at rite aid because the tagged cap to a bottle of vodka was on the floor and a bottle was missing so the lady, who wouldn't sell to a couple with their kid, accused me of stealing it when i had no place to even hide it. (If you read this far then you are awesome and patient. If your answer is something along the lines of "why do you even go there" or "you shouldn't need any of that stuff" then you aren't very good at this.)

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  • Anyone know this old cartoon movie? I don't remember much, it had an insanely strong little girl.?

    One part I remember was that this abnormally strong girls is at home alone and 2 thieves come to try to steal a heavy chest. She agrees to lend it to the 2 guys for a while and they spend a while struggling to carry it away. After a while the girl goes back to them and tells them she is going to take it back now so she picks it up with one hand and carries it back. I think her dad is gone somewhere and has been gone for a while and that the chest is his. I'm sure its before 2000.

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  • Should someone with multiple personalities be able to be a therapist?

    Someone with MPD could have a harmful or dangerous personality. Would someone like that be suitable to talk to others about their problems?

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