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  • My boss says "Find coverage or you cannot call out."?

    I m a full time employee who rarely calls out of work if at all. In the year 2018 I called out 1 single time all year. I have accrued sick time available, and I need to call out for 1 day.

    Reasoning: I have a Wake, Mass, and Funeral to attend to on this day, but this wouldn t be good enough to use sick time I know. I also have a doctor appointment this day which impacts my sleep schedule for work (I work nights). So I get out of work at 7AM, have the Wake, Funeral, and Mass to attend. At 4pm I have a doctor appointment which is 5 miles away, I have no ride, so I will have to ride my bike. By the time I get home from the appointment it will be around 7pm, giving me at best 2 hours to sleep before waking up to go to work again.

    Can she legally tell me I cannot call out for a single day period because there is no coverage (She can cover she won t.) even though its for a medical reason and I have the time to use?

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  • 7, 8 hour work days consecutively in Massachusetts?

    I’m a full time shift leader at a truck stop and my manager consistently schedules me 7 days consecutively, once I even had 11. The hours end up being split between 2 work weeks so it doesn’t exceed 40 hours. But I read somewhere that every full time employee is required to be given 1 day of rest out of every 7. The 7th consecutive day the first 8 hours are time and a half and anything after is double time.

    So I should be getting time and a half on this 7th day.

    If I didn’t want to work more than 6 in a row I can legally decline.

    Is this correct?

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  • Good adult automatic four wheeler?

    Hey guys, I want to get away from my gaming pc so I want to buy a four wheeler. I don’t know anything about them at all, so I’m hoping I can list me needs and get an answer.

    I’m not looking to hit jumps, do tricks, or race. All I want is a durable four wheeler with decent power to it to ride some trails. I was thinking of getting a 150cc utility to carry some things, but my friend says 150cc is really weak? Again I’m not looking to climb a mountain or go 200mph.

    My price range is $1000 to $2000. Any info is appreciated. I don’t know what brands are good, or what cc is best for a 180lb adult.

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  • The Forest Video Game, how do the cannibals survive?

    This question has 2 parts

    Part 1: The only food source they feed on is human flesh. The problem with this is that the only people we can find them feeding on are the ones who were on the plane when it crashed. So what humans have they been eating prior to the crash? If we look around the penninsula you’ll see bodies and body parts that would equate to hundreds or thousands of human lives. A plane can hold up to 800 passengers, so it could be accurate but I feel there are more than 800 lives taken from all the body parts and bodies. Even if the count is accurate it still does not explain who they were eating prior.

    Part 2: How could cannibals form any kind of society at all, wouldn’t they be killing and eating each other? I doubt they are civilized enough to have a pact to not eat each other.

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  • Do you sleep with a fan? Recommend me one?

    I want to buy a new fan that is F'ing LOUD. I like to sleep with a jet engine next to my head to block out ALL noise, this engine takes a lot of energy though.

    Do any of you fine people sleep with a VERY LOUD fan? If so please tell me which one you use.

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  • Are you worried about the tensions between the US and North Korea?

    Personally, I'm worried. Though I have not lived long enough to see how tensions like this play out, but it seems an attack from North Korea is inevitable. If Trump is correct, and they've been working toward an attack on the US for 25 years, do you think there is any chance that diplomacy could resolve this, or is war the only option left?

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  • Massachusetts Vape Laws?

    I'm trying to find out whether or not it is illegal to vape inside at a public place, like a Walmart. From what I found there are no state laws prohibiting the use of a vape inside.

    Maybe someone with some experience could give me a definitive answer on this? Does it also depend what Town/City your in as well? Maybe their laws won't reflect state laws?

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  • Would you buy a Gaming PC on Craigslist?

    I have been building solid gaming computers for years for myself, friends, and family. Not everyone knows how or wants to deal with the hassle of building a PC. My question to you is whether or not you'd buy one off of Craigslist.

    The buyer would be able to come over and thoroughly test and benchmark the machine they are interested in. The PC would come with a Retail version of windows. As well as manufacturer warranties for each PC part. They would be paying for parts and a small build fee or labor fee.

