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I'm happy and excited I believe every thing happens for a reason and I'm in a good place in my life right now !!! and luvving every minute of it 8)

  • Future in laws!!! HELP :/?

    I've been with my boyfriend for 4 yrs. now and engaged for a year. He finally broke down and told me his parents always have asked n made dumb comments about me and my kids because he has a son from his previous marriage. I noticed his mom treating me different more and more lately and I still act nice and respectfully but on fathers day was the end of my rope I've been there for them when times have been tough I'm the one who has made all the food to surprise mom on her bday or made the food for almost everything and it gone unappreciated. Long story short on fathers day I sat next to him n his mom told me like 4 times that only the dad should sit at the table even though other wifes were sitting w there hubbys after her telling me over n over I hadn't even sat down I just walked by n got my plate n sat outside. My boyfriend wrnt outside n told his mom to stop bossing him around cuss when he git up she told him to stay put.

    The next day my bf went over to get smthn. And his dad told him they needed to talk bout how I was rude to them n made up a story about me calling his mom a nicknames FALSE !! he stood up for me but what hurts is that they told him to break ul with me and I'm not allowed at there house they told him I'm gonna cheat on him because I'm pretty :( how dumb is that.

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  • IS MY FIANCEE A Mamas boy?? :/ guys help!!?

    Well I've been having a problem for about 2 months w/ him now because his family was nice. But all of a sudden they make dumb comments about me like telling my soon to be step son to push me when we're at their house and so on Now my guy says he's gonna defend me but they continue with the poor treatment. I could degenerate myself but since I love him I'd rather stay quiet rather than insulting his mom or SIS n hurting him, but for example today he told me while I was getting in bed that be agreed with his mom what to get for our cousins graduation. It's 3 girls and I thought we were going to pick the gift together because he asked me so I got the gifts today. When he told me it pissed me off because really anything she says he does and when he told ne I called him a mamas boy n asked him who he was in a relationship with? He told me j over react and to return what I got ! His mom talks to him about my wedding but never to me n he gets mad because I tell him she should talk to me to :( but she doesn't his answer is its his mom n she doesn't have to talk to me... Are you kidding me I'm the bride to be. Then he yelled at me because he said I was talking sh** n told me I knew where the door was. I told him since you make all the decisions with your mom you and her should plan the wedding and I don't have to clean or cook because he's always listening to mom and disregarding me. And of course he told me not to reminded him.

    Please what do I do o did I mentioned they live across the street.

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  • What should I do with my in-laws?

    We've been together for 4yrs. now but his mom makes rude and stupid comments when we're in the middle of a fam. reunion then she tells my Lil girl to not call her son my fiance daddy. Now his sister texted him to go to lunch with his mom and son (just you). How do I continue with this problem? I mean I'm good to them, I cook and make them food on request because I'm a chef. They just make me feel insignificant in the fam. and my fiance tells me to dnt worry about it. But he won't open his mouth!! Any ideas on what to do??

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  • Does this happen when smoking weed?

    I've only smoked twice and both times I here my boyfriend make comments that he later says are not true and I'm being paranoid. Please help I sware I hear him clearly and when I ask him like wtf he changes it is this normal?? Or am I trippin!

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  • All my bestfriends DISSED ME Y?

    Ok so when they need me I'm always there for them. I mean I help them move,financially, throw them baby showers etc. What best friends are supposed to do. But when it comes to me and my bday or hanging out with me and my man they always have excuses. I just got engaged and she didn't even congratulate me. She's married but doesn't have a ring. My fiancee says that their haters and they only talk to me when I'm down to make themselves feel good.

    What would you do?

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  • Should I give him what he wants?

    My bf of 4yrs has repeatedly told me we need a break but we live together and are talking about marriage and setting the dates. But whenever he get a lil upset or frustrated he tells me we need a break it really hurts my feelings cuss I do everything for him. Then he apologizes and we kiss n make up but this time its different I just can't ignore it again it hurts me so much when he says it. I'm really affectionate and am always massaging him and taking care of him all I wanted was a lil bit of that in return and I got yelled at + more he's come several times to try to get me into bed but I just can't go this time should I just leave him for the weekend since its what he's been saying over n over?

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  • Does anyone know what I can do to get CHILDSUPPORT ? Please I need help.?

    Ok I was married for 10 yrs now divorced my ex is iligal in ca. he has a lawyer cuss he's appealing but they won't give me any info and we have 2 children together he hasn't paid childsupport for 2yrs now, and we've been seperated for almost 4yrs. Please any ideas or numbers are appreciated I'm struggling and he doesn't seem to care he has another child now and I'm sure he provides for that one but he told me when I left him that It was my fault the kids were gonna suffer cuss I didn't take him back. He stopped paying the minute he found out I had moved on and had a bf. Please help

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  • Guys only please I need your perspective on this dilemma :/ girls r welcomed to answer to....?

    I was dating this guy for few yrs. he wasn't ready to settle so I didn't take him serious. I changed my # and told him I wasn't gonna see him anymore of course he got offended I guess cuss he started saying he was gonna get married anyways. Well he got my # from my business car and called he's always been a really quiet shy type of guy. But when he called me he waisted no time telling me he missed me and to leave my b/f and go chill with him that he really misses everything about me I'm confused now what do you guys think was he being honest or just trying to mess up what I got going on? Please be sincere with me I love my current b/f but I just feel that he had no right to tell me those things cuss he lost his chance with me.

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  • What do you think about this situation?

    I was talking to this guy for a while but nothing came of it neither of us were ready to settle, so I just stopped all communication with him I met this amazing guy and fell in love with him we're talking about marriage. But some time ago The guy called my # I had my own business so he got it off of my business car he told me he missed me and wanted me to be with him that he regretted not telling me how he felt sooner to leave my boyfriend and go chill with him. Of course i just hung up on him and asked him never to bother me again and changed my number I love my bf with all my heart. Did he say all of this cuss he wanted to mess up my relationship or what? Or did he really think I was going to leave my prince for him?

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  • Ok can someone please tell me if I'm wrong why do...?

    Is it me or why is it that whenever we see a handsome or half decent looking guy he's always with a fat fugly girl? I mean why do guys go with the big chiks is it because they're intimidated by us hotties? or is it cuss they don't think they can get us Please share your input...

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  • Whats my friend's problem? Please help?

    Ok I've been with my boyfriend for 3yrs now we love each other and are soon planning on getting married. The problem is my best friend she met her bf a few months after I met mine she moved her bf in with her and was talking about marriage to now all of a sudden she's not gonna get married she always tries to make me feel bad and saying that I shouldn't get married to him. She always makes dumb comments and has something negative to say. EXAMPLE: I text her what r you doing so I can take her to lunch and she replys with "working like your lazy *** should be doing" Ive worked all my life but recently got laid off and my man doesn't want me to work anymore. She just always has negative things to say about anything I do which is funny cuss when I barely met my bf she was mooching off of him. She gets butt hurt when I get new stuff she's supposed to b my BF but she doesn't even come to my b-day parties I have practically beg her to come.

    BTW: my man is very succesful we have our own house cars etc. and her man lives with her and she pays all the bills and he's 13yrs younger than her.

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