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  • What are my chances of getting into RISD?

    Hey, i'm a senior in high school interested in a design college. I live in california and have checked out all of the major designs schools out here, so far the only one i like is the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, but it's just too close to home for me. I'm interested in interior design, and so far my first choice school is RISD, however, i seriously doubt i have the grades to get in. I have not been able to find on the school's website any information about the GPA required for admittance, but my GPA is roughly a 3.3, and my sat score was 1740 (660 CR, 490 M, 590 W) and i am planning on retaking it in october, this time studying like CRAZY. Also, i am taking privilege summer courses at AAU for Interior Design as well as Fashion Journalism. I am also extremely interested in writing and English Lit, however i prefer writing as an on-the-side type of thing for me. I took art this past year in school and according to my classmates was, "one of the best,". I don't have any of my work available on the web, but i do have examples of my writing on my blog for my fashion journalism class (

    Anyways, i am really just curious on my chances at getting into RISD, and also any other suggestions of good colleges i should look into for design and/or writing, journalism, english etc.

  • i like him, and he knows. now i am to nervous around him to talk.?

    I have liked this guy in my class for quite a while, and just recently I found out he knows. Before I knew that he knew, I was fine around him and we would talk and flirt occasionally. But now that I know he knows I just get really nervous and tense up. Like he gives me hugs sometimes, and he's showed a little interest, such as asking my friend if i was there after school when i had left, and little things like that, but I also know he is currently " talking" with another girl, so i don't really know what to do. We were friends more last year because we had classes together, and we don't have any together this year, which also makes it hard because I'm not seeing him as often.

    What are some conversation starters I could use when he gives me hugs that don't sound too awkward, and how can i tell if he is really interested in me? How in general can i just get over my nervousness?

    thank you! i know i sort of put a lot of questions out there lol.

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  • 16th and 17th century France?

    1. What colonies did France hold during the 16th and 17th centuries?

    2.How did those colonies change life in France? (how was it changed economically, politically, etc, by its American empire?)

    3. How did life change for the conquered peoples (socially, politically, culturally, etc) in each of the colonies held by France?

    please help me answer these questions!!! i can't seem to find them when i search in google....a whole bunch of rubbish comes up...either that or books which do me no good because i can't actually read them online.

    thank you!

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  • music for thanksgiving/ autumn?

    i'm having my family over for thansgiving this year, and its the first year that they are coming here, not vice versa. So i wanted to have some music playing while they are over, and i was wondering what are some songs with an 'autumn-ish' of 'thanksgiving-ish' sound or feel to them? i don't meen like songs about thanking the lord, etc. just something that puts one in the mood for autumn....if you know what i mean?

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  • last minute halloween costume!!!!?

    i'm 16, i need something i can make from what i have around my house....and i want it to be cute, not scary...not like whorish, but almost there if you know what i mean? lol. it would help if it were people my age who are more likely to know what i would want to wear, not people my mom's age haha.

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  • history essay!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!?

    ok so pretty much i have to write a paper about how i would treat my 'people' if i were a conqueror....which is all well and fine but i need examples from history and i cant seem to find any to support my arguments, which are these: Socially, i would allow my people freedom so that they don't feel to caged, and they wont be prone to revolting. religiously they can preactice what ever religion they want as long as they stay respectful ( i was thinking of using Akbar as an example here). And Politicaly i would put my own leaders in control and take the political power away from the leaders that i had conquored.

    I hope this is'nt to hard to understand, and i'm sorry for any mispellings...i'm just sort of freeking out because its do tomorrow, and usuailly essays+history are my strong points...and i'm not used to having to ask for help!. lol

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  • loose 10 pounds?

    i dont have a specific time in which i would like to loose the weight.....well maybe by before christmas, which i am sure is plenty of time... (10 pounds at least) but i do have a problem in that i often forget that i am on a diet, or i forget to do the workout one day nad then just give up. so i need either an easey diet plan or a easy workout that does not take up much time ( preferably the workout...just because dieting really messes me up with my family's plans...) and also if anyone has any tips on ways to remember to do the workout...