    I also have my own website I'm working on, it isn't done yet but it should help with sales because they'll see a professional site unlike most sellers on Craigslist.

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  • Buying things with Cinema money? Illegal?

    You can buy cinema money online that looks very similar to US Curency. Would it be illegal to attempt to purchase something from a store with it? The store of course only takes US currency. If the cashier failes to check the bills they should be at blame, and it's not counterfeit US currency either, It just looks like US currency.

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  • DDOS Protecting a Game Server?

    I'm wondering how you can protect a game server from DDOS attacks, Specifically a Minecraft server. Does anyone have experience with this? What service provider did you use?

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  • Is giving a portion of profits to a charity a good sales tactic?

    Will this cause people to purchase from you more or just make them feel better about the purchase they were going to make anyway.

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  • Rank or Title Lower than Lord but Higher than Knight?

    I need another rank for my Minecraft server, This rank will be between Knight and Lord and should be historically accurate. The only thing I can think of is Captain but this just doesn't sound right to me.

    Here are the current ranks.

    - Settler

    - Squire

    - Knight

    - Captain (The rank I want changed.)

    - Lord

    - Prince/Princess

    - King/Queen

    If you can think of another rank that fits between any other ranks let me know.

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  • Do Lords serve Kings?

    What is a Lord and who is higher then them in the hierarchy. I m pretty sure Lords rule portions of a King s Kindom and obey his commands. Correct?

    2 AnswersOther - Education4 years ago
  • Is it illegal to blackmail someone in Massachusetts?

    Educated answers only please.

    In Massachusetts is it illegal to Blackmail someone, Is blackmail and extortion the same in MA?

    Example. Man finds that a business owner has cheated on his wife and has documentation proving so. The man demands payment for his silence, If payment is not sent the sensitive information is delivered to those who would care.

    Illegal? Blackmail or Extortion in MA? What ramifications if it is illegal.

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Cool things to put in a PC?

    I'm looking to customize my build further I just can't stop, Does anyone know of some cool things to put in the computer to be seen from the window? Things that are NOT Led light strips or fans or a Water cooler, I already have all that.

    I need to add more red to the inside whether it's an led object or not, I'm thinking of buying some red sleeves pci cables to replace the black ones I have now.

    1 AnswerDesktops4 years ago
  • Keeping PC Led Light Stip ON when PC is OFF?

    I want my led light strips to stay powered ON when my PC is turned OFF. The only thing I can think of is a Molex to USB, Plugging the molex to the strips and the USB run to the outside of the case plugged into a back USB port. Will this work? Or do you know of a way that has worked for you?

    PC4 years ago
  • How much should a 2ND PC for streaming & recording cost?

    I'm looking to build a second PC for streaming and recording. I'm not really sure what I should be getting to do so, I assume you won't need a graphics card since a capture card will pull the image from the gaming PC. So onboard graphics should be fine? I'm not sure how powerful it would need to be so any info is appreciated.

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  • Legitimate Weed Website?

    Weed is now legalized it Massachusetts, However plans for shops that will sell marijuana products are scheduled for sometime in 2018. I'm wondering if there is a website I could order from that is legal to ship into Massachusetts.

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Checking if you owe amazon money?

    I purchased a 4K monitor from amazon via bank transfer. As expected a couple of days later I see the transaction pending in my bank account. The next day the charge is completely gone with out a record on my bank statement and the funds are still there. I also ordered a display cable in a separate order, They took that money and there is a record of it on my bank statement.

    So the obvious answer is to contact amazon and see what happened, But I would rather not since it seems I got the monitor for free somehow.

    Is there a way to check if you owe amazon money from your account online?

    3 AnswersPersonal Finance4 years ago
  • Delivering to an abandoned address?

    I moved recently to a new home in the same town, I had to use a bank transfer as payment on amazon. However the only way I could use this payment option is if the package is delivered to my old address, Which is still my property until the end of the month. The package will arrive before then but there is a sticker on my door stating no one is currently living there or it is abandoned. Will this be a problem? Or will they drop the package there anyway.

    The address is NOT abandoned as I m still going back for items, I plan on removing the sticker anyway but I would like some opinions.

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago