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  • accuracy of a four week hiv negative test?

    4.5 weeks ago i had oral sex with a male friend of mine ( i am a female). I got a lil stressed and thought about the likely hood of getting hiv so, i took a test at four weeks and it came back negative. I plan on going at six weeks then again close to twelve weeks. I was just wondering is this a good start.

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  • can a canker sore cause genital herpes?

    i had a canker sore from biting my cheek while chewing gum. i gave a friend oral ex and wanted to know could that cause genital herpes

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  • Scared. could it be hiv?

    Three weeks ago I had protected sex with a guy six different times. No mishaps with the condoms. Now today I have a runny nose but I am prone to allergies. I took a test and it came back negative. I am just super paranoid. Any advice? Oh yeah my mucus is clear.

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  • Is a 9 1/2 week hiv negative test accurate?

    Today ten weeks ago I had protected sex with a guy. When he pulled out her forgot the condom. I have been test every week since then and all have come back negative. I recently tested again at 9.5 weeks and was told these results are accurate. I'm just nervous to the point I'm making my hsv flare up. I was tested for STDs and everything came back clear. Pleas respond.

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