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Occupation: Nuclear power plant technician. Also in the USMC Reserves as an CBNR (Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, Radiological) Defense Specialist Spend most of my free time with my girl and caring for my animals. List of animals: 1 Nile monitor 3 Leopard Geckos (1 albino) 2 Bearded dragons (1 snow) 1 Crested Gecko 5 scorpions of various kinds 3 vampire bats (unknown kinds) 5 Red belly Piranha's 3 Moon jelly fish Several dwarf sharks, dwarf stingray, and various other saltwater fish in my 900 gallon saltwater tank 1 Sun Conure 1 Lab. Retriever 1 Albino racoon 1 Spider monkey 1 wolf spider 1 Ball python 1 Red tail boa 1 Albino burmese python 1 Emerald Tree boa 1 Reticulated python 1 Yellow Anaconda 1 Eastern diamondback rattlesnake 1 Rhinoceros Viper 1 Black and white spitting cobra

  • Work out after working in warehouse?

    I work 12 hours a day 6 days a week. Lifting ~70lbs worth of stuff and a fast pace consecutively. I'd like to start actually working out after work but I read somewhere that working out for too long even if u have energy has a negative effect on muscle growth. Any thoughts / suggestions?

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  • How to find out what stocks, funds, etc that I own?

    Im 20 years old and while filling out a fafsa with my dad I found out that he's been hiding $6,000 in my name. I think he said it was in stocks but it might be in some other things too. He knows I've been working 80 hours a week in a warehouse on top of going to school so I can save up enough to move out, and I can do that with this $ and focus on school. He won't give it to me until I graduate, but that's my money from when I was a kid.

    How can I find out what I own? Is there a form I can fill out or someone I can pay? Thank you.

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  • Wiring kit for 4 channel amp and 1 single voice coil 4 ohm amp?

    I just bought 4 of these speakers

    This amp

    And this sub

    I'm having my friends dad install it, but I need to know what wiring kit I need. Walmart sells 2 channel and 4 channel amps, but there wiring kits are labelled "2 channel amp wiring kits", I don't know if that makes a difference. In the amps manual, it says to use an 8 gauge wiring kit, but I've read online that if planning to add a sub then a 4 gauge should be purchased. Basically I just need some help, I'd like to buy one from Some are $80, some are $20, I'm very confused

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  • Auto Loans With Decent Credit Score But No History?

    I'm 20 and just got a new job within my company I've been with for 3 years that will gross me about $500/week. The job is about an hour away and I drive a Ford Explorer with a failing transmission. I live at home and only have a $70/mo phone bill and $80/mo health insurance plan. I currently have a single empty $500 limit credit card and no loans that need to be paid. Car insurance is going to cost me $150/mo and gas will be $200/mo for the car Im looking at. Essentially, I have $1100/mo after income tax to spend on a car payment. The car I'm trying to buy is $300/mo and I got denied the loan because of a small credit history. I know thats how the world works, but its bs that Im punished for being good with money and dont need to borrow money. Anyway, my car is dying and I really dont want a beater car with such a good job for my age and the dealer cant get me a loan thru any of his banks. What do I do from here? A buddy of mine with an identical job (hasnt been at his job as long as Ive been at mine) that just filed bankruptcy a few years ago got the same car, so this isnt right. I dont have a cosigner either, my dad that makes $200k/year and my mom that makes $90k/year refuse to buy me a water bottle because they think there teaching me life lessons.

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  • Looking for a game that's a mix between war strategy and either rts or fps?

    I'm looking for a game where u build your country / city / whatever and then also has a diverse military style, preferably being able to highly customize different types of units. then when it comes time for war, the game either turns into a fps or an rts, or at the very least u can give a detailed strategy to your units, similar to the total war games. also it's gotta be modern and be a mix of land air and sea and have a lot of active players

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  • Do ppl still play bad company 2 for 360?

    I just bought it and cant find any games. Some things online say theres tons of games and I should restart my xbox and it'll be fine, but that hasn't worked after several tries

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  • How To Make A Doctor Appt?

    I want to make an appt with the doctor to ask about a prescription med. im 19 and dont really have any experience doing this since i moved out, I dont know what information to bring to the doctor or who my doctor even is. I'm probably just going to go to a walk in clinic. What exactly do I do?

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  • What Do I Do If A Legit Website Steals My Money?

    I ordered a ligher from them, payment went through, they never shipped it. I sent them 3 or 4 emails until they finally responded. The one they responded to I demanded a refund. They didnt even acknowledge that, they just said "Sorry for the inconvieniece, your order has been processed and will ship shortly". I waited a few more days and it still hasnt left there warehouse. I've sent multiple more emails without responses and even called them twice without a response. There phone service requires you to leave a message and wait for them to call back. They didnt. What do I do?

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  • how do I fix my computer? it won't start up?

    Youtube thumbnail

    i haven't installed or downloaded anything or have done anything different, but for the past few days my computer just won't start up. on the first day it used to load up but wouldned start any applications or task manager or start menu or ANYTHING. also on the first day i used to be able to start it in safe mode by pressing f8 during start up and that would fix these problems (while in S/M anyway) but I can't even do that now. what should i do?

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  • Should I Keep My Condensor Studio Mic In Its Fabric Case When Not In Use?

    Nobody in my house smokes and the room is kept at a comfortable temp and humidity. And the room isnt used unless I'm playing or recording. Is it necessary to keep it in its case?

    Another question, when not in use, is playing music loudly going to damage the insides of the mic if i dont keep it in its case?

    1 AnswerPerforming Arts1 decade ago
  • How To Mic A Drum For Recording?

    I was thinking of getting some microphones made for drums and using XLR to 1/4" analog cables (like an instrument cable), and then plugging the analog part of the cables into a basic mixer. From there, I want to connect the mixer to an audio interface with a USB, and then the USB into my computer.

    My question is, I want to get this mixer ( and the only purpose of getting this is so I can get all my mics connected into my audio interface ( Soo...the input jacks on these two pieces of they support microphones? The mixer just says "input", it doesnt specify. The audio interface specifically says "instrument/channel 1", but I'm not sure if that necessarily means it cant use a mic.

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  • Home Recording???????????????

    I want to Mic a drum, and I have 5 mics that use xlr cables to do so. My midi interface that connects to my computer via USB only has a single xlr jack. My question is, what is a cheap unit I can plug all 5 xlr plugs into that also has an xlr output? Thats all it needs to do, I dont need anything fancy.

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  • How to measure chest and center back?

    I want to order this shirt

    and I'm trying to find my size. According to the sizing, a medium measures 42" chest and 30.5" center back. Thats a medium. Is it just me or is that big enough to fit a bear? It looks like pretty much all the other shirts on the site have the same measurments for a medium but it just sounds rediculous to me

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  • Need Help Understanding Chemical Forumulas?

    How would one go about bonding chemicals at home? I dont plan on doing this, but purely hypothetically, how would I calculate how (and how would I actually do this) to take 2 seperate hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom and combined them all to make water?

    Or another example, how would make sugar from 6 carbon atoms, 12 hydrogen atoms, and 6 oxygen atoms? How would I even get these pure atoms?

    Basically I've always been curious how to synthesize things like this. Not that I want to put all the work in to doing it, it is just appealing to me.

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  • Ladies: I'm looking for a new hairstyle?

    In highschool I had 'surfer hair' and girls always seemed to love it. After graduation I buzzed it because I was originally supposed to enlist but thats a dream that never happened for reasons I wont get in to, but I've had my hair buzzed for the past couple of years and I want to change it up to something attractive but I dont want to grow it out too long. I was thinking something like Sully Erna but I'm not quite sure. I do want a style thats 'rockstar'-ish. What do you think (include pics please)?

    EDIT: I asked this question yesterday but I forgot to add that when I play shows I usually start with a beanie on and then it comes off after a few songs, so the hairstyle needs to work with that.

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  • Why Is there Fret Buzz On My Acoustic, But Only When Strumming Multiple Strings?

    I uploaded this short video to show you what I'm talking about (sorry it came out upside down)

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Need Help Setting Up A Microphone System For Singing?

    I've been playing guitar for 6 years but dont know the first thing about singing, and I'd like to start working on it. I want to buy some gear but again, I dont really know what I'm doing. I was thinking about getting a couple of PA Speakers along with a Condenser Microphone and a Pre-amp.

    My question is, would this be all I need, or do I need a mixer or something else as well?

    Also, to connect the microphone to the preamp, what kind of cable do I use.

    Last question, what kind of cable to I use to connect the preamp to the PA speakers?

    Sorry for the entry level questions, Thanks!

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  • Can't Decide To Get A Half Stack Or A Combo?

    The only amp I have right now is a 10w Marshall that I use for my room. I've been playing for about 5 years now but never played a real show, and I'm thinking about getting a band together and starting to do so.

    I'm torn between a 100w combo amp or a half stack with a 120w cabinet and a 100w head. Is it really worth getting the half stack though if I plan on using a Pod XT Live multieffect?

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  • Need Help With A Simple Physics Problem?

    If a structural beam deflects 1" under 10,000 pounds, how much will it deflect under 15,000 pounds?

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