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  • IPod 5 Vs. iPad mini?

    Ok so my birthday is coming up an I'm torn between the iPod 5 and the iPad mini. I like the iPod 5 because its small, accessible, and slim. I like the iPad mini because its small but big, awesome, and slim too. But I don't like how I can't skate with it in my pocket. Please help

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  • Best Men's Color for Vans?

    Decided to get a new pair of vans authentics.

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories8 years ago
  • Vans Authentic VS. Nike Janoski's?

    I'm trying to pick. Vans are old school, classy, and cheap but I really the Janoski's.

    7 AnswersFashion & Accessories8 years ago
  • Reptisun 10.0 vs. Mercury Vapor Bulbs for UVB Rays?

    Ok so I'm 13 and this year I got so lucky and I got a Bearded Dragon for Christmas. After researching for what seemed to be hours at end, I only face one issue. I'm not sure if I should choose the Reptisun 10.0 or a Mercury Vapor Bulb. I've heard that the Reptisun 10.0 goes out very quickly and/or tend to flicker. I've also heard that Mercury Vapor Bulbs can be dangerous and have a very short lifespan. In your guys opinion which do you think is better? Have you guys had bad experiences with one or the other? And which one would you recemend for me? And which has the longest lifespan? Thanks!

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  • Are there any Reptiles that don't eat Live Foods?

    Other than tortises, skinks, iguanas, uromastyx, and chuckwallas.

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  • How does this Bearded Dragon Diet sound?

    Ok so I'm 13 and this year for Christmas I really really really want a Bearded Dragon. But my mom doesn't really like the live insect aspect. So I decided on the commercial dieted foods. But I will mix it up: how does this diet sound?

    DAILY: commercial food mixed in with fresh veggies

    EVERY OTHER DAY: 2-3 crickets.

    And I have heard many stories that people have had Bearded Dragons that would not touch the pellet food. But I would start this food with a baby.


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  • Bearded Dragon Lighting Questions?

    Ok so I'm 13 and this year for Christmas I rlly rlly want a bearded dragon. And I have a couple questions. For UVB and UVA lighting can I use a normal dome light with a UVA and UVB bulb? And can I use a double dome for the night and day heat bulbs?


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  • Can I feed a Juvenile Bearded Dragon only Fluckers Bearded Dragon Buffet?

    I'm 13 and thinking about getting one.

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  • Do Chameleons get Boring?

    Ok so I'm 13 and this year for Christmas I really really want a Chameleon. I had earlier considered a Leopard Gecko but I thought the Chameleon was a whole lot cooler. But yeh. Do they get boring? And I was thinking, if I got a baby from a breeder and handled him/her very often, do you think buy adulthood he/she would be tolerant of handling. Thanks!

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  • Diet of Commercial Foods?

    Ok I'm 13 and this year I really really really want a Bearded Dragon for Christmas. I have been doing tons of research and I really hope to get one. But I have some questions about their diet. I was wondering If I could feed my baby Bearded Dragon a diet of mostly commercial foods. I would be sure to give him/her live foods sometimes but would this be okay? And of course I would be feeding veggies as well.

    1 AnswerReptiles8 years ago
  • Bearded Dragon vs. Leopard Gecko?

    Ok so I'm 13 and I really really really want a reptile for Christmas this year. I have narrowed it down to 2 the Leopard Gecko and Bearded Dragon. They are both great but I really want one I can hold a lot, firstly bite. Isn't mean, and is relatively easy to care for. Please help quick!!


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  • Canned or Freeze Dried Crickets?

    Ok so I'm 13 and this year I really really really want a Bearded Dragon for Christmas. I have been doing a TON of research. And theres one problem: my mom doesn't really want to be driving to the nearest Petsmart (15 minute drive) once a week or once every 2 weeks to get crickets. So I was wondering if I could feed my beardie freeze dries or canned crickets for his steady diet. I would surely feed him live food every once in a while but would this be okay?


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  • Bearded Dragon Questions?

