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  • Possible Jericho Promo Clue [ So far no1 has had this one]?

    [I thought this up btw]

    Ok, I've watched that possibly Y2J return promo multiple times. But theres one thing I havent seen anywhere else. It may be a longshot, but it works.

    Ok, Chris Jericho is known as Y2J.

    In the promo, it said SAVE_US_222

    Now heres my thoughts.


    Y is the second to last letter of the alphabet. That would explain the first 2.

    The second 2 is for the 2 in Y2J.

    Now, for the last 2, this is were i could be wrong.

    In 2005, thats when Jericho lost to Cena and quit.

    Thats 05'. Now 5 times 2 (im getting 2 from the 222 of course) is 10.

    J is the 10th letter of the alphabet.


    Y- Second to last letter of the alphabet

    2- Just a two

    J- The year in which he quit, times the 2 from 222.

    Confusing, yes.

    If you have any questions, email me at

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  • Deodorant and Mustange Cologne?

    Ok, this is a question if you know what Mustange smells like.

    I personally like it and use it.

    But, i wanna no if theres a deodorant that goes good with it.

    I use Tag First Move, and sometimes it smells akward with the cologne.

    Some people say that deodorant is optional, but its not for me.

    Just sayin

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  • Concert Money?

    Ok, theres a concert i wanna go to.

    Its the Chiodos/Scary Kids Scaring Kids/The Devil Wears Prada/Emery concert, November 20th at the House of Blues.

    Im not sure how much the tix are yet, but i wanna start saving for em.

    Any ideas on how i can make money for them?

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  • Concert Money?

    Ok, theres a concert i wanna go to.

    Its the Chiodos/Scary Kids Scaring Kids/The Devil Wears Prada/Emery concert, November 20th at the House of Blues.

    Im not sure how much the tix are yet, but i wanna start saving for em.

    Any ideas on how i can make money for them?

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  • What do you think of my roster?

    EPW - Eastern Pacific Wrestling

    EPW World Heavyweight Champ - CM Punk

    EPW World Tag Team Champs - Motor City Machine Guns

    EPW X-Division Champ - AJ Styles

    EPW Womans Champ - Ashley Massaro


    1. CM Punk

    2. Brian Kendrick

    3. Paul London

    4. Shawn Michaels

    5. AJ Styles

    6. Alex Shelley

    7. Chris Sabin

    8. Kevin Nash

    9. Abyss

    10. Samoa Joe

    11. Jay Lethal

    12. Jimmy Wang Yang

    13. Eric Young

    14. Christopher Daniels

    15. Low Ki/Senshi

    16. Petey Williams

    17. Bobby Lashley

    18. Jeff Hardy

    19. Matt Hardy

    20. John Morrison

    21. Matt Sydal

    22. M-Dogg20

    23. Ken Kennedy

    24. Raven

    25. Edge

    26. Randy Orton

    27. Triple H

    28. Sonjay Dutt

    29. Tommy Dreamer

    30. Jerry Lynn.


    1. Ashley Massaro

    2. Candice Michelle

    3. Gail Kim

    4. Christyt Hemme

    5. Brooke

    6. Kelly Kelly

    7. Mickie James

    8. Torrie Wilson

    9. Leyla El

    10. Michelle McCool

    Wat you guys think?

    Yes, i left Cena out on purpose.

    I cant stand him.

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  • Different Smells?

    Alright, Heres the thing.

    I shower everyday, wash my hair, wash good, but no matter what i use, i always ending up smelling wierd.

    Im not sure what it is, and ive come up with a few variables.

    1. The smell of my house. It gets onto my clothes.

    2. The smell of what my clothes are washed with.

    3. The deoderant/body spray i use.

    4. What body wash i use.

    Ok, well for one, heres the combination of wash/deo/sprays i use.

    Tag First Move Deodorant.

    Tag First Move Body Spray.

    Dial for Men : Hair&Body Hydrating Wash.

    But, sometimes instead of First Move, i use All Nighter.

    Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesnt.

    More often than not.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Top wrestlers,divas,moves?

    Who are you top 5 wrestlers?


    CM Punk


    Paul London

    Brian Kendrick

    Jeff Hardy


    AJ Styles

    Chris Sabin

    Alex Shelly

    Jay Lethal

    Eric Young

    Who are you top 5 Divas/Knockouts?


    Candice Michelle

    Mickie James


    Torrie Wilson

    Ashley Missaro

    TNA: Theres really not that many

    Christy Hemme

    Karen Angle

    That new Krystal girl.

    What are your top 5 Favorite Moves/Finishers?



    CM Punk's Slap, backhand, kick to head, Uranage, Anaconda vice combo.