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  • baby bunny dropped?

    i was just holding my baby rabbit, it was just born last wed. and it was with its siblings, and it fell off my lap and hit the floor. i am so scared. its nose is bleeding. i dont know what to do.

    someone help me?

    i know this sounds like i am really irresponsible, but i am not. i have raised baby rabbits before, and they have all surviveed to grow up strong. i just dont know what to do now.

    please reply asap.

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  • define 'joog'?

    ahhhhh everyone keeps saying it. why cant i figure it out? hhaha....something eh...sexual....i know

    ( its obvously slang lol for those of you who couldnt figure THAT out hah)

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  • homework help?

    can someone please summerize the following 'news headlines' to me in three sentences...and also maybe add how these events are almost like repeats of history?

    here they are:

    Global Warming

    The War in Iraq

    and whats going on in Darfur right now.

    also, i dont want anyone on here to get me wrong and think i am some sort of stupid girl, i've seen how people on here are treated for the questions they ask, and its just well....stupid.

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  • modern dance studios in Berkeley, California?

    I want to start up dancing again, and the last place i took lessons i didnt really like ( sherrie's dance studio, el sobrante).

    I am most interested in Modern dance, and Hip Hop.

    does anyone know of a good studio in the berekley, el cerrito, pinole area where i could do lessons?

    * i'm a beginner*

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  • i have low self confidence..?

    sometimes i feel like i am the prettiest girl in the room, where as other days i just want to curl up in bed and cry about my looks.

    i know this is very very shallow of me, but here are some pictures of myself, could you please answer them HONESTLY, am i pretty? below average...whatever you want to say.


    the pictures:





    on the last one i am the one in the middle.

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  • it seems i only cry in dreams?

    lately i have been noticing ( from just the other night till last easter) that alot of my dreams involve me crying hysterically.

    the thing is, used to be the world's biggest cry baby. i would cry about anything and everything. but since about 7th or 8th grade i slowly stopped crying about things...i htought i was just growing out of it, but now i dont cry at all!!!

    ( well i meen i do i little bit...but its so little i dont count it) but i cry in basically all of my dreams that ican rememeber.

    do you think this meens anything?

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  • virgo and gemini?

    are vergos and gemini a good match for each other?

    for a romanitc relationship, or juss friendship, either one is fine. preferably the first one tho ;)

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  • where can i find songs without the words in them?

    i'm specifically looking for the song " make me Better" by Ne-yo & Fabulous, but toher songs are good to.

    i just want the music tho, without the words in it

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  • stretching?

    ok so its a very well known fact that stretching is good for the body.....but what exactly IS so good about it?

    what are its benefits? both physical and emotional?

    i used to be very flexible...becuase i did gymnastics when i was little....but lately i cant do anything anymore!!! not even touch my toes...any good, easey, quick, stretch ideas?

    thanks....and sorry, i know thats alot of question packed into one =)

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  • how can i get my eyebrows to become thicker, but also lighter in color?

    i have been plucking my eyebrows for about 3 or 4 years now ( i am 15) and i was wondering how can i get them to become thicker, but also lighter in color? my hair is naturally dark, but i would like lighter eyebrows. I know going to a salon to get anything done is out of the question ( MOM grrrrr) but something i can do at home? also, they are not very even..... anything that can help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Smile, its contagious?

    everyone says to attract a guy/girls attention you should smile...but in my openion my smile is ugly. I HATE IT. lol. should i still smile??? its not like i would be going around looking sad/mad not smiling...but you know what i meen right?

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  • i like this guy at my school who is popular..?

    its not that i'm not popular or anything....and i am friends with alot of his friends....but for some reason its hard for me to approach him or think of anything to say to him. We're not in the same grade, so we dont have any classes together ( we are the saemage tho, dont worry) so that makes it hard to...any ideas on how to start a conversation with a guy i've never talked to???

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  • Throughout the day my skin turns redish?

    I have some acne, its not severe, but its definatly there. And i htink that may be why, but during the day my skin on my face starts to turn red. It also gets oily, and my pimples start to show up more. I do wear makeup, but by the end of the day it doesnt help much, and i dont want my skin to look pasty if i put to much on. any idea's on how i can reduce the redness??? please&&thanks

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