    Ok I'm 13 and this year I really really really want a bearded dragon for Christmas. I have been doing TONS of research and I am very prepared. But the problem is my mom. She does not want a lizard at all. My dad said he will talk to my mom about it and he has but he said I have to show him that I really want one. He said in a week that if I really still want one he and my mom will consider it. The only problem is that I need to show him that I won't get bored of him and not loose intrest, I know that sounds stupid but let me explain. I just need to show my parents that I will treat him/her with love and offer him a good home. But :( I dont know how to show them. Please help.

    And if I do end up getting one should I get a baby or an adult and should I get him/her from Petsmart or a local breeder?


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  • Answers to Reptile Questions?

    Ok so I'm 13 and I really really really want a Bearded dragon for Christmas. I'm trying to do a lot of research to impress my parents so that my chances of getting one will be greater. So I have heard a lot about how much to feed them and it sounds like too much. I hope to get a baby and I just don't know how much to feed him. I was thinking 3 crickets and a salad every other day. Does that sound pretty good? But the big problem is that my mom doesnt want to run to Petsmart weekly to get these crickets so maybe freeze-dried ones would be a way better choice. I really would like that instead of live crickets, would that be okay? So yeh, I just don't know what to do feeding wise because if I have to be running to Petsmart weekly/monthly, then I don't think I can offer a bearded dragon a suitable home.

    And if so, are there any reptiles that require little to no live foods perfect for a beginner. Cause I really want the Bearded Dragon but another reptile might be more suitable.


    2 AnswersReptiles8 years ago
  • New Plant and New Fish Choice?

    Ok so I'm 13 and I have a 30 gallon tropical aquarium. Right now I have no live plants and a blue gourami 3 tiger barbs 3 Colombian tetras 1 Pictus catfish 1 african leaf fish and to zebra danios. Hopefully this weekend I am going to head over to Petsmart and buy some live plants and new fish for my tank. So I am extremely interested on the German blue ram and I really would like to buy a pair but are they hard to keep.I have heard many stories that they are extremely difficult. (I would consider myself intermediate in fish-keeping) Next I really want 2 angle fish and think they would look great. Third I would like another gourami for my first one. An lastly I would like a few platys. How do u think this assortment sounds. But I also don't know about the two zebra danios, one of them was eaten by my Pictus. Should I just leave them or kill them, maybe? (not meaning to sound mean or cruel) And can u guys recommend some beginner plants and how do u think my fish choice sounds. 2 much?


    2 AnswersFish8 years ago
  • Fishing off the Beach in SW Michigan?

    Ok I'm thirteen and I usually go fishing off my kayak in the summer. But since it's fall and winter is closing in really fast I want to do some beach fishing today. I did it in Florida with GREAT success but will it work on the lake? If so how far sould I cast out? Will the fish be active now? And I rlly don't care what type of fish I catch I just want to catch something. And will hot dogs work for bait cuz I'm out of worms and bugs so yeh. Thanks!

    1 AnswerFishing8 years ago
  • How to download iOS 6???

    Ok so I'm thirteen and for some reason I can't download iOS 6. I've gone to settings, then general, then I can't find software update. It's so annoying so can u guys help me out. R there any links out there tht will give me a website I can use to download it. But not on the computer on iPod touch 4. Alright thx guys!

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  • 2 person Betta Condo or one in general?

    Ok so I'm 13 and I need a Betta condo for my 30 gallon tropical community aquarium. I would like a 2 Betta fish one but 1 would be great to. Can u guys recommend any or some other ones tht would work. Thanks! PLZZZZZ ANSWER QUICK!!!!!

    1 AnswerFish8 years ago
  • Can anyone recommend a 2 person Betta condo and one in general?

    Ok so I'm looking for a 2 person Betta condo or one in general. Can one of u guys please recommend a good one with maybe adjustable walls. I need one for my 30 gallon community aquarium. Thanks! PLEASE ANSWER QUICKLY!!!!!

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate8 years ago