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  • Vibrations in groin area and sides?

    So for the past 4-5 months I have been getting these strange vibrations in my groin area and my sides. They almost feel like a stomach growl but they aren't. I also have been having side,lower back and groin cramps during these past 5 months. I heard some where that the vibrations are because I have to poop but they have happened even when I don't have to. I am a 17 year old male.

    1 AnswerMen's Health7 years ago
  • Girl I like either acting really shy or really energetic around me?

    Alright so I like this girl (duh) and she always either acts really shy around me or energetic. For example: Today she came up and started talking to me and started talking to me she seemed like she was really happy to see me. but about 20 minutes later she started acting really shy, like whenever I would saying something to her she would do some kind of mumble thing and then she just started avoiding me. so what does this mean? This also isn't the first time she has done this. Also one last question. Is it weird that I am 2 years older than her?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • Leopard gecko shaking rapidly? seizure?

    About 5 minutes my male leopard gecko who is about 5 months old started shaking very rabidly and I am not sure what it meant but I am pretty sure it wasn't good. Before he did it he was quickly opening and closing his mouth and his back was in sort of a arch. He is fine right now but I would like to know what happened so I can try to prevent from happening.

    If in case your wondering I have on paper towels as a substrate he is in a 10 gallon tank and has 2 hides (one humid one warm) and I feed him crickets and mealworms with calcium on them every other day. please answer I am very worried about him.

    2 AnswersReptiles7 years ago
  • Easy songs to learn in ASL?

    For my ASL class in highschool we have to pick a song to sign. I am having a hard time finding one because the majority of songs I like either are a faster pace or have tons of figurative language. I would prefer it to be modern rock because I like bands like Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin. Three Days Grace and Shinedown

    1 AnswerLanguages8 years ago
  • Is it true that listening to non-christian music is a sin?

    So there is this youtube channel called "Aprilandwayneshow" and they make videos exposing Illuminati stuff and they do a good job at it to. But at the end of the videos they list a whole bunch of sins (Murdering, rape, stealing etc) but one of them is "Listening to non-christian music". Is that really a sin?

    I know that listening to satanic music would be a sin, But non-christian in general seems a little strange

    Here is a link to there youtube channel for those wondering:

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality8 years ago
  • The related videos on youtube have disappeared?

    When Im watching a video on youtube the area where the related videos usually are is just completely blank. Does anyone know how i can fix this?

    2 AnswersYouTube8 years ago
  • Need some new bands to listen to?

    The majority of the bands I listen to are not coming out with any new material any time soon so I need some new stuff to listen to. I mostly listen to Disturbed/Device, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin,Slipknot, Halestorm, some linkin park, seether and skillet. What are some bands like those ones? Im pretty much open to anything whether its classic rock or even screamo. just no Pop or Rap

    9 AnswersRock and Pop8 years ago
  • What just happened to my computer?

    I clicked on google chrome and it open the browser 200 times and i couldnt close any of them. So i turned off my computer now when i try to turn it on it justs makes this really annoying beeping noise. I didnt download anything recently so I dont think it was virus. Does anyone know what just happened?

    2 AnswersDesktops8 years ago
  • whats an easy song to play on guitar for very new beginers?

    I just started learning to play guitar today and I know its too early to learn any songs yet, But im just wondering what are some easy songs to play preferably by Breaking Benjamin or Three Days Grace

    2 AnswersOther - Music8 years ago
  • What are some durable earbuds?

    I have tried sony, gumi and skullcandy earbuds. I am mostly constantly listening to music and so far all of the earbuds ive tried have only lasted a couple of weeks and I would really like a pair that will last alot longer and in reasonable price (below $100) and i do not play my music extremely loud

    1 AnswerMusic & Music Players8 years ago
  • How to delete pictures off my ipod?

    I recently synced my ipod to my computer and while syncing It started putting my pictures from my computer ( which is alot) to my ipod and now my ipod is other half filled with pictures. I went in my photo album on my ipod and while trying to delete the photos there was no trash can icon. Is there anyway i can delete these photos off my ipod without reseting it? if not how do i save all of my app data and stuff on my ipod so i dont lose all of it?

    2 AnswersMusic & Music Players8 years ago
  • Is the haunted majoras mask creepy pasta real?

    I know this is kind of a stupid question but i recently read the haunted majoras mask or BEN creepypasta and at the very end of it theres a long space but after the space it said " you shouldnt have done that matt" i know that might not sound creepy to you but the story is about someone taking over someones computer. Im not sure if its just at the end it just happened to say my name or is something really happening here?

    4 AnswersComputer Networking8 years ago
  • why does arma 2 keep crashing?

    I have recently downloaded the game Arma 2 so i could play the Dayz mod. but as of right now I have no mods installed and when ever I start up the game it will load a little bit and then crash and then a message comes up on my screen and says "Bad animation file format in file". Does anyone know how i can fix this problem?

    1 AnswerSoftware8 years ago
  • How to improve my videos?

    I have a YouTube account and I do let's plays like scp containment breach and minecraft and I think my videos are good and I am confident with and for some reason I can't get subscribers. If you have ideas to improve my videos please tell me. My channel name is WAFFLEepic

    1 AnswerYouTube8 years ago