    Swanton Bomb

    Sliced Bread #2

    That flipping neckbreaker John Morrison does.


    Canadian Destroyer

    Styles Clash

    Lethal Combo

    Last Rites/Angels Wings

    Border Toss

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  • What do you think of my wrestlemania?

    Alright, heres how i'd do it.

    Some of them have wrestlers that are currently inactive, dead, or not the current champions.


    Tell me what you think.

    Match 1.

    TLC Match - World Tag Team Title.

    London&Kendrick (C) Vs. Hardys.

    Match 2.

    Extreme Rules Match - ECW World Title.

    CM Punk (C) Vs. Chris Beniot Vs. John Morrison.

    Match 3.

    Money In The Bank Match.

    Title Shot Contract.

    Tommy Dreamer Vs. Elijah Burke Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. The Miz Vs. Shelton Benjamin Vs. Shawn Michaels

    Match 4.

    Iron Man Match - WWE Championship.

    John Cena (C) Vs. Chris Jericho

    Match 5.

    World Heavyweight Championship

    Rob Van Dam (C) Vs. Randy Orton

    Match 6.

    Fatal 4 Way - Cruiserweight Championship.

    Jimmy Wang Yang (C) Vs. Shannon Moore Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Billy Kidman

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  • Eye bumpy things?

    Well, right under my right eye, there are a bunch of Yellow-ish (thats what it looks like to me, im colorblind) bumps that look like pimples, even though theyre not. Ive had em for as long as i can remember, but theyre really annoying and im worried people might find them unattractive like i do.

    Any ideas of what they are, or how to get rid of them?

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  • Proactive Help?

    Hmm, ive been using Proactive at night, and some mornings for about a week and a half, but i see no results.

    Im kinda getting acne, but not too noticable.

    I just wanna get rid of it, and help my skin.

    Any advice on the Proactive and/or Acne Removal Remedies?

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  • sex advice?

    Ok, well im a virgin.

    And me and this girl might have sex.

    But im kinda nervous. =/

    Is there any tips i might need?

    Things like, speed, or position?

    Its kinda embarassing doing this, but i need help.

    Heres a few questions i have to start with.

    1. Is there a best position for virgins?

    2. Any certain kind of lube?

    3. She says, "its alright, as long as you know how to *work it*" but im not sure what that means.


    Any help?

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  • Nitro or Morrison?

    Which do you prefer?

    Lame Johnny Nitro?

    Or pretty cool John Morrison?

    Atleast Now hes got a cooler looking pair of tights/pants.

    And rid of the annoying MNM song.

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  • runescape strength training?

    can anyone tell me a good place to lvl up my tstr/atk/def fast?

    my str is 16

    my atk and def are 1.

    i never trained either of em.

    i only trained mage an range and stff.

    anyway, anyhwere other than gobs in sec guild.

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  • Stupid Effin Cena...?

    Does anyone else think its complete BS that WWE always puts Cena against these seemingly "Unstoppable Forces" and always having him retain the gold and come out on top?


    Cena vs. Umaga.

    big lead up to the final match, what happens? Cena Freaking wins.


    Cena vs. Khali...

    Not alot of build up, but still...CENA RETAINS THE GOLD ONCE AGAIN!!!

    And tonight on Vengeance...

    Cena won again!!!!

    Against Lashey, Foley, Booker, and Orton!

    How dumb is this!!!!

    And i read that Cena is gunna be going against yet another "Unstoppable Force". Guess Who?

    SNITSKY!!! and this will be in 2008!

    Why would Cena hold the title til 08'?

    Cuz the writers at WWE are retarded.

    Thats Why.

    Anyone agree with me that this Cena BS should end soon?


    ( to see the vengeance results!!!)

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  • any advice on my relationship?

    Ok so heres whats happening.

    Im dating this girl named Raven.

    We joke about sex and stuff like all the time.

    Shes done some weird naming my wang "Bonquisha" and her basnooch "Ralph".

    Weve been going out for about 3 weeks.

    Weve kissed, but not made out.

    and yet, shes very..."grabby" if u kno wat i mean.

    She grabs all areas that need not be grabbed.

    after 3 weeks, im wondering if things might be going too fast, and if us joking about sex has caused this. any advice?


    Also another thing.

    Shes bisexual, so in her mind, she beleives its okay to have a bf AND a gf at the same time.

    but shes been with her girlfreind for longer than shes been with me.

    im starting to have weird feelings about this, but idk. once again, any advice?

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  • Okay, for the past weeks, ive been trying to think of a good indy wrestling name.?

    So far, ive come up with one good name.

    Matty Havok.

    thats it.

    if u think of any others, plz tell me?

    and tell me what u think about the name i made.

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