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  • Why isn't Trump whining about Rubio's eligibility?

    Rubio's parents were illegals living in the US at the time of his birth. That makes him an anchor baby. Yes, his parents became naturalized four years after his birth, but that has no bearing on his birth status. Anchor babies can't be natural born citizens. Think of all the money being wasted on his campaign, and Cruz's campaign as well. The purpose for a requirement to be a natural born citizen is to enforce singular patriotism,with no foreign sympathies.

    9 AnswersPolitics5 years ago
  • How do I get an explanation for my "reported and deleted question"?

    I appealed and the only explanation was that it violates our TOS.

    I would like to know, so I can avoid future problems.

    It's possibly because I wasn't familiar with this odd new format. I posted a question and hit submit. Then it asked for an answer, which was odd. Then there was a system error. I had no idea the question was posted without details.

    4 AnswersYahoo Answers5 years ago
  • Why do Short Track Speed Skaters...?

    wear bicycle helmets from the 1980's?

    Seriously, did they find an old stash of them?

    Those are like the first ones you could buy when it became fashionable to wear helmets.

    I still have one.

    A big hunk of styrofoam with a fabric covering!

    Too Cool!

    1 AnswerOlympics7 years ago
  • Windows 8 won't let me install Photoshop Elements. What Up?

    New laptop. I want to install an older version of Photoshop Elements.

    It starts to load, then I get a pop-up that says I need to have Internet Explorer 4 or later. I think this has IE 11 or whatever is newest. Can I get around this or am I SOL?

    2 AnswersSoftware7 years ago
  • How many users has Y!A lost since it's renovation?

    I used to love coming here, but now I can't figure out what the heck is going on. My "supposed" homepage doesn't show what's in voting, what's resolved, how long ago, etc. Just total annoying kaos. Same with Yahoo Groups. When something works, why make a total change, rather than minor changes? I come here to see if questions have been asked about something, and I notice a fraction of questions that i used to see.

    4 AnswersYahoo Answers7 years ago
  • What is the Yahoo-Facebook connection?

    So I wanted to comment on a product on a commecial website. They asked If I wanted to comment using Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or a couple other social networks. I want nothing to do with Facebook. So to use my Yahoo account I must agree that any information from my Yahoo account can be used by Facebook!!!? What?

    If I wanted to have FB using my information, I would post a comment using a FB account.

    Why does every frickin thing we do have to be sucked into the FB cesspool? ARRghh!

    Zuckerberg doesn't deserve or need anything from me.

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers7 years ago
  • Idiot editors at Urban Dictionary or what?

    OK, So I've had a few words or phrases published on UD. I find it mostly a place where young kids can put rude, tacky, and obscene definitions, but other times it's interesting, fun, even informative.

    Why is it that soooo many worthless "words" can make it past the editors, and when I spend time making a thoughtful, credible, somewhat humorous submission, it gets denied?

    There are so many entries such as a specific persons name, with a definition like: the hottest girl who will give any guy a *J.

    But when I add a credible, historic definition which I may spend 10-15 minutes composing, it is rejected.

    They will let anybody edit submissions. I've done it, And it is up to one lame idiot what goes through or not. And the lame idiot editors seem to like anything which is total trash, and a waste of space.

    They really need a bit more oversight with the editors. Any ideas?

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay7 years ago
  • Questions about SFO crash landing.?

    Doesn't an airliner fly mostly on auto-pilot up until right before touchdown?.

    There would've been the pilot, co-pilot, and navigator, all watching instruments during the landing, right?

    Even without auto-pilot on, surely there are warning lights, and alarms if the plane is coming in too slow/fast, high/low, incorrect flaps etc?

    Weather wasn't a problem that I heard. No mayday with mechanical problems.

    Doesn't it just seem that with todays advanced aircraft and highly trained pilots, this crash should be impossible?

    6 AnswersAircraft7 years ago
  • On Days how is Sami free?

    I missed something. Did Justin have some specific evidence to get her off? I know Sami lied about not having a confrontation with the officer she shot. Or did EJ pull some strings, or threaten someone. It seemed that there was enough evidence, and no no weapon found. Justin just said there wasn't evidence of manslaughter.

    Also, why isn't new momma Gabbi ever seen with her newborn baby? It seems she just hands it over to the boys and has no connection with it. She should at least be home pumping milk rather than trolopping around the park.

    3 AnswersSoap Operas7 years ago
  • What is the Pope's salary?

    Does he get a raise from being a Cardinal?

    Does he get good benefits? How much vacation time?

    Does this guy from Argentina have to relocate to his new digs at the Vatican?

    Does he get to bring his own alter boys? Or are new ones provided?

    2 AnswersReligion & Spirituality8 years ago
  • Plead, Pled, or Pleaded?

    When I read the definition for pleaded, I told my teacher to read it. I pled my case, but she spat in my face, and then in detention I was seated. I was sure plead was right rather than pleaded, but she told me to sit and be seated. So again my case was pled and was pleaded. She read me my rights, and I was ready to write a plea to the superintendant. Her fist found its place on the side of my face, and today she pleaded to be acquitted.

    1 AnswerTeaching8 years ago
  • What is James Holmes attorney thinking? Theater Shooting.?

    Is Holmes planning to plea not guilty? Not likely.

    or Guilty? Not likely?

    Not guilty by reason of insanity? Likely.

    Has Holmes confessed? Maybe not. I don't think he has denied being the shooter.

    Does anyone really have any doubt that he committed these heinous murders?

    No matter what, he will either get life, or the death penalty. right?

    The pile of evidence against him is so damning. right?

    If I was his lawyer, I would tell him that the evidence is overwhelming, to plea guilty, and throw his soul on the mercy of the court to spare his life. Case closed.

    I doubt that the victims families enjoy going to court day after day, and would just as soon they lock the guy up and throw away the key.

    Do the courts and lawyers enjoy the circus of the trial, and want to enhance their paychecks? Or do they want a speedy and fair trial, for all concerned? Really.

    I admit it's interesting hearing all the evidence coming out, but that could be released regardless of the trial.

    Just lock the evil bastard away already?

    If they go for the death penalty, it will take years of expensive appeals. And they will never kill him. There are currently three guys on death row in Colorado, and only one execution since 1977.

    Not worth the expense, and this freak would probably feel death is the easy way out.

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics8 years ago
  • Broncos vs. Chiefs. What U Think?

    Will the Chiefs pull an upset and beat PFM and crew in Denver?

    How will Broncos do in playoffs?

    7 AnswersFootball (American)8 years ago
  • No Christmas Football? Really?

    Evidently the Monday night game was last Saturday. but for as long as i remember there has been an NFL game or two on Christmas. All that's on today is F'n basketball. Will that be the new tradition to have BBall in Christmas? Aargghh!

    8 AnswersFootball (American)8 years ago
  • Are you coming to Colorado to get stoned?

    Amendment 64 is passing to legalize marijuana.

    What's this country coming to?

    1 AnswerElections8 years ago
  • Good Riddance Mitt, Don't let the door hit your buttocks...? you leave.

    Hopefully, he leaves politics as Anne wants him too.

    What do you think?

    2 AnswersElections8 years ago